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"Although a handsome reward was promised in the invitation letter, it was the secret gadgets in the manor that truly attracted Tracy. A mechanic needs inspiration more than money!"
— Rumor

Tracy Reznik
Character Full Portrait Mechanic.png
Difficulty Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Empty.png
Gender Female
Birthday September 13
Age 21
Career Mechanic
Item Mechanical Doll
Clues 3568
Echoes 688

Tracy Reznik, or the Mechanic, is one of 30 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Identity V.

Background[edit | edit source]

Having been wrapped up in her "useless" little inventions and obsessed with gunpowder experiments, the Mechanic Tracy was soon in debt because of the high cost of these experiments. The invitation letter promised a golden prize, but what truly attracted Tracy were the secret gadgets in the manor…[1]

External Traits[edit | edit source]

External Traits
Icon Name Description
External Trait Mechanic Operator.png
Operator Carries around a life-size Doll, which can be destroyed with a single strike.


When the Mechanic's Doll is being controlled, or when it's not being controlled but is decoding a Cipher Machine, its durability will deplete. Love for the Doll reduces its Depletion Speed by 33%. The Mechanic can control the deployed Doll when incapacitated or when placed on a Rocket Chair, but at a higher cost. Control will be interrupted if the Mechanic is rescued.

External Trait Mechanic Fragile.png
Fragile Physically weak. Obstacle Vaulting Speed is decreased by 30%.
External Trait Mechanic Mech Master.png
Mech Master Her proficiency in machine building and various mechanical traps increases her Cipher Machine Decoding Speed by 25%. When operating a Doll, its decoding speed is also increased by 25%. The Mechanic's Teammates can also learn some mechanical skills from her and become 3% faster at decoding Cipher Machines.
External Trait Mechanic Cowardly.png
Cowardly Years of her indoor work have exacerbated the Mechanic's timidity. The Mechanic becomes scared when a Teammate is wounded or placed on a Rocket Chair; therefore, her Decoding Speed is decreased by 45% and her Gate Opening Speed is decreased by 15%. This effect can be stacked up to 2 times.

Deduction Target[edit | edit source]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic Points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Misery:
    Life is never easy.
    • Basic Objective: Achieve 50% co-op decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 1: Achieve 70% co-op decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective 2: Achieve 100% co-op decoding progress
    Photo: A man wearing an apron sits in front of the sickbed whereupon a gaunt-looking woman rests.
  2. Father
    Even though he's clumsy at times, he's still your father
    • Basic Objective: Heal yourself or others with a doll 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Heal yourself or others with a doll 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Heal yourself or others with a doll 2 times
    Diary 1: Irene, our daughter has talent, and she loves clocks. I bring her to work sometimes.
  3. Born This Way
    As you know, sometimes certain things just catch your attention.
    • Basic Objective: Successfully heal 1 teammate
    • Advanced Objective: Successfully heal 2 teammates
    • Advanced Objective: Successfully heal 3 teammates
    Photo: A little girl sits among a sea of clock parts with a tiny metal man in her hand.
  4. Troublemaker
    Accidents tend to happen
    • Basic Objective: Achieve 40% co-op decoding progress with the doll
    • Advanced Objective 1: Achieve 80% co-op decoding progress with the doll
    • Advanced Objective 2: Achieve 120% co-op decoding progress with the doll
    Diary 2: She's a real rascal. She often disassembles patron's clocks and puts them back together. Irene, at least she has your deftness.
  5. Thirst to Explore
    Curiosity is what spurs progress.
    • Basic Objective: Achieve 100% co-op decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective: Achieve 200% co-op decoding progress
    • Advanced Objective: Achieve 300% co-op decoding progress
    Pellegrino Turri invented the first typewriter, but the prototype has gone missing. Perhaps I should create my own one, just like Fantoni.
  6. Genius
    Only those who have truly worked hard understand the importance of talent.
    • Basic Objective: Perform a perfect calibration 1 time with the doll
    • Advanced Objective 1: Perform a perfect calibration 2 times with the doll
    • Advanced Objective 2: Perform a perfect calibration 3 times with the doll
    Diary 3: All of our patrons are full of praise for the new clock; we have a genius in the family! Tracy's new mechanism has replaced the old junk. Irene, I wish you were alive.
  7. Perfect Creation
    They look very much alike!
    • Basic Objective: Perform a perfect calibration 3 times
    • Advanced Objective 1: Perform a perfect calibration 4 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Perform a perfect calibration 5 times
    Photo: A man wearing an apron is standing together with a mechanical doll. The man smiles bitterly at the mirror.
  8. Unexpected Disaster
    You will never understand the fortune of being able to open one's eyes every morning.
    • Basic Objective: Open the exit with the doll
    • Advanced Objective: Open the exit with the doll
    • Advanced Objective: Open the exit with the doll
    Newspaper clipping: An explosion occurred at a local clock store. The owner, Mark Reznik, who was working through the night, couldn't escape the fire. Relatives claim it was not an accident, but the cause of the fire is still being investigated.
  9. Everyone Has A Reason
    Foxes often forget to hide their tails.
    • Basic Objective: Open the exit gate
    • Advanced Objective 1: Open the exit gate
    • Advanced Objective 2: Open the exit gate
    Debt statement: As certified by Mr. Carl Taplin, the President of the Association, Mark Reznik acquired a clock mechanism worth £1,000 from the clock merchants, and promised to return to them a new mechanism of equivalent value. The payment period is overdue and the amount should be reimbursed immediately.
  10. Dept Repayment
    Everyone has to pay the price of their past deeds.
    • Basic Objective: Rescue teammates 1 time with the doll
    • Advanced Objective 1: Rescue teammates 2 times with the doll
    • Advanced Objective 2: Rescue teammates 3 times with the doll
    Newspaper clipping: The local clock merchant has experienced recurring issues with their electricity. The hidden dangers of alternating currents should not be underestimated.
  11. Heart of the Machine
    A swaying mechanism is the beating heart of a clock.
    • Basic Objective: Rescue yourself 1 time with the doll
    • Advanced Objective 1: Rescue yourself 1 time with the doll
    • Advanced Objective 2: Rescue yourself 1 time with the doll
    My eyes fill with tears every time I turn on the controller and see it move again. But it's far from enough, I have to find the perfect way for it, no, him.

