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The store allows players to shop items in-game or prepaid. It can be unlocked by removing the upside-down painting, leaving a mark and after executing Logic Points Logic Points.png.

Get Echoes[]

This store is where players pay for a premium currency called Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png.

Get Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png
Price (USD) Base Reward Total Price per Echo
$0.99 (Worst Value) 60 0 60 $0.0165
$2.99 185 9 194 $0.01541237
$4.99 305 15 320 $0.01559375
$9.99 (Best Value) 690 33 723 $0.01381743
$29.99 2025 98 2123 $0.01412624
$49.99 3330 168 3498 $0.01429102
$99.99 6590 328 6918 $0.0144536

i. Numbers were gathered from the Android version of Identity V in the United States.
ii. Prices may vary depending on your location and platform.

  • The exchange rates change with the player's region.

Exchange Treasure[]

Main article: Treasures

This is where players can buy Memory Spheres Memory Spheres.png. This can also be accessed through the Logic Path Logic path.png.

Illusion Trade[]

The Illusion Trade is where new items, characters, costumes and accessories are frequently shown. It changes with each update. Limited items can appear in the shop during special events.