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  • On March 14, 1874, the factory manager(Leo Beck) and his wife(Martha Remington) were married.
  • On December 21, 1876, Emma Woods (The Gardener) was born.
  • In 1885, the factory manager's wife and Freddy Riley(The Lawyer) took the factory manager's money and left.
  • In the same year, the Gardener[9 years old] is sent to the orphanage. [citation needed]
  • In 1900, Orpheus was born [citation needed]
  • In 1923, a mysterious youth bought the manor, and the youth sent a letter to Orpheus [23 years old]
    • In 1898, the Gardener [22 years old], the Lawyer [38 years old], and the Doctor [32 years old] are invited to participate in the game.
  • In 1926, a fire burns Orpheus. (26 years old)
  • In 1929, Orpheus [29 years old] opened a private detective office and slowly noticed his dark personality.
  • In 1930, Orpheus [30 years old] is diagnosed with mental problems.
  • In 1936, there was "a protagonist that was 36 years old a month ago," and a young daughter of a wealthy businessman went missing when he was on vacation in the country. After investigation, he found that all the evidence pointed to the infamous manor.
  • "Two days ago" Orpheus received a letter of entrustment from a wealthy businessman.
  • "Today" Orpheus arrives at the manor.

Orpheus and the Manor[]

Chinese flag.png

In the northern part of Europe, there is a Winston manor that has become notorious for the villagers around because of the unknown rumors of previous generations. The villagers around the manor were not willing to get close to the manor, but they bought it at a low price. They were famous at the time. The artist bought this manor and also saw the beautiful natural scenery and quiet environment around it. After their they moved, they made a large-scale renovation of the manor. Because of their love of art, the manor was full of Western mythology. They also designed the symbols of the Muse Nine Goddess for their family.

Soon after, Orpheus was born into this family that lived happily. Their happy days would soon come to an end. On Orpheus' 12th birthday, a group of villains rushed into the manor and not only took away the valuable art in the manor, but also his father’s face. They killed his parents. Some unscrupulous people swindled him to sell the manor and then threw him into the mental hospital for a few years. After that incident, no one dared to buy the manor, and it was slowly abandoned.

Thirteen years ago , the manor was rumored to be acquired by a young man. Unlike other owners, he rehired people to run the manor. Although there were ominous rumors, there were still many people coming to apply under the heavy money. Soon, the operation of most of the functional areas of the manor was restored, but some areas that were too old and not very useful were still idle.

In the same year, Orpheus, a new criminal mystery novelist, began to emerge in the literary world. His stories were often dark and cruel. He quickly became the most popular novelist at that time.

Just when everyone thought that the manor would be fine for the young man, there was a rumor that some unspeakable things were happening in the manor, but the servants were not talking about it. More and more unknown rumors pointed to the manor, claiming that there were people going there, but there was no obvious increase in the actual number of people in the estate. However, the police's several investigations had nothing to gain.

It was not until an accident that happened about 10 years ago that the mystery of the manor was finally set aside. A fire broke out in a certain area of the manor, burning most of the area. After investigations by the fire brigade and the police, it was found that the death of the servants who died in the fire had nothing to do with the fire. Only a few survivors were stunned to the ground. Their position on the ground was specially arranged in some sort of mysterious ritual, and the novelist Orpheus was among the survivors. The strange thing was all the survivors woke up and found that they completely forgot why they came to the manor and what happened there. Subsequent investigations also confirmed that the cause of the fire was the burning of the incinerator in the absence of care, not intentional arson. The experience of the survivors and others were characterized as victims of the cult ritual, but the cause of death of the rest of the victims could not be reasonably explained.

At that time, the police searched the manor in detail, but the area was completely ruined by the fire and they could not get any clues. They suspected that the owner had fled when the fire broke out, because no similar body was found in the burned bodies. Afterwards, the police conveniently closed the manor. No one dared to even approach this area, and was called "the notorious manor."

The protagonist? - Orpheus was in a coma for a whole year at the hospital. When everyone thought he would have been stuck in that state, he finally woke up, but he completely forgot who he was. Based on the fame of a well-known novelist and his own savings, he was well looked after in the hospital that year. But shortly after waking up, he was excused from of the hospital. It was rumored that he blamed the hospital for his medication treatment affecting his writing ability, so that his hand trembled and could not create again, so he brought the issue to the hospital. There was a contradiction and he was angry and left the hospital.

Then, a reader found that what he wrote was completely inconsistent with the story in the gossip tabloid. Even the most fanatical readers couldn't stand the new lame content. They even denied that he was the real Orpheus! Soon, this once-famous name never appeared to the public eye again.