Appearance Decoration[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Costume Tracy Reznik Original.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. 688 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 3568 Clues Currency Clues Icon.png
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 11 Heart of the Machine to get All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
Everlasting Flowers Valentine's Day 2021 Flowers are delicate and ephemeral, thus she only puts her faith in the tough and tangible-those are dreams and romance that never fade. 2888 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 12888 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Costume Tracy Reznik Red Riding Hood.png
Red Riding Hood N/A This is a dangerous world and girls with red hoods should take caution. 2888 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 12888 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Chiaki Nanami Danganronpa Crossover (Part II) A Hope's Peak student in the class of 77, also known as the "Ultimate Gamer." She's the kind of student who is exceptionally focused when playing games but a sleepy head when not. N/A
Cunning Smile Disease Memory Sphere Season 6 Symptom: Uncontrollable Expressions

Note: Loss of expression control due to trauma from frequent electric chair treatments. Shows a twitching smile when stimulated, and can be regarded as the patient's expression of "resistance" - Admirable, but futile.

Futaba Sakura Persona 5 Crossover 2 Genius Hacker - Futaba Sakura's Private Clothes N/A
ORACLE Persona 5 Crossover 2 A gift from ORACLE. If memory is a lonely cage, it's best not to look back. N/A
Puppeteer Abyss Treasure III She never figured out why the Investigation Bureau sealed off the Secrets of the Abyss until the Netherwalker's existence made her realize the catastrophe if it is ever revealed. But the Abyss will no doubt find a way to show itself, and just when she's willing to step up... N/A
Candy Girl Logic Path reached 1528 (S11) She has always wanted to visit the candy world. She's optimistic and cheerful and will endure any hardship for her dream. Yet who would have known what kind of evil is lurking in the mystical world covered in honey? She can't even imagine in her dreams that the horrifying nightmare has always been looking forward to her arrival. N/A
Re-swim Memory Sphere Season 12 Do you prefer the cheer at the end of the lane or the peace beneath the waves? N/A
Costume Tracy Reznik Gothic.png
Gothic N/A Smart, gothic-style suspenders. It's for the Halloween party. 288 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png
Costume Tracy Reznik Harley Rider.png
Harley Rider S1 Memory Sphere A The Harley Rider mix passion with the power of machines. N/A
Costume Tracy Reznik Apprentice.png
Apprentice N/A The reason why a master becomes a master is that they see themselves as apprentices. 318 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 1188 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Costume Tracy Reznik Artisan.png
Artisan Memory Sphere Season 2 The sources of her joy are tools, parts, dismantling, assembling, and creating. N/A
Bounty Hunter N/A Focusing too much on hunting can sometimes cause you to lose your identity as a hunter. 318 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 1188 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Dark Forest Hunter Memory Sphere Season 3 She's been to a lot of places, but she's never met another "her." N/A
Labyrinth Leader N/A What is the secret to exploring the labyrinth? The remote control in my hand is my secret weapon. 318 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 1188 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Tomb Guide Memory Sphere Season 4 If it wasn't for the great price he paid, I would not have involved myself with this. N/A
Ms. Wrench Memory Sphere Season 6 The indispensable soul of the show. All performance props are her treasures. N/A
Tuning Memory Sphere Season 7 The harpsichord is difficult to play, but it carries a beautiful sound after each tuning. N/A
Bear Girl N/A She pushed herself to become human. Use her willpower in battle! 318 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 1188 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Nitre Memory Sphere Season 8 Things I hate: damp detonators, gunpowder impurities, expired orange juice, and living traitors. N/A
