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First of all[]

Read the Beginner's Guide first.

In General[]

As a hunter, your first priority is to prevent survivors from escaping, and to slow down cipher machines decoding.

Selecting the good trait[]

You can increase your chances in-game if you select the good Trait against survivors' careers. See traits.

For example:

  • Listen are good against Explorers
  • Blink is good against any character when used correctly
  • Patroller is good against Forward or Mercenary because of how quick they are able to run away. Patroller will slow them down every 5 seconds
  • Excitement comes in handy when against stunner characters, eg. Forward, Coordinator and Enchantress
  • Teleport is always useful and can help you catch a survivor who accidentally misses a calibration
  • Abnormal is good against decoding characters

Detect Survivors[]

It is important that which decipher machines you leave to decode for the survivors and which are you protect. If you can try to defend 3 machines which are quite near to each other. It will help you at the end game because you can protect them more easily and you can also gather survivors to a smaller area.

You see, all ciphers are revealed and after a while, you will have an idea about the map and the survivors' possible positions immediately at the start of the game. So, pick a machine that you think a survivor will go to and walk that way. Tinnitus will help you hear near survivors. If icon displays near a machine probably you have a survivor decoding a machine. After this you just need to get an eye on the survivor or on its trail. If you have it go and catch it.

Catch Survivors[]

Remember, do not waste too much time on 1 survivor. You will surely lose the game if you just keep chasing 1 survivor. If you can try to direct survivors near to the Basement or near to other cipher machines. The Basement is good to sit the caught survivor, cipher machine proximity is good to scare away other survivors from decoding or even to change target.

Fill up chairs[]

If there is 1 or more Gardener in play try to catch them first. Because if not, you can find yourself with not working chairs in your proximity. Although it is easy to fix the chairs by simply putting down the survivor and fixing it, it takes up more time and gives survivors more time to decode. Gardener’s traits will allow the survivor to stay on the chair for longer, which gives their teammates even more time to decode. However, if there is a Mind’s eye in the game, always try to go after her first, as she is the fastest decoder in the game.

Keep survivor on chair[]

The best place for this is the Basement. If that is too far away (and usually it is), then choose the nearest one. If survivor is on the chair, destroy near pallets if any. It will help you if the survivor is rescued by others. You need to determine how much you want to keep the survivor on the chair. In early game I think that staying at the chair is not a good idea. You already stopped 1 survivor from decoding and if another come for the rescue than you already postponed gate activation quite a lot.

If you know that somebody already near (Tinnitus talent) you can stay and try to catch the other survivor too. It is a disadvantage in such situation that you need to hit survivors twice to incapacitate them so if survivor is rescued from chair try to hit the one who was on the chair because it is already wounded.

Try to hit the rescuer when it is interacting with the rocket chair. In this way it will be immediately incapacitated.

Also, try to destroy the Priestess's teleportation portals if possible. This will decrease the chance of the survivor getting rescued.

Grand Final[]

Do not give up if gates are activated or even opened. If you bring the skill “Detention” (big skill at the bottom), you can take down survivors with one hit, making it easier for you to chair them. However, beware of survivors that bring Tide Turner, as it will help them aid them in escaping, even if you hit them, because the hits are not registered until 20 seconds later. If possible, attempt to chair the survivor far away from the gate so that rescuing becomes troublesome, forcing survivors to leave.