Seven years ago, on the second floor of a cheap rental house, Orpheus opened an inconspicuous private detective firm. Different from other firms, this was a door-to-door firm.

Just before January, when a young daughter of a wealthy businessman was on vacation in the country, Orpheus was strangely missing. After investigation, he found that all the evidence pointed to the infamous manor. The case was full of doubts, but the police were not willing to investigate in depth. The man helped him investigate the truth, and, most importantly, found his daughter.

Two days ago, the protagonist received a letter from the rich businessman - invited the protagonist to help investigate the manor to retrieve his missing daughter, along with the letter of entrustment, and a huge check, which was the largest since the establishment of the detective agency. The commission, the protagonist begged, look at the recipient on the letter of entrustment, is a name that he has forgotten - (the player enters the name).

Yesterday, the protagonist who couldn’t wait to go out sent a receipt letter and used the commission to buy some of the required items and prepare to leave tomorrow.

Sleeping all night, today, the detective set off and went to the "infamous" manor.

Because the manor is located in a remote place, coupled with the thunderstorm today, the protagonist lost his way, and arrived at the manor in the near night. In order to avoid the rain, the protagonist went directly to the long-lost main house to start investigation...

But apparently, there seems to be a connection between this mysterious manor and the survivors. It was like someone has been watching them for a long time and discovered their wants as well as needs. They were brought here for a reason but what is it? What is the owner of the Oletus Manor's true intention? Why are these survivors invited here? And what was this so called 'game' for? Whatever the answers are, it seems that something is about to happen soon... So, let the 'game' begin and what is to be their fates...

Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png[]


Emily Dyer, who once went by the name Lydia Jones, made a grave mistake by accidentally killing Lisa Beck's sick mother while trying to treat her. As a result of this as well as the death of Lisa's father which occurred soon after, Lisa was left without parents and was sent to live at the White Sand Street Asylum, which was a combination of a mental asylum and orphanage for troubled children. After feeling guilty about this for years, Lydia changed her name to Emily and went to work at the asylum, where she took care of a young Lisa during her 5 year-long stay there before Lisa fled and changed her name to Emma Woods.


The Lawyer met the factory owner very early when he was seventeen years old, and later attended the Gardener’s birthday party. He was an economic professional lawyer who provides financial services, but he was not a successful person. His life was devastating, and his income was meager. He was fascinated by his interests, does not let go of any small profits, and does not care about abandoning his feelings for benefit.

He sent a love letter to his friend's wife, Martha Beck, who was already a mother. He showed it unabashedly, indicating that his moral sense was not high. Persuading the factory manager to buy the military factory and seducing Martha indicates that he is deep-minded, clever, and good at disguising himself.


The Gardener when a young child, was actually the child of Leo, Hell Ember, she was abandoned as a child to an orphanage, the one that the Thief ran, and when there was given electroshock therapy by the Doctor, this caused her to go insane and have issues later on.


When the church wanted to open an orphanage on White Sand Street, Mr. Pierson generously handed over his business and land to the church. The compensation was significant. He supported the orphanage where Lisa Beck was admitted to. 14 children, including Lisa, had psychological problems due to the orphanage. They were soon transported to a children's hospital. He fell in love with Lisa, who rejected him. In his anger, he struck her.


The Magician learned magic with his mentor, John Henry Anderson, since childhood. However, his mentor never let him perform on stage, so he could only be an assistant.[1] The Magician was naturally reluctant, so he used his hands and feet for the mentor's escape magic, killing the mentor, inherited the mentor's reputation, and went to the peak of life.


Kurt is an experienced explorer, passionate about exploring the limits of humanity. He has sailed across the English Channel, flown over old-growth forests in a hot air balloon, and, of course, joined a life-or-death game. As a master of survival, maybe he has a good shot at winning?


Naib was once a Gurkha mercenary who worked for an East Indian company. Unlike most Gurkhas, he is neither tall nor physically strong. But Gurkha warriors stand for discipline and bravery. As a retired mercenary, Naib Subedar is used to making a living by killing. Can a dangerous game offer him the same experience as the battlefield?


Born in the home of the military, Martha stunned her parents. She was good at horseback riding since she was a child, and she won the rank of captain after joining the cavalry. However, Martha was not satisfied with the galloping on horseback. She was more eager to see the blue sky. She learned the basic flight driving skills and quickly gave up her position in the cavalry and joined the Air Force.