Smarty Pants Memory Sphere Season 12 If time could be reversed like cogwheels, could the dead come back to life? N/A
Internal Testing Limited (内侧限定) Test Skins Internal Testing Limited; The work uniform Mechanic would wear as a child when she built toys with her father. N/A
Shipbuilder Call of the Abyss I It is necessary to have a reliable ship mechanic on a long voyage to ensure that the power generator runs smoothly. You never know when you might need to outrun a sea monster. N/A
Velvet Puzzle Manor Dream Event It seems like I'm not the only one who has visited the castle... N/A
Wasteland Traveler (废土旅人) Call of the Abyss II The steam city's famous tower is already visible; the wonderful battle there must be worthwhile to watch. N/A
Costume Tracy Reznik Stylish Violet.png
Stylish Violet S2 Essence 1 Pleasing colors can also inspire creativity! N/A
Costume Tracy Reznik Smart Yellow.png
Smart Yellow N/A Flexibility is also important in mechanical manufacturing! N/A
Ink Black N/A My deep thoughts are as intense as the blackness of ink. N/A
Meditation Blue Logic Path Reached 250 (S12) Meditation is the source of inspiration! N/A
Passion Red S13 Rank Essence Now that I have passion, I can give it my all! N/A
Focus White Season 12 Essence 3 There won't be perfection without focus! N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Accessory Pocket Watch.png
Pocket Watch S1 Memory Sphere B A pocket watch left by the Mechanic's father. The time is stopped at the time of the explosion.
Special effect
Doll Switch
1888 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 8388 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Usami's Magic Stick Danganronpa Crossover Part II It may look like a toy, but it's a real magic wand.
Special effect
Replaces dolls
1888 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 8388 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Quiver N/A With it at your side, a hunter will appear next to you.
Special effect
Switch Doll
1888 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 8388 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Resistance Meter Memory Sphere Season 6 Equipment made according to Ohm's law.
Special effect
Increase Mechanic Doll's electric spark effects
788 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 2988 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Heart of the Machine Memory Sphere Season 10 A feature created by the Puppeteer with the help of Trickster, with imitation tentacles that enhance the Doll's mobility or can be used as a disguise.
Special effect
Doll's new effect and feature model
788 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 2988 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Fairy Ring Valentine's Day 2021 Stand by me, my dear... How about another dance?
Special effect
Replace dolls
1068 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 3888 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Harmonica Memory Sphere Season 2 The first work she created with her father. The message engraved on it will never fade. N/A
Shotgun Memory Sphere Season 3 A favorite weapon amongst bounty hunters. It can take out creatures of the dark when loaded with silver bullets. N/A
ORACLE's Bomb Persona 5 Essence 2 I wonder what's in it... N/A
Rabbit Doll Easter Event 2019 Wait... There, there seems to be an egg! N/A
Icon Type Name Series Description
Graffiti Mechanic Cartoon.png
Graffiti Mechanic - Cartoon ??? Mechanic's exclusive Graffiti, Cartoon
Graffiti Mechanic Silhouette.png
Graffiti Mechanic - Silhouette ??? Mechanic's exclusive Graffiti, Silhouette
Graffiti Controller Grayed.png
Graffiti Controller- Grayed ??? Controller Graffiti, Grayed
Graffiti Mechanic - Gray Shadow Mechanic's exclusive Graffiti, Gray Shadow
Emote Hush.png
Emote Hush Already Equipped A motion that means hush.
Emote Advance.png
Emote Advance N/A A motion that means advance.
Emote Confused.png
Emote Confused Rank Treasure A motion that means confusion.
Emote Hurry Back.png
Emote Hurry Back S1 Memory Sphere B A motion that asks teammates to hurry back.
Emote Shout.png
Emote Shout ??? A shout motion, exclusive to Mechanic.
Emote Provoke.png
Emote Provoke Scattered around the corners of the manor. Explore now. A provoking motion, exclusive to Mechanic.
Emote Cheer Cheer Motion, exclusive to Mechanic
Emote Shame Shame Motion, exclusive to Mechanic
Emote Dance Dance Motion, exclusive to Mechanic
Emote Rolls 4-Sided Dice 4-sided Dice Enthusiast

