"Michiko used to be an amazing dancer. When she danced in a red kimono, it looked like a red butterfly flapping its wings. But now, no one has the courage to watch her performance."

— Rumor

Michiko, or the Geisha, is one of 13 Hunters currently featured in Identity V.


The Geisha met Miles, a foreign army officer at a banquet where they fell in love soon after. They got married and returned to Mile's homeland together. His father was particularly vocal in his opposition to their marriage. He was cynical of her and hoped to drive her out of the family home. Not long after, Michiko mysteriously disappeared after Miles left on a business trip. Mile’s father claims that she ran off with another man and urged his son to find another wife. Miles, however, started to search for his wife, Michiko, but no one knows where she went.

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Triple Phases Michiko has three different moods and forms. She assums the Beauty form when calm: in this form her fear radius is smaller, but has higher movement speed; when angry she assumes the Prajna form: in this form her fear radius is larger, but has lower movement speed; she enters Panic form when her face is seen by a survivovr: her fear radius remains unchanged, but has lower movement speed.


Icon Name Description
Dash Hit Michiko enters genesis mode and assumes the Prajna form. She ignores the terrain and rushes toward the survivor closest to the middle of where she is looking. But, should Michikos face be gazed upon by a survivor, Panic form will be activated and special abilities negated.
Soul Departure Michiko enters genesis mode and changes into Prajna form and jumps into the air to overlook the surrounding environment. Her Dash Hit also gains casting distance. But, should Michiko's face be seen by a survivor, Panic form will be activated and the skill will lose its effect.
Death 2
Dash Hit Survivors' fear increases the Michiko's powers. Michiko can now dash towards survivors at a higher speed.

Deduction Target


  • Her ability to go through terran is similar The Nurse's ability from Dead by Daylight
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