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"Mary has no interest in playing chess because the queen is the easiest piece to take."
— Rumor

Character Full Portrait Bloody Queen.png
Difficulty Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Empty.png
Alias Bloody Queen
Gender Female
Character Day November 2
Clues 4508
Echoes 858

Mary, or Bloody Queen is one of 22 Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png currently featured in Identity V Identity v.png.


Bloody Queen, also known as Mary, is a level 2 difficulty hunter that makes the use of mirrors as her weapons. In her hand, a broken mirror shard for direct hits and an Aqua Mirror External Trait Aqua Mirror Icon.png that summons a Mirror Image Ability Mirror Image.png to hit survivors.

Once Mary has placed her Aqua Mirror, survivors are susceptible of getting hit by her Mirror Image until it disappears. Mary can also turn her Mirror to change her target, as well as switch between her normal form and Mirror Image.


"The shallow insights towards wealth and power generates the very famous dialogue.

"Farmers have no bread to eat, they are starving."

"Why don't they eat cake then?"

"The farmers' complaints have made me confused."

Even on the guillotine, the question is still echoing...

Why? Why?

When the cheap white dress turned red, I finally understood.

The Queen is the most easiest piece to take in chess."
— Mary

Mary was born in Austria, as she is referred to as "Austrian" in her deduction target Mary, as an impersonation of Marie Antoinette, neglected the citizens of her country in favor of her own luxuries and conspiring with others, which this caused her execution by guillotine in October 1793.

External Traits[]

External Traits
Icon Name Description
External Trait Aqua Mirror.png
Aqua Mirror Mary creates a Mirror Image by using an Aqua Mirror. The Mirror Image ignores collisions and reflects the location, state and motion of the actual body in real-time. It can inflict damage on Survivors, but Survivors can only receive one damage at a time.


These are three Abilities that are unique to Bloody Queen:

Icon Name Description
Ability Mirror Image.png
Mirror Image Summon the Aqua Mirror to generate a Mirror Image of the body. When the image is formed, tap the skill button again to switch positions with the Mirror Image.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Ability Mirror Rotation.png
Mirror Rotation Mary can rotate the Aqua Mirror when a Survivor is within 25m of Mary's Mirror Image to make the Aqua Mirror turn to the nearest Survivor.

