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External Traits are passive powers that a Hunter or Survivor has. Each character can have a maximum of 4 External Traits. Some External Traits can even be shared amongst Survivors with little to no differences between them.

Survivor External Traits[]


Icon Name Description
External Trait Doctor Med Master.png
Med Master Carries around a syringe and can heal herself when wounded.


The Doctor can heal fatal wounds quickly. Whenever the syringe is used to heal herself, her Fear is reduced by 25% and the time required for self-healing is reduced by half.

Due to her medical background, syringes are not depleted when used.

External Trait Doctor Med Elite.png
Med Elite Can detect and heal even the slightest injuries. The speed of healing others is increased by 60% and self-healing speed increased by 20%. All Teammates' healing speed is increased by 5%.
External Trait Doctor Haughty.png
Haughty Physically weak. Vaulting Speed is decreased by 10%.
External Trait Doctor Veterans.png
Veterans Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2 second boost when hit.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Lawyer Foresight.png
Foresight Carries around a map that can be used to check the locations of Cipher Machines that haven't been decoded, Exit Gates, Survivors and Hunters.

Take Notes

Out of good professional practice, the Lawyer records key points while decoding a Cipher Machine. Once the process reaches 100%, the Decoding Speed of the Lawyer in possession of the map will increase by 20%.

External Trait Lawyer Heartless.png
Heartless With lies running through his blood, Lawyer is never shaken by Terror Shock in any interactions.
External Trait Lawyer Haughty.png
Haughty Physically weak. Vaulting Speed is decreased by 10%.
External Trait Lawyer Veterans.png
Veterans Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2 second boost when hit.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Thief Cunning.png
Cunning Carries around a flashlight and can make Hunters unable to use skills for a period of time by shining light on them for a certain time. Continue to shine the light on hunters and they will lose the ability to move.


An ample power supply allows him to use the Flashlight for 50% longer.

External Trait Thief Flexibility.png
Flexibility His flexibility allows him to vault over obstacles quickly as he runs.
External Trait Thief Hoarder.png
Hoarder Old habits die hard. He often steals parts when decoding. The chance of triggering a Calibration for all Teammates is increased by 10%, and the scope of success decreased by 10%.
External Trait Thief Lock Pick.png
Lock Pick A talented lock pick. Thanks to him, all members' Chest Opening Speed is increased by 100%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Gardener Ingenuity.png
Ingenuity Carries around a Toolkit that is used to destroy Rocket Chairs. Hunters are able to repair destroyed Rocket Chairs. The Toolkit has a 12 second cooldown after each use.


Due to the Gardener's basic repair skills, Toolkits are not depleted when used.

External Trait Gardener Protection.png
Protection With the memories of the past, the Gardener is able to block one incoming damage during the first 50 seconds of the game. This effect expires when attacked by the Hunter or when the duration ends.


20 seconds after the memories are gone, the Gardener can Recall on the spot for 2 seconds to regain her memories for another 5 seconds. Each successful Recall will delay the next Recall by 10 seconds.

External Trait Gardener Confidence.png
Confidence Due to her familiarity with the structure of Rocket Chairs, Gardener is less scared and is able to locate Rocket Chairs nearby. When she's near the Rocket Chair, her Vaulting Speed is increased by 10% and Rocket Chair's Takeoff Speed is decreased by 10%. Gardener will also leave Rocket Chairs with irreparable damage when destroying them so that their Takeoff Speed is decreased by 10%.
External Trait Gardener Veterans.png
Veterans Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2 second boost when hit.


  • For Confidence External Trait Confidence Icon.png, the Vaulting Speed buff also applies to broken Rocket Chairs


Icon Name Description
External Trait Magician Illusion.png
Illusion Carries around a wand that can be used to create an Illusion that grants him invisibility for several seconds.


Due to the Magician's unique ability, his Movement Speed is increased by 40% while invisible, and Terror Shock won't be triggered when hit.

External Trait Magician Dexterous.png
Dexterous Has extremely dexterous hands. The chance of triggering a Calibration is decreased by 20%, and the scope of success is increased by 20%.
External Trait Magician Real or Fake.png
Real or Fake The Magician's deceptive performances lead his Teammates to question the identity of the man on the chair. Rescue time is increased by 40% when rescuing the Magician from a Rocket Chair.

