"Patricia Dorval, who has a curse hidden in her blood, has brought endless pain and great power to herself. She believes that to wear a crown is to bear its weight."

— Rumor

Patricia Dorval, or the Enchantress, is one of 23Survivors  currently featured in Identity V .

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Ape Curse The Enchantress carries the Cursed Emblem. She can consume 1 stack of Guard to temporarily paralyze the nearest Hunter within a certain range. When the Guard reaches 3stacks, it can be detonated by using 3 stacks of Guard to paralyze the Hunter for several seconds.
Guard When a Hunter gets near the Enchantress, the Guard is triggered and the effects are stacked over time against the Hunter, granting the Enchantress the power to curse. The nearer the Hunter gets to the Cursed Emblem, the faster the Guard effect stacks. All Enchantress' Guards (whether detonated or not) now have a reduced rate of 7%, and a maximum reduction of 70%, at which the Enchantress can accumulate Guard effects on each stack. The Enchantress will immediately gain 1 stack of Guard if the Hunter inflicts damage to the Enchantress. The Guard effect on the Hunter has a maximum of 5 stacks.
Blessing Survivors that heal the Enchantress or get healed by the Enchantress will gain Enchantress' blessings. Blessings from the Enchantress are not replaceable and do not stack. Therefore, the Enchantress and the blessed Survivor will not gain protection from other Cursed Emblems. When a Hunter inflicts damage on a Survivor that has the Enchantress' blessings, the Enchantress will also gain a stack of Guard effect.
Karma Continuously inflicts pain on the Enchantress, and healing time is increased by 20%.

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