Identity V was first a non-family friendly game, but because of the Chinese laws, the devs had to change their game into a family friendly version.


  • Previously, the basement would've contained blood leading down the stairs.
  • Basement would also have arms reaching through the metal grates on the floor, and eyeless survivors with Lucky Guy's likeness trapped in its cages.
  • Rocket Chairs were previously nooses that force them onto their knees. When the timer ran out, they would be hanged and killed.
  • Hunter never wore masks in the old version.
  • Survivors hearts used to be Ruby Red.
  • The chests were displayed in pink.
  • When surviors were sent to the manor, they would have gravestones displayed in the right corner.
  • The enviroment was dark and creepy.
  • When being downed, the survivors would be laying on the ground and could crawl while laying down.
  • Leo Beck and Joker would carry downed survivors on their shoulders.
  • Jack The Ripper would carry downed survivors by their leg.
  • Items from chests would have been displayed in a square blue aura.
  • Leo Beck carried a Sickle as a weapon.
  • The remaining ciphers and dungeon notification would have been displayed on the right side of the screen.
  • When a hunter hit a survivor, there would be splattered blood on the screen.
  • Pallets destroying was way slower.
  • The footprints left by the survivors were scratch marks with shining red color.
  • The only available trait for hunter was Listen.
  • Jack The Ripper wasn't humming calmly.
  • Joker used to have a chainsaw.
  • Leo Beck while wearing Slappy Skin (only for China) would make childish noices and say "Pa-pa, pa... pa." the whole time.
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