The Magician will instantly use Escape Artist upon being rescued from a Rocket Chair and leave an Illusion on the chair to make himself invisible for 2 seconds.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Explorer Fantasy.png
Fantasy Carries around the novel Gulliver's Travels and can turn into a tiny Lilliputian after reading it. He is undetectable by the Hunter's "radar" after shrinking, but cannot perform most actions.


Gulliver's Travels records the location of the treasure. Activate Treasure Hunt when you turn into a tiny Lilliputian. Reach the indicated burial location to unearth Password Page. The Password Page allows you to quickly decipher the Cipher Machines when it reaches 50% progression, and also provides you a hint on Hunter's whereabouts. The Explorer can carry up to 2 Password Pages with him. When the Explorer is placed on the Rocket Chair, the Password Pages will drop to the floor, and other Survivors can pick them up. Each scene could indicate up to 3 treasure burial spots.

The Explorer has heightened senses when transformed into a tiny Lilliputian and can tell the incoming direction of Hunters within a certain radius.

His love of books allows him to use this ability without depleting it.

Duo Hunters Mode

A single Password Page will only grant 35% Decoding Progress, and up to 6 locations with hidden treasure will be generated on the Map.

External Trait Explorer Explore.png
Explore Possesses superior survival skills and knows how to hide his tracks. His tracks last for 1 second less. Also, vaulting obstacles will not alert the hunter.
External Trait Explorer Curiosity.png
Curiosity Can hardly control his curiosity and tends to attempt risky operations when decoding. The chance of triggering a Calibration is increased by 30% and scope of success decreased by 30%.
External Trait Explorer Energy Reserves.png
Energy Reserves After plenty of rest the Explorer is ready to Dash Hit. Stop moving for 10 seconds to increase your movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Mercenary Iron Dash.png
Iron Dash Possesses Elbow Pads, which trigger upward Dash Hit boost when he propels himself off a passing wall.

How to use

Players can choose to turn it "On" or "Off", and running over a wall while in "On" will trigger a Dash Hit.


The Mercenary's excellent technique makes his Elbow Pads more durable and can be used more times (4 times). When others pick up the Elbow Pads left by the Mercenary, they can only use them for 3 times.

External Trait Mercenary Skilled.png
Skilled Military trained. Obstacle Vaulting Speed is increased by 10%.
External Trait Mercenary Steel Will.png
Steel Will The Mercenary has tempered his spirit through battle. The Countdown Speed of Rocket Chairs he is fastened to is reduced by 30% and the increase of fear is delayed by 15 seconds. He cannot be incapacitated until his fear exceeds the limit. His reaction to normal attacks is delayed by 15 seconds.
External Trait Mercenary Shell Shocked.png
Shell Shocked Scarred by the effects of war, the Mercenary panics when he hears the noise produced by Cipher Machines and his Decoding Speed decreased by 25%. When there are more than one Mercenaries in the game, the memories they share intensify the panic and each additional Mercenary reduces their Decoding Speed by 10%, up to 55%. Warfare has also left the Mercenary with refractory wounds that will be aggravated by new wounds. Time to be healed is increased by 20% and can reach100%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Coordinator Precise Aim.png
Precise Aim Carries a Flare Gun and can stun Hunters by shooting them.


Uses the gun with deadly accuracy.The speed at which Hunters recover when stunned after hit with a Flare Gun is decreased by 30%.

External Trait Coordinator Steel Will.png
Steel Will With a mind strengthened by military training. The Rocket Chair countdown is decreased by 10%.
External Trait Coordinator Army Bond.png
Army Bond In remembrance of fellow comrades, Movement Speed increases by 5% whenever a Teammate is on a Rocket Chair. Whenever a Teammate is tied to a Rocket Chair, Decoding Speed will be reduced by 30%.
External Trait Coordinator Skilled.png
Skilled Military trained. Obstacle Vaulting Speed is increased by 10%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Priestess Holy Key.png
Holy Key Creates a Passage between self and Teammates. Other Survivors crossing the Passage will leave a Residual Image that can be attacked by hunters

The Priestess carries the Holy Key around and can choose to generate either a Straight Passage or an Ultra-Long Passage. Both Passages created will not lead to contaminated earth or areas, and Hunters can destroy Passages.

Straight Passage

Both Survivors and Hunters can pass through. Passages entered by Hunters will be destroyed after they squeeze through. At the same time, the Hunter will be stunned for a short period of time, and the stun duration increases with the Passage's length.