Cooldown: 13 seconds

Ability Into the Mirror.png
Into the Mirror When summoning the Aqua Mirror within a 5m radius of a Survivor, a Mirror Image of the nearest Survivor will be generated; the Survivor's Mirror Image will disappear after the Survivor is hit by Mary.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Deduction Target[]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic Points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Marriage
    This is a contract signed by Queen Maria Theresia.
    • Basic Objective: Place Aqua Mirror 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Place Aqua Mirror 2 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Place Aqua Mirror 3 time(s).
    Secret letter 1: The king's brothers are making fun of one of his ridiculous flaws and waiting for a chance to take over the throne. So long as the queen doesn't give birth to a child, such gloomy delight won't end.
  2. Summer Palace
    The Petit Trianon is not a place for her to meditate. It's just her shelter away from the palace.
    • Basic Objective: Swap positions with Aqua Mirror 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Swap positions with Aqua Mirror 2 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Swap positions with Aqua Mirror 3 time(s).
    Secret letter 2: Mary is a true individualist. She only thinks about herself and whatever that is fashionable. The young and naive queen has no idea how powerful rumors are. The deterioration of the royal authority about to spread from the Palace of Versailles. People are going to love the rumors about the king's incompetence and the queen's voraciousness.
  3. Friend
    When you can't find any comfort in a marriage, friendship becomes exceptionally important.
    • Basic Objective: Swap positions with Mirror Image for a total of 20 meter(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Swap positions with Mirror Image for a total of 40 meter(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Swap positions with Mirror Image for a total of 60 meter(s).
    Rumor 1: Princess Lamballe is the queen's closest friend. Such a relationship makes the young and lonely queen lightheaded. I heard theres is a shameful secret about the two of them.
  4. Polignac's Salon
    If she still has expectations from you, then she will be the most considerate and kind person you'll ever meet.
    • Basic Objective: Eliminate 1 Survivors with a Rocket Chair.
    • Advanced Objective 1: Eliminate 2 Survivors with a Rocket Chair.
    • Advanced Objective 2: Eliminate 3 Survivors with a Rocket Chair.
    Secret Letter 3: Encouraging Countess of Polignac to replace Princess Lamballe at the Summer Palace is a good thing. She is humble, elegant, and charming, but this angel with violet eyes costs even more than Madam Pompadour. She will build a new social alliance for us, so that we can turn away those meritorious nobles and political advisers from Austria and keep them away from the center of glory.
  5. Child
    The queen of France giving birth is not purely private family matter.
    • Basic Objective: Generate Survivor Mirror Image 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Generate Survivor Mirror Image 2 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Generate Survivor Mirror Image 2 time(s).
    Rumor 2: It's a girl! No one expected that the king could ever return to normal. It's said that the birth lasted for seven and a half hours, and that Princess Lamballe was the first person barging into the room.
  6. Throne
    The parabola of a happy life has reached its apex. One more step and it's downhill from there.
    • Basic Objective: Rotate Mirror 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Rotate Mirror 2 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Rotate Mirror 3 time(s).
    Secret Letter 4: Old nobles who have lost their glory, new nobles who have yet to come out of the shadows, ladies in waiting who have been deposed, ugly women who must obey the rules...These unwelcome groups gather in the Belvedere, concocting poisonous rumors in that secret chamber. They feigned sympathy towards the king's life and only went after the young queen, who was radiant and joyous.
  7. Defenders of Monarchy
    They may be in danger, but so what?
    • Basic Objective: Hit Survivors with a Mirror Image 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit Survivors with a Mirror Image 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit Survivors with a Mirror Image 2 time(s).
    Rumor 3: The Count of Provence and the Count of Artois set up their headquarters in Koblenz, declaring war on the rebels. Yet the king and the queen are in trouble having adopted the constitution. They abandoned the dignity of the royal family in order to survive. What a sad joke!
  8. Punishment
    One can only tell who their real friends are at the toughest moments, but then we don't usually want that to really happen.
    • Basic Objective: Use Mirror Image to interfere decoding when there is a Survivor on a Rocket Chair 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Use Mirror Image to interfere decoding when there is a Survivor on a Rocket Chair 2 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Use Mirror Image to interfere decoding when there is a Survivor on a Rocket Chair 2 time(s).
    Rumor 4: Princess Lamballe remains by the queen's side, but the lovely and gentle Countess of Polignac escaped from France with her family early on. She still writes to the palace without fail, hoping that one day the king may be back in power and she will be a loyal friend once more.
  9. Freedom
    We act in your name.
    • Basic Objective: Hit a Survivor after swapping positions with Mirror Image 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit a Survivor after swapping positions with Mirror Image 2 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit a Survivor after swapping positions with Mirror Image 3 time(s).
    Secret Letter 5: The goal of the revolution is to overthrow the king and autocracy, and so we must destroy the queen. And it's best to attack the queen for her identity as a woman. Blame all kinds of evil, moral corruption, and perverted behaviors on this Austrian she-wolf. Spread the word about "Marie Antoinette's Ugly Life" and let the world know of her horrible reputation!
  10. Farewell
    It doesn't matter how noble and pure the beliefs are. If they're exploited by scoundrels, they're just becoming lowly and sleazy.
    • Basic Objective: Terror Shock with Mirror Image 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 1: Terror Shock with Mirror Image 1 time(s).
    • Advanced Objective 2: Terror Shock with Mirror Image 2 time(s).
    Secret Letter 6: In just a few days or a few weeks, Paris will forget that there was once a queen named Marie Antoinette who was beheaded. And people will miss the joy they had trampling the royal family and look forward to the new king at the same time. The revolution will be successful someday, but it won't be based on the fake evidence of today.
After deducing Node 10: Farewell, Bloody Queen's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Character Day Letter[]



Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy was found guilty.

In order to convince Cardinal de Rohan that she is a close friend of the Queen, Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy has lured Cardinal de Rohan's confidant, the former dragoon Rétaux de Villette, as an inside contact, and tricked the prostitute Nicole le Guay d'Oliva into disguising herself as the Queen, Marie Antoinette.

During this period, Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy used the identity of Queen Marie Antoinette to communicate with Cardinal de Rohan and defraud money, as well as the purchase agreement of a ruby necklace worth 1.6 million francs.

