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Maps are locations within the world of Identity V Identity v.png. There are currently 10 maps.

Trial locations have certain fixed landmarks, but elements such as Cipher Machines, Chests, and Lockers are placed randomly. The map's Exit Gates are always in the same position.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Sacred Heart Hospital[edit | edit source]

The hospital is an old abandoned warehouse that holds some surgical equipment and still some beds. It is said to be haunted by a strange evil in the dark.

Arms Factory[edit | edit source]

The Minerva military factory is covered with discarded tires on the ground. The logo and house number of the factory can also be found in the factory. The main entrance is the abandoned land of weeds. The settings of warning lights, street lights and electric lights can give people an idea of the game's asymmetry against the gameplay.

The Red Church[edit | edit source]

There was once an unfinished wedding ceremony held here. It is said that you can find the bride's unspoken oath under the tree at the church.

The Red Church (event)[edit | edit source]

There was once a unfinished wedding that happened on the red church and its ground. Rumors say there are still strange footsteps in the dark.

Lakeside Village[edit | edit source]

This used to be a small prosperous fishing village, but now the waves on the stony beach bring only the wreckage of the past.

Moonlit River Park[edit | edit source]

The place is now a taboo to visit after the nightmarish incident that had happened.

Leo's Memory[edit | edit source]

He never thought this would be his last snow.

White Sand Street Asylum[edit | edit source]

The dust-ridden building is open to welcome the public again, but it is not the truth that awaits them there.

Eversleeping Town[edit | edit source]

With the arrival of deranged visitors, unimaginable events are happening in the town.

Golden Cave[edit | edit source]

Despite that not a single piece of gold was ever found, Count Barriere still got what he wanted with this land.

Leo's Memory - Dawn[edit | edit source]

He never thought the this would be his last snow.

Chinatown[edit | edit source]

In the quiet streets of the town, under flickering red lights, there leaves no place for these feelings to call home.