"This unique fragrance, 'Euphoria' was inspired by a mysterious formula from the black market, but the perfume has not yet been perfected, so she came to the manor in search of the formula's source."

— Rumor

Vera Nair, or the Perfumer, is one of 20 Survivors currently featured in Identity V.


The Perfumer begins the game with a bottle of perfume and can use it more often than other survivors due to her unique trait, Euphoria . Spraying the perfume in her exact location enables her to move freely for a few seconds. She is able to teleport back to the previous position where she sprayed her perfume. If she is hit by the hunter but has activated her perfume beforehand, she can teleport back to the position of the sprayed perfume to regain her health to what it once was. She can't activate her perfume when she is incapacitated, placed on a rocket chair, or being carried by the hunter.


A famous perfumer from Grasse. After years of searching, she received inspiration from a mysterious perfume recipe and created 'Euphoria', a perfume that helps you to forget about your worries. Unfortunately, the aroma doesn't last long enough. She has no other choice but to go to the source of the formula and find a way to improve it. Hopefully the owner of the manor can help her to relieve all of her worries.

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Euphoria The Perfumer sprays some Euphoria perfume and enters an immersed state. She is able to remember her condition and position at that very moment. While the skill is active she can choose to forget what has just happened and return to the moment when she sprayed her perfume. As the maker of this perfume, she can use this item more than other survivors.
Blackout The Perfumer often wears Euphoria. If she has a blackout and fails to calibrate a cipher machine, calibration progress will be reduced 3times as much as normal characters.
Special psyhique
Special Physique The Perfumer is very scentsitive and doesn't like the smell of medical equipment. Healing time is increased by 30%.


  • She is 27 years old.
  • She was born on August 25.
  • Vera likes high-end food and wine.
  • However, she hates dirty, rundown items, and the disinfectant smell of medical equipment.
  • She is good at perfume modulation and essential oil modulation.
  • She is described as proud, critical, and elegant.
  • She experiments with perfume which sometimes results in purplish-ish pink explosions. This can be seen through the window in one of the windmills in the lakeside village.
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