But Martha did not go to be a pilot; she could only be arranged to perform signal-guided work on the ground. And if you wanted to fly between the blue sky and the blue sky, you obviously needed a truly reliable "sponsor".


Said she was guided to the manor by a spirit. No one believes her even though she offers her magic ring as proof. As a child her mother didn’t believe in religion and urged Fiona to follow her ways. Fiona eventually began to study occultism and claimed to follow Cthulhu mythology.



The Forward created the rugby football sport.[2] He earned fame and fortune, but because he inadvertently saw the Magician's hands and feet, it caused him to be distracted during the game. Due to his distraction, he seriously injured his opponent, and had to retire.

The Mind's Eye[]

She got a disease that made her blind. But she can still hear, so her father got her a wooden cane and decided to tutor her for the rest of mind's eye years. Her father was a good tutor and made mind's eye love literature so much she wanted to have a degree but did not have the money. She got a invitation to the manor for the college tuition.


Vera Nair ( formerly known as Chloe Nair ) was born as one of the twins to her family. Everyone loved Chloe's sister Vera, on the other hand Chloe was weird always messing with perfumes. Vera was Chloe's only close person . Vera once wrote in her diary, "Chloe has talent which only people can dream of, I wish people would recognize it." . Soon Vera opened her own perfume shop selling Chloe's perfumes since she was more popular and could get others to notice Chloe's talent. Vera wanted only the best but Chloe misunderstood and thought that Vera was trying to steal her talent so she killed her. Chloe then took on Vera's identity and continued working in the perfume shop. Nobody ever questioned where Chloe has went, nobody even cared. Vera ( formerly known as Chloe ) soon found the actual Vera's diary and realized what she has done. She killed the only person that has ever loved her. She wanted to forget the whole incident and created her perfume ' euphoria ' .


Female Dancer[]


Entered the manor to earn money. Had financial problems back at home.


Found a letter on one of the bodies he was embalming. Decided to visit the manor in place of the corpse.


Entered the manor to earn money. Worked as a miner in the Golden Cave before. Fellow coworkers died when the Cave collapsed.


Enchantress was born on a slave ship where her mother died. She survived and made it to New Orleans and met a lady who became a mother figure to her. Enchantress studied herbs, curses, and other spells. When she got older, she decided to go back to her homeland but a curse was awakened once she stepped on the land. She began running away and eventually arrived at the manor



Acrobat was raised in a circus, until he went out for errands and came back to see his entire circus was burnt down. He entered the manor to find the killer of his home, ‘Hullabaloo’.

First Officer[]


Entered the manor to find her brother. Set up a bar with her brother when they were younger.


Entered the manor after receiving a letter. Being a Postman, it was the first letter he had ever received.

Grave Keeper[]

Worked as a grave digger in the Lutz Cemetery. Was widely seen as a freak by the villagers due to his appearance, personality and job.


Was jailed for accidentally killing someone while making a new invention. Entered the manor with an invitation to escape prison. Forgot most of his history due to getting electric shocked.



The painter lived a successful rich life back home, however regular paint started to bore him, and he took it upon himself to make his paintings more organic using his own blood. But when his own blood no longer sufficed, the manor invitation arrived, with the opportunity of taking the blood of the people at the manor


Lucky Guy[]

Not much is known about the Lucky Guy. However, when he touched Orpheus, they merged into one being. It is rumored that Orpheus was once Lucky Guy...

Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png[]

Hell Ember[]

The factory manager was married on March 14, 1874. Three years later, his daughter was born. He operated a small textile factory and was flexible in handiwork. He also made small toys for his daughter. Though he didn't have a big career, he loved his family.

The factory owner suffered a career issue, and many years of friends and lawyers helped him. After taking the advice of his friend Freddy Riley, he bought a small gun factory that was severely in debt.[3] Before Leo realized the poor conditions of the factory, his wife and Freddy Riley made off with all his possessions and disappeared. Drowning in debt, Leo Beck began to drink alcohol for a while, giving up his daughter to an orphanage to prepare himself for self-immolation in the factory.

Though he took his life in a fire, it did not remove him from the world. He was reborn with resentment and wrote, "I will find you" in the factory.

He had been a survivor, but because he refused to write in his diary, he was "punished" and reappeared as a hunter.

