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Points are scores given for performing specific actions. Best Deduction is highest points, and MVP of the match.


Related to Marks. Contributes to Persona Restoration. The points are multiplied by 1.2 and added (so points + points * multiplier) for each victory, and 0.8 for a loss (so points + points * multiplier). Sometimes there is no bonus.


Action Mark Base Points Notes
Fearless Bravery Up to 28
Hunted Bravery Up to 3000(?)
Microworld Tranquility Up to 114 Only when reading book
Decode Tranquility Up to 800
Discovered the Hunter Friendliness 250 Only when using cane
Dash Burst Persistence Up to 1000 Only when using rugby ball
Stunned Hunter Persistence 600
Magical Escape Persistence 250 Only when using wand
Dazed Hunter Bravery 300 Only when using flashlight
Flare Gun Hit Bravery 500 Only when using flare gun
Cooperative Crack Friendliness Up to 625
Complete Calibration Tranquility 30
Perfect Calibration Tranquility 60
Pursued Bravery 76 per 7 seconds
Escape Pursuit Bravery 150
Dismantled Rocket Chair Bravery 250 Only when using toolkit
Opened a Chest Tranquility 150
Reunion Friendliness 200
Got Away Persistence 1500


Action Mark Base Points Notes
Puppet Scout Deceit 20 For Hell Ember only
Wounded Deceit
Pursue Vigilance
Discover Survivors Vigilance 90
Super Hearing Deceit 100 With Listen
Hit Survivors Tough 200
Place on rocket chair Dread 250
Eliminate the survivor Dread 800
No one can escape Deceit 2000