The Hunters are characters in Identity V . Overview

The Hunters are tasked to hunt down and eliminate the Survivors  and send them back to the Manorbefore they can escape. In order to achieve this objective, a Hunter should do the following:

  • Patrol the area and find Survivors.
  • Chase, injure and catch Survivors before they escape.
  • Carry Survivors to a Rocket Chair and tie them there.

Meanwhile, Survivors will be attempting to repair 5 Cipher Machines in order to power the 2 Exit Gates and make their escape. Hunters should do everything in their power to stop them.

General Tips

  • Know your timings! The bar that fills up when a Survivor is on a chair tells them of their demise. The first time you 'chair' a survivor, they start at the beginning. The second time they are 'chaired', they start halfway full immediately, the third time they are 'chaired', they are immediately sent off!
  • During chases, if a survivor is running to a window and you are within hitting range, hold back on hitting them until they begin to vault over. You can Terror Shock them if you catch them mid-vault, instantly downing them!
  • Instead of falling into the trick of being stunned by a pallet, do a quick twirl in front of the pallet during chases where you know that a Survivor is hiding next to one. More often than not, they will immediately use it, letting you destroy it afterward.
  • Protect the dungeon hatch! If one survivor is left and 2 ciphers are still unfinished, you're going to bet that they are scouring the map for the dungeon. If you've seen the hatch during one of your chases, make a note of where it is on the map, and run there. Chances are, you'll find the injured survivor limping towards it.
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