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"An adventurous cowboy from the Americas. He lived together with the mysterious native Americans where he perfected the art of using a lasso."
— Rumor

Kevin Ayuso
Character Full Portrait Cowboy.png
Difficulty Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Half.png
Gender Male
Birthday December 27
Age 35
Career Cowboy
Item Lasso
Clues 3568
Echoes 688

Kevin Ayuso, or the Cowboy, is one of 33 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Identity V.


Cowboy Lasso.gif

Kevin can lasso other survivors toward him, and he can carry them to safety. He can also lasso the hunter and flip over them. The lasso can be used on pallets and cipher machines, and will pull him towards these objects.

When decoding the same cipher machine with a female character he decodes faster. When decoding with another male character, he decodes slower. Additionally, when he is hit while carrying a female survivor, he will be instantly downed while the female survivor takes no damage; however, if he is carrying a male survivor, both will take damage once.

Cowboy players mostly use him to rescue survivors and in all female teams. He can also stun the hunter with a pallet longer than most other survivors, making him an adequate kiter.


A cowboy from the North America who befriended a young girl from an native American tribe when he was younger and learned how to use the lasso. Many years later, he was saved by the native Americans when he suffered misfortune and the passionate Kevin Ayuso remained with the tribe. But good things never last and the tribe died out. He didn't want to stay, so he decided to roam the European continent.

External Traits[]

External Traits
Icon Name Description
External Trait Cowboy Lasso Skill.png
Lasso Skill Charge to increase hit rate. Hooked Teammates will gain acceleration effect.

The Cowboy is proficient in using the Lasso. When a Teammate is lassoed, they are placed on the Cowboy's back. If the Hunter is lassoed, the Cowboy will fly past the Hunter's head and land on the other side taking no damage in the process. If a Pallet or Cipher Machine is lassoed, the Cowboy will be pulled towards it.
The Cowboy can lasso and save Teammates tied to Balloons and Rocket Chairs. After the Cowboy lassoes a Pallet, Cipher Machine, Hunter, or Survivor, he will receive and acceleration boost.

How to use

Tap or hold to unleash the Cowboy's Lasso. Long press to choose your target and aim. After taking aim, release the Lasso within the target area to hit the target. Aim progress will be reduced if the player moves away from the target area when aiming.


The energy spent when using the Lasso depends on what is lassoed. Lassoing Teammates tied to Rocket Chairs and Balloons require a lot of energy, lassoing Pallets and Cipher Machines requires certain energy, while only a little energy is required for other lassoed items.

External Trait Cowboy Hero.png
Hero The hero on horseback is both brave and tough. When he hits a Hunter with a Pallet, it is stunned for 20% longer than normal.
External Trait Cowboy Wild.png
Wild As he is free, undisciplined, and dislikes complex machines, he decodes 10% slower than other Survivors; however, when he decodes together with a female character, his urge to impress garners him 10% increased decoding speed. He feels exceptionally exhausted while decoding with males and decodes 30% slower.
External Trait Cowboy Protective.png
Protective If hit by the Hunter while carrying a female, his strong protective instincts kick in and the Cowboy will take damage twice (the Teammate won't take damage). If carrying a male, both Survivors will take damage once.