60 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png

Rolls 4-sided Dice Motion, exclusive to Doctor
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Standby Motion Default.png
Default Already Equipped Female's survivor's default motion in the matching room
Standby Motion Ready.png
Ready S1 Memory Sphere A Mechanic's motion in the matching room, Ready
Standby Motion Wait.png
Wait ??? Mechanic's motion in the matching room, Wait
Standby Motion Survivor Snooze.png
Snooze Memory Sphere Mechanic's motion in the matching room, Snooze
Standby Motion Stand.png
Stand Scattered around the corners of the manor. Explore now. Mechanic's motion in the matching room, Stand
Standby Motion Hide.png
Hide Rank Treasure Mechanic's motion in matching room, Hide
Standby Motion Look.png
Look Scattered around the corners of the manor. Explore now. She sits shyly and stands up to look around. Something frightens her and she almost falls off her chair.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Put down you robot near the door, in a hiding spot or next to a cipher as soon as possible.
  • You can use the robot as a body-shield.
  • When a Hunter hits two survivors Tracy will not be able to decode well, in those moments she is better of using the robot to decode. Observe the robot decoding and try not to miss calibrations. Tracy herself should be next to a cipher machine and you should occasionally stop observing the robot to touch the cipher machine so as to prevent crows from appearing and revealing your location. (The crows will begin appearing after 90 seconds of non-activity)
  • You can heal yourself or others with the robot.
  • You can save yourself or others with the robot, remember that the robot is destroyed in one hit, so be careful and try to make a camping Hunter hit the chair and then attempt to body block.
  • Use the robot to open the exit gate, so you will avoid getting hit by hunters teleporting to the exit gate.
  • Once you have opened the door, save your teammates that are on the rocket chair with the robot while you wait at the door.
  • The doll can be used to decode a separate cipher machine (with the Mechanic decoding another one simultaneously) when a teammate is kiting the Hunter so that four cipher machines will be decoded to a substantial amount if or when the kiting teammate goes down.
  • The Mechanic can go for the first save if the robot is decoding so that other teammates can keep decoding.
  • When the robot is destroyed, the position of the Mechanic will be shown. Therefore, you should be ready to kite the Hunter any time once the robot is destroyed as the Hunter may most probably equip teleport and teleport on you.
  • If you spawn near the hunter, you should put down a robot in a safe place as soon as you can, so you can save yourself. It will be hard to do this while kiting.
  • If the hunter has a tendency to not camp at chairs, you should put your robot down in a hiding spot near a chair. If you get chaired near the robot, say "Get away from me!" or "Don't rescue me", and the hunter may leave and/or teleport to another teammate. Then, you can use your robot to rescue yourself and heal yourself, too, if you have time.
  • Mechanic goes well with Priestess and Mercenary

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her birthday is on the 13th of September.
  • She is 21 years old.
  • Her interests are machines and inventing.
  • Her skills are inventing, creating and repairing machines.
  • She hates dynamite.
  • She likes her mechanical doll.
  • Her name is likely based on the protagonist of the movie The Machinist (also translated as The Mechanic in some languages), Trevor Reznik.

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