Ultra-Long Passage

Survivors entering the Portal will be quickly transported to the other side after a few seconds. A residual image of Survivors that use the Ultra-Long Passage will remain at the entrance of the Passage when using it. The time they remain is determined by the length of the Portal.

Hunters can attack these images. When the images are attacked, the damage and special effects inflicted are transferred to the Survivor (with some delay), and the Survivor becomes visible for 10 seconds.

Hunters cannot pass through the Ultra-Long Passage.

How to use

Tapping the Holy Key skill button will create a Straight Passage to the selected location.

Tapping the Special Holy Key skill button will activate the Observe Call mode and send out a call to a selected Teammate.

Long pressing the Special Holy Key skill button will activate the Direct Call mode and send a call to all Teammates.

When a Teammate answers the call, the Priestess will create an Ultra-Long Passage between the two of them, which takes a while to complete.

External Trait Priestess Fragile.png
Fragile Physically weak. Obstacle Vaulting Speed is decreased by 10%.
External Trait Priestess Spiritualist.png
Spiritualist Unfamiliar with technology. Cipher Machine Decoding Speed is reduced by 10%. The chance of triggering a Calibration and the difficulty of the Calibration while decoding Cipher Machines are increased by 30%.
External Trait Priestess Blessed.png
Blessed The Priestess has sworn to guard the Holy Key for eternity. Therefore, no other Items can be carried. Protected by faith, all Teammate's healing time is decreased by 10%, and the time it takes for Priestess to heal is decreased by 30%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Mechanic Operator.png
Operator Carries around a life-size Doll, which can be destroyed with a single strike.


When the Mechanic's Doll is being controlled, or when it's not being controlled but is decoding a Cipher Machine, its durability will deplete. Love for the Doll reduces its Depletion Speed by 33%. The Mechanic can control the deployed Doll when incapacitated or when placed on a Rocket Chair, but at a higher cost. Control will be interrupted if the Mechanic is rescued.

External Trait Mechanic Fragile.png
Fragile Physically weak. Obstacle Vaulting Speed is decreased by 30%.
External Trait Mechanic Mech Master.png
Mech Master Her proficiency in machine building and various mechanical traps increases her Cipher Machine Decoding Speed by 25%. When operating a Doll, its decoding speed is also increased by 25%. The Mechanic's Teammates can also learn some mechanical skills from her and become 3% faster at decoding Cipher Machines.
External Trait Mechanic Cowardly.png
Cowardly Years of her indoor work have exacerbated the Mechanic's timidity. The Mechanic becomes scared when a Teammate is wounded or placed on a Rocket Chair; therefore, her Decoding Speed is decreased by 45% and her Gate Opening Speed is decreased by 15%. This effect can be stacked up to 2 times.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Forward Rush.png
Rush Carries around a Football. He dashes forward with his Football, but will be stunned when exhausted.


The Forward's superior physique enables him to knock the Hunter off balance after dashing a short distance. If the Hunter is knocked into other objects, they will be stunned for a longer period of time.

External Trait Forward Athletic.png
Athletic Athletically gifted and monstrously strong. Obstacle Vaulting Speed is increased by 20%, and Pallet Pulling Speed in increased by 50%. The Recovery Speed of Hunters stunned by the Forward is decreased by 15%.
External Trait Forward All Thumbs.png
All Thumbs Clumsy and terrible with machines. Decoding Speed is decreased by 30%
External Trait Forward Struggle.png
Struggle His peak physical condition makes it easier for him to escape the Hunter's clutches. Struggling Speed is increased by 10%.

The Mind's Eye[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait The Mind's Eye Echo.png
Echo Continuously detect nearby Hunter's location while moving. Using the skill will allow players to know the Hunter's location on the entire Map.

How to use

Auto Tap Tap while moving constantly. Tap on the Ability button to Strike the ground.

Tap Tap

Uses the sound waves produced when she taps the ground with her Cane to locate the position of the Hunter.


When she strikes the ground with her Cane, a sound wave sweeps across the Map revealing the Hunter's position, which is shared with Teammates. Decoded Cipher Machines and moving Teammates can also be detected.

External Trait The Mind's Eye Mind's Eye.png
Mind's Eye Blindness has sharpened the other senses of The Mind's Eye. When she decodes Cipher Machines, almost no Calibrations are triggered and her Decoding Speed is increased by 30%.
External Trait The Mind's Eye Fragile.png
Fragile Physically weak. Obstacle Vaulting Speed is decreased by 30%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Perfumer Euphoria.png
Euphoria First use will record the state and location at the moment, and using it again will return players to the previous state and location.