Deduction Target[]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic Points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Befall
    To meet someone new is to think, until bad luck befalls you, that it is good fortune.
    • Basic Objective: Encounter 1 teammate
    • Advanced Objective 1: Encounter 2 teammates
    • Advanced Objective 2: Encounter 3 teammates
    A photograph: A youth that had stumbled and fallen in the snow looks up at a shoddily-clad Native American girl and the mad cows nearby. In the girl’s hand is clutched a delicately crafted lasso.
  2. Repaying a debt
    All folk possessed of good sense know that you should lend a hand to a damsel in distress. Even more so if she’s saved your life.
    • Basic Objective: Achieve 30% co-op decoding progress with female characters
    • Advance Objective 1: Achieve 40% co-op decoding progress with female characters
    • Advance Objective 2: Achieve 50% co-op decoding progress with female characters
    A photograph: Kevin’s family and the girl surround an old, broken down hearth, making merry. The photo manages to capture the exact moment the girl hands over her lasso.
  3. Expectation
    That’s life. Your wishes will never be granted that easily.
    • Basic Objective: Complete 2 perfect calibrations
    • Advance Objective 1: Complete 3 perfect calibrations
    • Advance Objective 2: Complete 4 perfect calibrations
    After parting comes, there’s no reason to think that you’ll ever meet again.
  4. Nightmare
    No, it can’t be! They’re not that kind of people. At the very least, they weren’t like that back then.
    • Basic Objective: Escape from the Hunter 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: Escape from the Hunter 2 times
    • Advance Objective 2: Escape from the Hunter 2 times
    A bounty notice: A bounty to all American Citizens that kill Indians. Which means - all the sheep and cattle that recently arrived at this home - is that how you got them?
  5. Making a living
    To leave home, you need more than just determination and guts... you need money, too.
    • Basic Objective: Lasso a teammate 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: Lasso a teammate 2 times
    • Advance Objective 2: Lasso a teammate 2 times
    Contract of employment: The owner of the farm will, for a fixed term, pay Kevin Ayuso reward money. As luck would have it, for an able-bodied, sound of mind Cowboy, making a living ain’t that hard after all.
  6. A close shave
    It’s been three days since they’ve shut me in here. It’s cold, and I’m hungry... Is this... how I die?
    • Basic Objective: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 2 times
    • Advance Objective 2: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 2 times
    A photograph: A number of Native Americans surround Kevin, who lies by a fire. An elder, who seems like the leader of the village, looks very excited. In his hand is clutched a delicately crafted lasso.
  7. Atonement
    Is that enthusiasm born of gratitude? Or could it be an apology?
    • Basic Objective: Use a Lasso to rescue 1 teammate tied to a balloon
    • Advance Objective 1: Use a Lasso to rescue 1 teammate tied to a balloon
    • Advance Objective 2: Use a Lasso to rescue 1 teammate tied to a balloon
    A page from a diary: As much as I can, I want to make up for the sins of the two I’m covering for, as well as the misdeeds of my compatriots.
  8. Complete slaughter
    Their attacks are getting worse and worse! I’m at my wit’s end, here!
    • Basic Objective: Escape from the Hunter 1 time while carrying a teammate
    • Advance Objective 1: Escape from the Hunter 1 time while carrying a teammate
    • Advance Objective 2: Escape from the Hunter 1 time while carrying a teammate
    “Believe me! I didn’t reveal where y’all are going, I’m not a traitor!”
  9. Hesitation
    If I told the truth about what happened back then... No... just give it up.
    • Basic Objective: Use a Lasso to rescue 1 teammate from a Rocket chair
    • Advance Objective 1: Use a Lasso to rescue 1 teammate from a Rocket chair
    • Advance Objective 2: Use a Lasso to rescue 1 teammate from a Rocket chair
    “We were once good friends, the little miss and I. We spent a lovely winter together. Did she ever return after that?”
  10. A burden you can’t carry
    The dead don’t ever come back. That’s just... a mirage conjured up by my conscience.
    • Basic Objective: Escape through the dungeon
    • Advance Objective 1: Escape through the dungeon
    • Advance Objective 2: Escape through the dungeon
    A letter of farewell addressed to the chief, and a bag of money. This was probably all of his worldly possessions.

Appearance Decoration[]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Costume Kevin Ayuso Original.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 10 'Difficult to Bear' to get. All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
Costume Kevin Ayuso King's Tailor.png
King's Tailor S2 Essence 1 He is a clever trickster. Measuring the King's clothes was just one of the ways he tricked the King. ([Limited] Costume, only available in S2 Essence 1.) N/A
Brave Illusion Hall Tribal warriors ran with wild buffaloes, dances with wolves and soared high with eagles. 1388 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 4888 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Misfit S9 Essence 1 (formerly)

Memory Sphere - Previous Seasons

Having been betrayed and expelled from the Bloodline, he devoted himself to strengthening the church instead of wandering around in misery, setting himself apart from the rest. He believed in eliminating the oppression of the Bloodline convent and that there was a necessary price to pay for redemption. N/A
Whiplash Call of the Abyss III At the exit on the other side, the veteran's last lesson for the newcomer is about choice: take on everything alone and stay behind, or accept the horrible price and leave. No matter which choice is made, it will only bring him closer to the Netherwalker. N/A
Candleman S15 Essence 2 The day the candles on him extinguish is the day a sinner gets punished. N/A
Collector Illusion Hall He has spent his life collecting rare leaves, and in the end it is the leaves that keep him company. 318 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 1188 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Frosty White S3 Essence 1 (formerly)

Memory Sphere - Previous Seasons

Before the chlorophyll breaks down completely , people will see the frosty white of the deep night. N/A
Bodiless Soul S3 Essence 2 (formerly)

Illusion Hall

Perhaps God's wrath can destroy a city, but the people who live in it will never break. 318 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 1188 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Soulless Body S3 Essence 2 (formerly)

Memory Sphere - Previous Seasons

The city of the gods was built by mortals, but there was no place for those who built it. N/A
Iron Hat Sheriff Call of the Abyss II Steam City is a shelter for outlaws. The principle pertaining to survival pursued there is one similar to that of pirates, respect is given to the strong. That does not mean that some do not call themselves vigilantes. N/A
"Horseshoe" S5 Essence 2 (formerly)

Memory Sphere - Previous Seasons

Jingle, jingle, will misfortune leave us at the next stop? N/A
"Vibrant Saddle" Illusion Hall Your horse is gorgeous, but your journey may not be the same. 318 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 1188 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Wandering Musketeer S10 Essence 1 (formerly)

Memory Sphere - Previous Seasons

My horse is taking me across the wilderness to my last duel. N/A
Purple Ink S2 Logic Path reached 502 Not even purple clothes can conceal the Cowboy's manliness. N/A
Autumn Yellow Call of the Abyss III The yellow grassland is a hotbed of wildfire. N/A
Sky Blue S12 Essence 3 (formerly)