The above crimes were confirmed through physical evidence provided by Cardinal de Rohan to this court.

After the trial, it was apparent that the mail delivered to Cardinal de Rohan was utterly different from the Queen's handwriting. Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy ordered Nicole le Guay d'Oliva, who was disguised as the Queen, to meet with Cardinal de Rohan. The Queen's whereabouts where made public, and the Queen clearly has an alibi. Furthermore, it is proven that, at the same time, through other witnesses, Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy had also defrauded other members of the royal family through the Marquise and the captain of the King's Guard, Nicholas de la Motte.

The evidence of her criminal behavior is conclusive, and the impact is severe.

The final verdict is as follows:

This court believes that Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy has repeatedly used Queen Marie Antoinette's identity as illegal means to defraud Cardinal de Rohan and unlawful possession of royal jewelry. The amount in involvement is calculated at approximately 2 million francs. Her behavior has constituted a crime of fraud.

Sentencing: Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Rémy was sentenced to be whipped, branded, and commended to life imprisonment.

Not Guilty:

Cardinal de Rohan was accused of false accusations, but he was found not guilty and acquitted due to insufficient evidence. However, because of indirect damage to the reputation of Queen Marie Antoinette, he is dismissed from duty and exiled.

May 31st, 1786

Appearance Decoration[]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Costume Mary Original.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Costume Mary Worn Clothes.png
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 10 'Farewell' to get. All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
Costume Mary Bloodbath.png
Bloodbath S7 Essence 2 She was tired of the white stone pillars and decided to use red to decorate the banquet hall. N/A
Costume Mary Lady Bella.png
Lady Bella Atropos' Ropes The stage lights: For which I'm born to die. 2888 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 12888 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Isabella The Promised Neverland Crossover Isabella's Costume N/A
Costume Mary Last Dance.png
Last Dance N/A The last dance is nostalgia for home in the past, it's also a declaration of war to invaders. 1388 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 4888 Currency Clues Icon.png
Scarlett Deduction Star A civilization will drift in the wind before it finally dissipates, just as a person's destiny will eventually be gone with the wind. 1388 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 4888 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Costume Mary Rogue.png
Rouge N/A The soft pink texture is made up of insects and lead powder. 318 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 1188 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Costume Mary Lady in the Mirror.png
Lady in the Mirror Halloween Event 2019 She lives in the castle's mirror world, walking freely between mirrors, and bringing news of the outside world to the castle. But, the real purpose of her presence here remains a mystery. 100 Currency Spyglasses Icon.png
Costume Mary Queen of Hearts.png
Queen of Hearts Memory Sphere Season 8 "Off with his head!" N/A
Costume Mary Abandoned Dream.png
Abandoned Dream Memory Sphere Season 10 It's not the horn of struggle but the fantasy of free lunch that can awaken Gold Diggers from their slumber. N/A
Costume Mary Fiery Diva.png
Fiery Diva Memory Sphere Season 11 With accompaniment that no one has ever heard of, the resident singer belts out the hottest song such that even her vocal cords feel like they're burning up. N/A
Accused Duchess Memory Sphere Season 13 If I'm an evil being, then I should be judged by the Devil. N/A
Roaster Season 14 Essence 2 Those without desires eventually get lost in a world packed with desires. N/A
Connoisseur (鉴赏家) Purchasing a ticket to attend the IVL Live Competition She didn't care about how the artwork was created. Even that blood and desire-soaked blossom she'd be willing to capture herself and place within a the glass encasing she had designed. N/A
Costume Mary Dull Green.png
Dull Green Logic Path Reached 502 (S8) Speaking of green, you may think of flowers and plants, but mold comes to my mind. N/A
Costume Mary Sunset Yellow.png
Sunset Yellow Memory Sphere Season 11 The sun may go down, but I won't. N/A
Costume Mary Banquet Gray.png
Banquet Gray Memory Sphere Season 11 Even though it's just for the baron, I must remain elegant. N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Accessory Perfect Marionette.png
Perfect Marionette Atropos' Ropes Become "her", or destroy her.
Special Effect
Special hugging motion. Modify Ability effect.
1888 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 8388 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Accessory Viper Cane.png
Viper Cane N/A Even with the most fearful cane in hand, her every move still exudes elegance and grandeur.
Special effects
Adds a special effect to Mary's mirror.
1068 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 3888 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Accessory Parasol.png
Parasol Halloween Event 2019 Even the dainty little parasol reflects the noble stature of its owner. N/A
Accessory Emptiness.png
Emptiness Memory Sphere 10 Everyone knows a broken mirror is forever lost, yet even irreversible mistakes can bring about something new. 238 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 968 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Isabella's Locator The Promised Neverland Crossover A locator used by Isabella. N/A
Icon Type Name Series Description
Graffiti Beauty Tips Halloween 2019 2019 Halloween Event, Bloody Queen Exclusive Graffiti
Graffiti Personality Season 12 Logic Path (1030) Bloody Queen's exclusive Graffiti. The graffiti demonstrates the personality of the character.
Emote Salute Memory Sphere Season 10 Salute Motion, exclusive to Bloody Queen
Emote Threaten Rank Essence Season 13 Threaten Motion, exclusive to Bloody Queen
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Solo Dance Memory Sphere Season 9 Bloody Queen Exclusive Matching Room Standby Motion, Solo Dance
Standby Motion Laugh.png
Laugh Memory Sphere Season 9 Bloody Queen Exclusive Matching Room Standby Motion, Laugh
Standby Motion Visit.png
Visit Memory Sphere Season 10 Bloody Queen Exclusive Matching Room Standby Motion, Visit (visible to Survivors)
Standby Motion Hunter Snooze.png
Snooze Memory Sphere Season 11 Bloody Queen Exclusive Matching Room Standby Motion, Snooze