The Perfumer sprays some Euphoria Perfume and enters an immersed state. She is able to remember her condition and position at that very moment. While the skill is active, she can choose to forget what has just happened and return to the moment when she sprayed her Perfume.


As the maker of this Perfume, the Perfumer can use this item more times than other Survivors. When others pick up the Perfume left by the Perfumer, they can only keep up to 2 bottles.

External Trait Perfumer Blackout.png
Blackout The Perfumer often wears Euphoria. If she has a blackout and fails to calibrate a Cipher Machine, calibration progress will be reduced 3 times as much as normal Survivors.
External Trait Perfumer Special Physique.png
Special Physique The Perfumer is very sensitive to scents and doesn't like the smell of medical equipment. Time to be healed is increased by 30%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Cowboy Lasso Skill.png
Lasso Skill Charge to increase hit rate. Hooked Teammates will gain acceleration effect.

The Cowboy is proficient in using the Lasso. When a Teammate is lassoed, they are placed on the Cowboy's back. If the Hunter is lassoed, the Cowboy will fly past the Hunter's head and land on the other side taking no damage in the process. If a Pallet or Cipher Machine is lassoed, the Cowboy will be pulled towards it.
The Cowboy can lasso and save Teammates tied to Balloons and Rocket Chairs. After the Cowboy lassoes a Pallet, Cipher Machine, Hunter, or Survivor, he will receive and acceleration boost.

How to use

Tap or hold to unleash the Cowboy's Lasso. Long press to choose your target and aim. After taking aim, release the Lasso within the target area to hit the target. Aim progress will be reduced if the player moves away from the target area when aiming.


The energy spent when using the Lasso depends on what is lassoed. Lassoing Teammates tied to Rocket Chairs and Balloons require a lot of energy, lassoing Pallets and Cipher Machines requires certain energy, while only a little energy is required for other lassoed items.

External Trait Cowboy Hero.png
Hero The hero on horseback is both brave and tough. When he hits a Hunter with a Pallet, it is stunned for 20% longer than normal.
External Trait Cowboy Wild.png
Wild As he is free, undisciplined, and dislikes complex machines, he decodes 10% slower than other Survivors; however, when he decodes together with a female character, his urge to impress garners him 10% increased decoding speed. He feels exceptionally exhausted while decoding with males and decodes 30% slower.
External Trait Cowboy Protective.png
Protective If hit by the Hunter while carrying a female, his strong protective instincts kick in and the Cowboy will take damage twice (the Teammate won't take damage). If carrying a male, both Survivors will take damage once.

Female Dancer[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Female Dancer Duet.png
Duet Switch between music types and place Music Boxes around to slow down the Hunter's Movement Speed or increase the Movement Speed of your Teammates and yourself.

She possesses a Music Box that plays two pieces of music in a different tempo.
The fast setting of the Music Box can increase the speed of actions and interactions (including Movement, Pallet, and Window interactions, decoding, Rocket Chair countdown, etc.) of Survivors (excluding Hunters) within hearing range of her music.
The slow setting of the Music Box can reduce the speed of actions and interactions (including Movement, Pallet, and Window interactions, attack, Abilities, etc.) of Hunters (excluding Survivors) within hearing range of her music.
The effect of the music is enhanced when the music of the same tempo is stacked.

How to use

Tap to place a Music Box on the spot. Hold down the ability button to place a Music Box with greater coverage.

Lingering Sound

Characters will remain affected by the music for 2 seconds despite leaving the range of the Music Box.

External Trait Female Dancer Acrobatics.png
Acrobatics The Dancer, a circus-raised performer, is skilled and graceful.

When she falls from a height, she gains 30% increased Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Has a 40 second cooldown.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Seer Owl.png
Owl Observes other Survivors and blocks incoming damage.
Continuously staring at the Hunter will grant additional item stacks.

The Seer is accompanied by his trusted Owl.
When the match begins, the Owl will patrol the map and mark the position of all his Teammates. When the Owl returns, the Seer can order his Owl to follow a Teammate's scent, find them and grant a vision of them. The Owl can be ordered to block damage for a period of time at critical moments.
If the Seer or his Owl continues to observe the Hunter while it commits atrocities, he will gain additional block attempts.

