"In order to find the whereabouts of his loved ones and restore his family's reputation, the sea knight, Jose Baden, decided to enter the cursed Olive's Manor. This time, will his magical poket watch assure smooth sailing?"

-- Rumor

Jose Baden or First Officer is one of 23 survivors available in Identity V.

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Poseidon Watch First Officer uses a Pocket Watch to hypnotize Hunters around him. Hunters affected by the Hypnosis will experience hallucinations and see the First Officer's illusion after a short blackout. This effect will last for 10 seconds. When there are no other Survivors within the Hypnosis range, First Officer's illusion will appear and run towards the direction he is heading. The illusion cannot collide into objects and cannot be attacked. Once the illusion collides into an object, it will stop immediately. However, when there are other Survivors within the Hypnosis range, all Survivors will be disgusted as First Officer's illusion. The disguise will be removed when Survivors use their skills or are knocked down
Vanish Every time a Teammate is placed on the Rocket Chair, First Officer's sullen breath will become very strong and Hunters will only see the image of First Officer 1 second ago within 30 seconds. This effect will not be triggered when First Officer is in an immobilized state. At the same time, this effect will be removed immediately once First Officer touches a Rocket Chair, when a Teammate is saved, or when the Hunter is hypnotized. This effect can only be triggered 3 times each round.
Self-Hint Confusion and deception will finally devour First Officer. Rocket Chair's initial flight speed is decreased by 20%, and Decoding Speed is decreased by 20%.
Hypnosis Dispel Pain may be the only cure. First Officer's hypnotic effects will be immediately when receiving damage.
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