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Survivors are Characters in Identity V Identity v.png.


The Survivors' task is to try and escape from the Maps in which they are trapped. In order to do so, Survivors must complete the following tasks:

  • Decipher 5 codes with Cipher Machines to find the password to the Exit Gates.
  • Open at least one of the two Exit Gates by typing in the password on its Switch Box for 20 seconds.
  • Leave the Map.

Meanwhile, the Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png will be trying to locate, catch and tie up Survivors in order to send them back to The Manor.

Even though Survivors are vulnerable, they have a very useful set of core abilities to hide and escape from the Hunter.

List of Survivors[]

There are currently 33 playable Survivors.

Character Full Portrait Doctor.png
Doctor - Emily Dyer
Character Full Portrait Gardener.png
Gardener - Emma Woods
Character Full Portrait Lawyer.png
Lawyer - Freddy Riley
Character Full Portrait Thief.png
Thief - Kreacher Pierson
Character Full Portrait Magician.png
Magician - Servais Le Roy
Character Full Portrait Explorer.png
Explorer - Kurt Frank
Character Full Portrait Mercenary.png
Mercenary - Naib Subedar
Character Full Portrait Coordinator.png
Coordinator - Martha Behamfil
Character Full Portrait Mechanic.png
Mechanic - Tracy Reznik
Character Full Portrait Forward.png
Forward - William Ellis
Character Full Portrait The Mind's Eye.png
The Mind's Eye - Helena Adams
Character Full Portrait Priestess.png
Priestess - Fiona Gilman
Character Full Portrait Perfumer.png
Perfumer - Vera Nair
Character Full Portrait Cowboy.png
Cowboy - Kevin Ayuso
Character Full Portrait Female Dancer.png
Female Dancer - Margaretha Zelle
Character Full Portrait Seer.png
Seer - Eli Clark
Character Full Portrait Embalmer.png
Embalmer - Aesop Carl
Character Full Portrait Prospector.png
Prospector - Norton Campbell
Character Full Portrait Enchantress.png
Enchantress - Patricia Dorval
Character Full Portrait Wildling.png
Wildling - Murro
Character Full Portrait Acrobat.png
Acrobat - Mike Morton
Character Full Portrait First Officer.png
First Officer - Jose Baden
Character Full Portrait Barmaid.png
Barmaid - Demi Bourbon
Character Full Portrait Postman.png
Postman - Victor Grantz
Character Full Portrait Grave Keeper.png
Grave Keeper - Andrew Kreiss
Character Full Portrait "Prisoner".png
Prisoner- Luca Balsa
Character Full Portrait Entomologist.png
Entomologist - Melly Plinius
Character Full Portrait Painter.png
Painter - Edgar Valden
Character Portrait Batter.png
Batter - Ganji Gupta
Character Full Portrait Lucky Guy.png
Lucky Guy

List of Survivor Items[]

Main article: Items

Hunters have their Abilities, Survivors have their Items, which they can equip pre-game or find in Chests during the game, giving them an edge over the hunter:

Controller Elbow Pads Flare Gun Flashlight Gulliver's Travel Euphoria Map Rugby Ball Syringe Toolkit Decoy
Item Controller.png
Item Elbow Pads.png
Item Flare Gun.png
Item Flashlight.png
Item Travel Journals.png
Item Euphoria.png
Item Foresight.png
Item Rugby Ball.png
Item Syringe.png
Item Toolkit.png
Item Decoy.png

List of Survivor Traits[]

Main article: Traits

Survivor Types[]

There are four types of survivors. Those being Assist, Contain, Decode, and Rescue. You can learn more at Survivor Types.


  1. Try not to have two of the same characters in your team. Have characters with different abilities so that at least one character can be assigned to every task (decoding, rescuing, kiting etc.) to increase the chance of winning.
  2. Know your surroundings; try to memorize the best places in the map to kite and decode and where the dungeons and basements can be.
  3. There are two locations on every map where the basement can be. If the basement is not at one of them, it is at the other. Try to avoid locations near the basement while decoding as it is hard to escape after being chaired in the basement.
  4. There are three locations on every map where the dungeon can be. The dungeon opens when at least two cipher machines are decoded and there is only one survivor left. It does not matter whether the rest of the survivors have been sent off by the rocket chair, escaped through the exit gate, bled out or early quit, as long as there is one survivor left, the survivor can escape through the dungeon.
  5. The Hunter will guard the dungeon if they know where it is, so be sure to form a strategy before going to the dungeon, dashing head first towards the dungeon will result in the hunter hitting you easily.
  6. Do not hang around the exit gate, especially if a teammate is asking you to leave. They might be at the dungeon and be able to escape if everyone leaves. This can be the difference in a tie and a win or a tie and a loss.
  7. If the exit gate is open and one survivor is chaired and the others are at the exit gate, do not go and save the survivor on the chair. The hunter is likely to have detention and having a three escape win is better than risking a win to save one last teammate. Escape immediately if your win is assured.
  8. Learn different ways to counter hunters, for example, juking, tight-kiting and transitional kiting.
  9. Do not save a survivor immediately after reaching the rocket chair. Pretend to untie the survivor, but pull out to prevent yourself from being terror shocked. You can also circle around the rocket chair and juke a bit and lure the hunter to hitting you or the rocket chair. Use the time frame when the hunter is recovering from hitting you or the rocket chair to save your teammate.
  10. Always body-block your teammate after rescuing them to buy more time for them to escape. It is better to risk getting injured yourself than having your teammate get chaired again and sent off faster, losing a player in your team.
  11. Always have someone decoding a cipher machine at all times. Do not all go for the rescue. Use your messages to send signals like "focus on decoding!" or "don't move, I'm coming!" when you plan to rescue your teammate so others know to focus on decoding. If you see these messages from your teammates, focus on decoding. The goal of survivors is to decode and escape so having three survivors rescue one is detrimental to the team as no one is decoding and no progress is made towards escaping.
  12. Remember to heal. Hunters with the Deteriorate persona cause survivors to decode slower while hurt, so it better in the long run to heal before decoding. Additionally, Hunters with the Panic persona cause the whole team to have a decoding debuff when someone is hurt, so it is better to heal.

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