Smiley Face[]


Bane Perez was in charge of the forest farm and patrol cabin at Oletus Manor. He raised a black-nosed moose like a child. However, accidents always happen, and a new hunting season was coming. Bane was wondering how he could hide the black-nose to ensure its safety, but he was too late. A team of fully armed poachers had already arrived.[4]

The gunshots rang through the forest. When Bane arrived, he saw that the black-nose had fallen to the ground. He recognized a familiar face from the poacher's team. It was the boy that he had rescued a few years prior. However, when Bane pleaded with him, they cruelly wanted to turn him into a Minotaur. They cut off his tongue and put the head of the black-nose moose on him. They locked him up with a steel-jaw leg hold trap and began a massacre in the forest.

After the poachers had left, the dogs dragged Bane back to the manor, where he somehow recovered. No one thought that his humiliation would turn Bane into a demon. He was transformed into a Minotaur, and the mountain forest was his maze. Since that day, Bane shows no mercy to anyone who sets foot on his land.

The Ripper[]

Jack had many victims, five of which include:

  1. Mary Ann Nichols - She was found on her back, her throat severely slashed, and she was disemboweled.
  2. Annie Chapman - Her throat was cut. The violence escalated in that the murderer took her womb.
  3. Elizabeth Stride - Only her neck was cut. (Jack was interrupted by the person who found the body).
  4. Catherine Eddowes - Her left kidney was removed.
  5. Mary Kelly - Her body was disemboweled and "virtually skinned down."

Soul Weaver[]


At one point, Michiko fell in love with a foreign army man. Their love escalated so much they got married. Though her lover's father, now father-in-law, disapproved of this. One day Michiko mysteriously disappeared, it was heavily implied she had been murdered by her father-in-law with a hat pin. Her father-in-law covered up the murder by claiming she ran away with another man, nonetheless, her husband still continues to search for her.

Wu Chang[]


Joseph had a twin brother named Claude. His brother had a death that was unclear, but it is implied that he passed away in his sleep. After Claude died, Joseph started to become obsessed with photography. He wanted his pictures to have more movement and started to add questionable modifications to do so... he went missing and rumor has it that so did everyone he took pictures of. Some of the maids that worked in his house would speak about that Joseph was cursed by the missing old man he took a picture of...

Mad Eyes[]

The Feaster[]

Dream Witch[]

Axe Boy[]

Robbie lived at an orphanage with his sister. He one day went out to chop some trees and accidentally cut off his head.

Evil Reptilian[]

Luchino was an outstanding scholar who was fascinated with reptiles. Not soon after getting a rare poisonous snake from his colleague, Luchino suddenly vanished. In his room, people only found bloody scales on the ground. The strange thing was that those giant green scales were rough and hard and didn’t seem to belong to any known reptile.

Bloody Queen[]

A Queen who’s responsibility’s were only dazzling gowns and delectable cakes. She was the Queen of France until her subjects thought that her ruling was unfit no more. On the 14th of October 1793, the Queen was executed. Mary does not like playing chess since the Queen is the easiest piece to take.

Guard 26[]






Sacred Heart Hospital[]

The story began with a fierce doctor-patient dispute. The hospital that was originally operating ushered in a highly-skilled dentist, but things became strange after he arrived. At the time, more and more patients were discharged from the hospital, but the registered discharge records did not increase, and some night-timers said that they had seen the dentist dragging a lot of garbage to the marshes at night.[5]

The rumors intensified, and after a patient’s strange disappearance, angry people poured into the hospital at night. The dentist refused to admit that he was related to the missing patient and asked everyone to let him go back to complete the operation. This attitude angered many people, so he sank in the swamp and died.

Red Church[]

There was a wedding in the church. Everyone thought that the bride was missing, but only the spiders performing acrobatics at high altitude saw the bride die. The vow that had not been reported is on a tombstone.

Lakeside Village[]

On a cold winter night, a hurricane raided the mountainous area near Hujing Village. The tornado threw a hunter on the mountain into the lake. He struggled to swim to the shore, only to find that Lakeside Village was no longer going to see the sun. In the faint moonlight, the thatched cottage swayed, and the hunter did not see the bustling crowd and did not see any signs of life. He noticed a flame burning in the distance, but only found a pot of burnt stew when he inspected it. Whoever used the pot had disappeared without a trace. The warm and lively thatched cottages in Lakeside Village have been replaced by silent silence.[6]

Experienced hunters spend a lot of time in the forest, and all he saw in the Lakeside Village were abandoned boats and unattended fishing tackle cabins. The hunter tried his best to stay calm and eventually walked out of the village with tenacious willpower. In order to understand everything that happened in Lakeside Village, the hunter publicized what he saw. At this time, the nearby villagers suddenly realized the real reason why the villagers in Lakeside Village no longer participated in the market. No one knew where they were going, and no one was willing to step into this unknown village.