Memory Sphere - Previous Seasons

The sky above the haystack was once his beautiful memory. N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Sewing Kit S2 Essence 1 (formerly)

Illusion Hall

A great tailor needs a great sewing kit.
Special Effect
Using the lasso produces gold dust.
1068 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 3888 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Bladeless Hilt Call of the Abyss III Hold your whip as if you're holding a sword. A tempered blade can be shattered, but a mind in peace cannot.
Special Effect
New Cowboy whip-cracking effect added.
Snuff Bottle S3 Essence 1 (formerly)

Illusion Hall

Contains a mysterious kind of spore that enables you to remain clear-headed. 258 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 968 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Dry Pipe Illusion Hall A present from a chief representing friendship and peace. 258 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 968 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Mandolin S3 Essence 2 (formerly)

Illusion Hall

Every cowboy should have one. 258 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 968 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Cactus Doll S5 Rank Treasure (formerly)

Illusion Hall

A doll the Cowboy carries around to commemorate the past. 258 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 968 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Sheriff's Badge S12 Rank Treasure (formerly)

Illusion Hall

Despite revealing the Sheriff's Badge, people remain unsettled. Does the Sheriff's Badge really belong to him. 258 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 968 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Icon Type Name Series Description
Graffiti Muse Mark.png
Graffiti Muse Mark Already Equipped The Graffiti content for all survivors and hunters, Muse Mark
Graffiti Cowboy - Animal Abyss Treasure Cowboy exclusive Graffiti - Animal
Emote Agree.png
Emote Agree Already Equipped A motion that means agreement.
Emote Advance A motion that means advance.
Emote Hush.png
Emote Hush Already Equipped A motion that means hush.
Emote Confused.png
Emote Confused Rank Treasure A motion that means confusion.
Emote Hurry Back.png
Emote Hurry Back S1 Memory Sphere B A motion that asks teammates to hurry back.
Emote Provoke Abyss Treasure Provoke Motion, exclusive to Cowboy
Emote Shout Shout Motion, exclusive to Cowboy
Emote Lie Down Abyss Treasure Lie Down Motion, exclusive to Cowboy
Emote Dance Memory Sphere Season 3 Dance Motion, exclusive to Cowboy
Emote Rolls 4-Sided Dice 4-sided Dice Enthusiast Rolls 4-sided Dice Motion, exclusive to Doctor
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Standby Motion Default.png
Default Already Equipped Male survivor's default motion in matching room
Standby Motion Look.png
Look S2 Essence 1 Cowboy's motion in matching room, Look
Ready Memory Sphere Season 7 Cowboy Matching Room Motion, Ready


  • To lasso faster-> If you click on the lasso button and hold it for at least half a second and after release the button to lasso, you will lasso faster than normally.
  • When you use the lasso to rescue someone off a balloon, stand behind the hunter, stand behind the hunter. That way you don't have to worry about the hunter moving away and you have more time to run.
  • Try not to lasso to ciphers/pallets when not in pursuit, save your lasso to rescue, jump over the hunter or to reach a pallet faster and to go to a cipher to get the movement boost.
  • This is helpful in tarot but can work in normal matches, when the hunter is pursuing someone, stand from behind or on the side and lasso the teammate. Run in a direction the hunter may not see you.
  • The lasso can counter hunters who won't leave the chair alone. When the hunter is right in front of a rocket chair and you don't want to get hit or you're on half health, try to find a gap where you can reach the teammate, charge up the lasso and then lasso the teammate.
  • Tide Turner is not activated when you lasso a teammate off a chair, so if the hunter isn't near it is advisable to use your lasso if you carry Tide Turner


  • His birthday is 27th of December.
  • He is interested in camping and hunting.
  • He is skilled at grazing and using a lasso.
  • He likes hunting tools and weapons.
  • He hates militaries and government administrators.
  • His 2020 birthday letter is as follows:
    • Dear Lee`,

      Now that you have fulfilled my commission, why don't you hear about this wanderer's confession.

      Just like two travelers lighting a fire under the starry sky, sitting across from each other and telling each other their story in the cast wilderness.

      Angelica described it to me once and I've finally seen it:

      I've seen the bison herd dashing across a plain. Members of the Su clan followed the totems in their heart and moved across America, chasing the sunset.

      I've also seen skinned bison bodies on a plain, covered in bullet holes. Even the wild wolves wouldn't touch their meat.

      I can't stop "civilization" from expanding, and I don't have the courage to fight for the justice of their survival.

      My parents gave me life, yet I chose to run away from home.

      Angelina trusted me, yet I didn't protect her.

      The Chief and his wife took care of me, yet I didn't repay their kindness. I didn't even return their daughter's keepsake - cowboys from the farm targeted the Indians' hunting ground, while wandering cowboys took away an old couple's last remembrance of their daughter.

      Angelina, Angelina, please forgive me.

      I am still the lost boy you knew.

      But I'll never give up on the freedom you introduced me to:

      Champion of the clan, tun with the bison,

      dance with the wolf, fly higher than the eagle.

      -- Kevin Alonso's Confession



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