External Trait Seer Prophesy.png
Prophesy The Seer's potent ability to anticipate the future enables him to see the Hunter's position for 5 seconds after spotting them.
External Trait Seer Great Eye.png
Great Eye The Seer can see the Hunter's position for 5 seconds when the match begins.
External Trait Seer Taxing.png
Taxing Whenever the Seer's Owl blocks damage for himself or a Teammate, the speed at which the Seer vaults obstacles is reduced by 10%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Embalmer Embalm.png
Embalm Rebirth is cast on self by default, so players are able to save themselves when they're knocked down or placed in a Rocket Chair.

The Embalmer carries his Makeup Box everywhere. Opening it will summon a Coffin with a surrogate in it and immediately provides the Rebirth ability.
When a player with the Rebirth ability is knocked down or placed on a Rocket Chair, the Embalmer will have 3 seconds to make a choice. Selecting "Rebirth Now" will immediately cause the player to enter the Rebirth process, while retaining the effects and the current Coffin. When no selection is made, the Rebirth process will start by default. The Embalmer can summon a Coffin where he stands.


When a player is knocked down or placed on a Rocket Chair, they can be resurrected in that Coffin using a surrogate and also receive the Tide Turner effect for 15 seconds. When the Exit Gate is opened, a player using Rebirth will no longer receive the Tide Turner effect. Every time a teammate rescues a teammate from a Rocket Chair, the number of Coffins that the Embalmer can summon will increase, but an Embalmer can only summon and use one Coffin at a time.

External Trait Embalmer Artist.png
Artist The Embalmer can record and copy the appearance of other Survivors onto surrogates. The Survivors whose appearance was copied will receive the Rebirth ability. Once the Embalmer finishes copying their appearance, he will lose his own Rebirth.
External Trait Embalmer Unconcerned.png
Unconcerned The time that the Embalmer can persist for when wrapped up in a Cocoon or placed on a Rocket Chair is increased by 10%. The Embalmer cannot embalm Survivors who have lost mobility, who have been placed in a Rocket Chair several times or who have been placed in a Rocket Chair for a long time.
External Trait Embalmer Anxious.png
Anxious Extremely sensitive to the presence of others. He is able to detect the presence of all Survivors at the beginning of the game for 15 seconds. While deciphering with other Survivors, his own Deciphering Speed is decreased by 15%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Prospector Magnet.png
Magnet Throws a Magnet at the Hunter and switches the polarity to Repel or Attract Hunters to objects and stuns them.

The Prospector carries a Meteorite Magnet with him. The thrown out Magnet will attach itself to players nearby, causing positive/negative polarities that last for 20 seconds;
if players with Magnet are close to each other, a link will be triggered; getting closer will trigger Attraction or Repulsion, and getting further will break the link;
if a Hunter breaks the link, the polarity will lose its effects.
The strong magnetic force of the magnet field will also cause polarized players to become stunned when they collide with objects. The further the distance of the Repulsion and Attraction before impact, the longer players will be stunned.

How to use

Tap to throw, or charge to throw it to a specific location.


The Prospector has permanent polarity and Magnets will not attach to him. The polarity of other players will disappear after 1 Repulsion or Attraction. The Prospector can switch the polarity of the Magnet and his own polarity at any time.

External Trait Prospector Outdoor Skills.png
Outdoor Skills Exploration in the wilderness has made the Prospector physically strong. Healing Speed is increased by 20%.
External Trait Prospector Disruption.png
Disruption The Meteorite Magnet's magnetic field affects the normal operation of Cipher Machines. The Prospector's chance of triggering a Calibration during Decoding is increased by 50%, and Calibration difficulty is increased by 30%.
External Trait Prospector Attraction.png
Attraction The Prospector can use the Attraction between the Magnet and metallic items to increase his Movement Speed. Whenever Cipher Machines or Lockers are within a certain range, the Prospector's speed will increase by 50% for 2 seconds, this can only be triggered once every 80 seconds.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Enchantress Ape Curse.png
Ape Curse Consumes 1 or 3 item stacks to cause paralysis for different durations.

The Enchantress carries the Cursed Emblem. She can consume 1 stack of Guard to temporarily paralyze the nearest Hunter within a certain range.
When the Guard reaches 3 stacks, it can be detonated by tapping on the special icon and using 3 stacks of Guard to paralyze the Hunter for several seconds.

