"Fiona Gilman is a mystic, who claims that a spirit guided her to Oletus Manor. But nobody takes her seriously."

— Rumor

Fiona Gilman, or the Priestess, is one of 20 Survivors  currently featured in Identity V .


The Priestess is a supportive survivor. With the Holy Key, she can build a portal every minute to a selected area that can transport survivors to the other side instantly if walked into.

She heals others 10% faster and can be healed 30% faster. However, vaulting and decoding are not her strong suits. She also cannot take any other items with her because she "swore to protect the Holy Key forever."

If the hunter destroys a portal while a survivor is traveling through it, the survivor will return back to their original position and be stunned. The Priestess travels through all portals faster than other survivors.

The Priestess has the ability to place a new portal every minute. Because of this, she is excellent at rescuing survivors placed in the basement.


Fiona Gilman was born into an unknown class, interested in occultism and geography. She was a mystic and claimed to be a faithful believer in the time and space of Cthulhu mythology, Yog-Sothoth. When she was traveling, Gilman always carried a weird metal ring with her. She claimed that the Lord led her to the manor, but no one believed this and was unknown.

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Holy key
Holy Key The Priestess carries around the holy key. When used, it will generate a portal to a selected area, but it cannot be used to open portals to contaminated zones. Entering the portals transports the survivor to the other side instantly. The hunter can destroy the passage, and knock survivors out of the portal, stunning them. Unshakable faith allows her to move travel faster in portals than other survivors. She has made an oath to always protect the holy key and is therefore unable to carry other items.
Fragile Physically weak. Obstacle vaulting speed is decreased by 20%
Spiritualist Not good with machines. Decoding speed is decreased by 15%. Chances of triggering a calibration and difficulty of performing a calibration are both increased by 30%
God bless
Blessed Prays devoutly for blessings. Time needed to healing teammates is decreased by 10% and time needed for the Priestess is decreased by 30%
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