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The Hunters are characters in Identity V Identity v.png.


The Hunters are tasked to hunt down and eliminate the Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png and send them back to the Manor before they can escape.
In order to achieve this objective, a Hunter should do the following:

  • Patrol the area and find Survivors.
  • Chase, injure and catch Survivors before they escape.
  • Carry Survivors to a Rocket Chair and tie them there.

Meanwhile, Survivors will be attempting to repair 5 Cipher Machines in order to power the 2 Exit Gates and make their escape. Hunters should do everything in their power to stop them.

List of Hunters[]

Character Full Portrait Hell Ember.png
Hell Ember - Leo Beck
Character Full Portrait Smiley Face.png
Smiley Face - Joker
Character Full Portrait The Ripper.png
The Ripper - Jack
Character Full Portrait Gamekeeper.png
Gamekeeper - Bane Perez
Character Full Portrait Soul Weaver.png
Soul Weaver - Violetta
Character Full Portrait Geisha.png
Geisha - Michiko
Character Full Portrait The Feaster.png
The Feaster - Hastur
Character Full Portrait Wu Chang.png
Wu Chang - Black Guard/White Guard
Character Full Portrait Photographer.png
Photographer - Joseph Desaulniers
Character Full Portrait Mad Eyes.png
Mad Eyes - Burke Lapadula
Character Full Portrait Dream Witch.png
Dream Witch - Yidhra
Character Full Portrait Axe Boy.png
Axe Boy - Robbie White
Character Full Portrait Evil Reptilian.png
Evil Reptilian - Luchino Diruse
Character Full Portrait Bloody Queen.png
Bloody Queen - Mary
Character Full Portrait Guard 26.png
Guard 26 - Bonbon
Character Full Portrait "Disciple".png
"Disciple" - Ann
Character Full Portrait Violinist.png
Violinist - Antonio
Character Full Portrait Sculptor.png
Sculptor - Galatea
Character Full Portrait "Undead".png
"Undead" - Percy

Hunter Abilities[]

Main article: Abilities

Each Hunter has a unique set of skills, or Abilities.

Hunter Talents[]

Main article: Talents

Hunters are able to utilize various Talents to their advantage.

General Tips[]

  • Know your timings! The bar that fills up when a Survivor is on a chair tells them of their demise. The first time you 'chair' a survivor, they start at the beginning. The second time they are 'chaired', they start halfway full immediately, the third time they are 'chaired', they are immediately sent off!
  • If the bar fills up more than halfway the first time a survivor is chaired and another survivor saves them, they will be immediately sent off the second time they are chaired.
  • Try not to immediately hit a survivor trying to rescue a teammate on sight. If the rescuer is near the chair, chances are they will be able to save their teammate while you recharge from hitting them. Instead, try to time for a Terror Shock when the rescuer is saving. Stay calm and sharp and observe: the rescuer will try to bait you into hitting the chair or hitting them before they save their teammate and escape while you recharge.
  • Try not to chase good kiters/rescuers at the start of the game. Characters like the Mercenary and the Forward can waste a lot of your time while you chase them and other survivors decode. Try to find quick decoders first like the Mind's Eye and the Mechanic.
  • During chases, if a survivor is running to a window and you are within hitting range, hold back on hitting them until they begin to vault over. You can Terror Shock them if you catch them mid-vault, instantly downing them!
  • Instead of falling into the trick of being stunned by a pallet, do a quick twirl in front of the pallet during chases where you know that a Survivor is hiding next to one. More often than not, they will immediately use it, letting you destroy it afterward.
  • The basement is your friend. When near the basement, always try to tie survivors on the rocket chairs in the basement. The basement does not have any pallets or windows the survivors can use to their advantage and is a pretty wide open area, ideal for catching rescuers that try to rescue teammates from the basement or survivors that are rescued off the rocket chairs. Additionally, falling down the stairs of the basement allows you to attack without recharge and you can hit the rescuer immediately after, allowing you to down the rescuer.
  • Protect the dungeon hatch! If one survivor is left and 2 ciphers are still unfinished, you're going to bet that they are scouring the map for the dungeon. If you've seen the hatch during one of your chases, make a note of where it is on the map, and run there. Chances are, you'll find the injured survivor limping towards it.
  • It is helpful to memorize the possible locations of basements and dungeons on every map so that you know where to go.
  • Sometimes, it is helpful to NOT camp the chair because when you see the rescuer coming, chase them before they are close to the chair. Remember, it takes only two hits to down a survivor. Also, non-camping can make the survivors all engaged in the chase so they will have no time to decode. It is much more convenient to chair the survivor 3 times in a row rather than waiting for a long time while other survivors decode.