"She grants eternal life to believers, but no one knows the price to be paid for this"

— Rumor

Yidhra, or Dream Witch is one of 13 Hunters currently featured in Identity V.


It is said that Yidhra has existed on earth before the emergence of the very first microorganism. As billions of years passed, Yidhra acquired a unique ability from the changes that took place around her, devouring creatures to acquire their characteristics. Yidhra can, therefore, divide herself into different aspects, though each part shares her consciousness.Merging themselves with Yidhra gifts her followers eternal life. She often hides her true form through powerful images, with only summoned followers being able to see it.

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Hidden Dream Yidhra conceals herself in dreams. Her Movement Speed is extremely fast, but she isn't able to interact directly. Survivors will not see her true face, and she comes with a Follower that cannot be removed. This Follower follows Yidhra's footsteps and is never far from her
Follower Yidhra creates a Follower near a chosen Survivor. The summoned Follower's existence is dependent on its host and is unable to leave its host. Attacking Yidhra will cause the Follower to disappear and can be removed by Survivors with the Withc Mark. Followers are affected by Talent and have their own cooldown period for secondary skills. Followers' movements and directions are controlled by Yidhra and only when Yidhra possesses will it show a warning radius
Witch Mark Yidhra leaves a Witch Mark when she creates a Follower. Survivors can pick up the Witch Mark and use it to remove Followers from leeching on to teammates.


These are four Abilities that are unique to The Dream Witch:

Icon Name Description
Leech Hold the button to select a Survivor without a leeching Follower, and spawn a Witch Mark and a Follower. The skill cooldown will be decreased when the Follower hits a Survivor
Preach Tap on the wheel to control Followers. There is a short cooldown between each control. Followers cannot change target while casting a skill or attacking
Assimilation Significantly decreases the cooldown of Leech skills
Martyr Increases control of Followers to significantly increase the Followers' movement radius

Deduction Target


  • From Cthulhu mythology
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