Playing as[]

  1. Use your Aqua Mirror, and point it towards a cipher machine. There may be a Survivor working on it, so you’ll have the possible advantage to Terror Shock them.
  2. When camping a Survivor on chair, you can use your Mirror to patrol ciphers nearby, this will force the survivor working on it to temporarily stop to avoid getting hit by your Mirror Image.
  3. Using the Mirror, you can cross large distances on the map. Using Mary on small maps like the Arms Factory is most efficient as you can cross the map to reach exit gates easily.
  4. When the your Mirror Image spots a Survivor, the Survivor will be outlined for you to see. You can choose to hunt with the Miror Image or switch over. If you cannot estimate the distance of the Survivor and your Mirror Image well, you should switch over to your Mirror Image.
  5. Whenever you use the Mirror to hit survivors behind wall, make sure to place the Mirror close to the wall and to keep it on your side. This will make it so that the Mirror Image will be able to hit the survivor as some will take advantage of your mistake and hug the wall to avoid getting hit.
  6. Mary's detention also transfers over to her Mirror Image.
  7. When a survivor is behind a pallet waiting to stun you and your skill isn't on cooldown, summon the mirror as close to you as possible to get the hit.

Recommended Talent[]

  • Blink: Mary has a small hit box, and an average movement speed - meaning she has to use Blink to immediately down a survivor without the use of her Aqua Mirror.
  • Trump Card: Switch to Teleport or Abnormal using Trump Card at late-game. It isn't recommend to use Teleport without Trump Card.


  1. Survivors will be able to see the outline of Mary’s Aqua Mirror, regardless of their location on any map. Take note of the angle of the Mirror. If the Mirror is facing you, there is a chance that her Mirror Image is making its way towards you. (Blurred blue color Mirror means that it is facing your direction)
  2. It’s important to run into different directions, or in a few cases, through the Mirror Image to juke the Mirror Image. Mary may have a small hit box, but be careful of charged attacks.
  3. One should keep note that the Mirror Image's hit box is larger (in length, width, and height) than Mary's own hit box.


  • Mary was based off of French Queen Marie Antoinette.
    • Marie Antoinette died at the guillotine, which is an instrument for carrying out executions through beheading. This is why Mary has stitches on her neck since she was beheaded.
  • Mary is based off of "Bloody Mary".
    • Bloody Mary is a ghost said to appear in mirrors when a person says her name 3 times while the lights are off. This might be why Mary's item/ability is a mirror.
  • She also may be based off of Mary I of England.
    • Mary I, or Mary Tudor, was the queen of England 1553-1558, she was known as Bloody Mary due to the sheer number of civilians she had executed throughout her reign.


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