"Robbie lost his head, and the boy who always cries had to pick up the axe to continue doing what he does best."

— Rumor

Robbie White, or Axe Boy is one of 13 Hunters currently featured in Identity V.


Robbie's parents died when he was 6. Therefore, he was put in an orphanage with his sister. Over the years, he found a hobby for wood chopping.The orphanage decided to camp and spend the night in a local forest. The next day, Robbie was found dead, headless under a juniper tree with a bloody axe in his hand.

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Corrupt Area
Endless Growth


These are four Abilities that are unique to The Axe Boy:

Icon Name Description
Dispel Souls
Restful Road
Expel Souls

Deduction Target


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