Duo Hunters Mode

Enchantress can only paralyze Hunters that are nearby.

External Trait Enchantress Guard.png
Guard Continuously recharges item near Hunters. Damage dealt by Hunters will directly increase the number of items stacks.

When a Hunter gets near the Enchantress, the Guard is triggered and the effects are stacked over time against the Hunter. The nearer the Hunter gets to the Cursed Emblem, the faster the Guard effect stacks. All Enchantress' Guards (whether detonated or not) now have a reduced rate of 7%, and a maximum reduction of 70%;
The Enchantress will immediately gain 1 stack of Guard if the Hunter inflicts damage to the Enchantress. The Guard effect on the Hunter has a maximum of 5 stacks.

External Trait Enchantress Blessing.png
Blessing Hunter's damage dealt to Survivors healing the Enchantress or getting healed by the Enchantress will also increase Enchantress' item stacks.

Survivors healing the Enchantress or getting healed by the Enchantress will gain the Enchantress' blessings. When a Hunter inflicts damage on a Survivor that has the Enchantress' blessings, the Enchantress will also gain a stack of Guard effect.


Survivors will lose Enchantress' blessings when they get knocked down. When a Hunter inflicts damage on a Survivor that has the Enchantress' blessings, the Enchantress will also gain a stack of Guard effect.

External Trait Enchantress Karma.png
Karma Continuously inflict pain on the Enchantress. Healing time is increased by 20%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Wildling Wildling Partner.png
Wildling Partner Wildling found a loyal Partner while he was growing up in the jungle. Wilding can actively guide his Partner to switch between Following State and Riding State.

Following State

Wildling moves slower than other Survivors in this state. Wildling can command his Partner to Howl, disrupting the Hunter's hearing, causing Tinnitus and Listen to lose effect temporarily for 10 seconds.

Riding State

Rage: In this state, the Partner gains Rage as time goes on, and Movement Speed increases as Rage accumulates. When Rage is full, the Partner will Bump in a specific direction. Bump will not stun Hunters, but will increase the Struggle Progress of a Survivor held by a Balloon by 10% (when the Hunter ballooning a Survivor is hit, the ballooned Survivor will be released). Bumping the Hunter into an object will reset the ability's cooldown and regain a large amount of Rage. Bumping the Hunter directly will dramatically increase the Partner's Rage Accumulating Speed.
Fatigue: Wildling's Partner will feel fatigued. Moving and Bumping will consume the Partner's energy and the Riding State will end when the energy is used up. The maximum riding duration is 65 seconds. If there are multiple Wildling Partners in a match, the Partner will become fatigued faster.

External Trait Wildling Nature Guardian.png
Nature Guardian Wildling Partner can block incoming damage for Wildling during Riding State. When the Partner runs out of HP, it will be wounded and escape temporarily. During the period, Wildling will not be able to guide his Partner. Hunters attacking the Wildling Partner will not trigger blade-wiping motion.
External Trait Wildling Feral Instincts.png
Feral Instincts With the help of his Partner, Wildling's terrain Interaction Speed while riding is increased by 10%, and he is even able to cross low terrains. His Partner will leave additional Footprints, causing Wildling's Footprints to be remained for an additional 2 seconds.
External Trait Wildling All Thumbs.png
All Thumbs Wildling, having lived in the wild for a long time, is terrible with machines. Decoding Speed is decreased by 30%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Acrobat Risky Acrobatics.png
Risky Acrobatics The Acrobat carries 3 different types of Bomb around. When a Bomb explodes, it will temporarily change the ground's surface, creating a circular zone. Hunters stepping into this zone during the Aftereffect period will be affected by its effects, and thus returning the ground immediately to its original state.

Sticky Bomb

Slightly reduces the Hunter's Movement Speed. If the Hunter is hit by the exploding Sticky Bomb or if the Hunter is repeatedly affected by Aftereffects within a short time, the Hunter's Movement Speed will be greatly reduced.

Nitro Bomb

Slightly reduces Hunter's Interaction Speed. If the Hunter is hit by the exploding Nitro Bomb or if the Hunter is repeatedly affected by Aftereffects within a short time, the Hunter's Interaction Speed will be greatly reduced.

Fire Bomb

It can burn and disable all Hunter abilities for a period of time. If the Hunter is hit by the exploding Fire Bomb or if the Hunter is repeatedly affected by Aftereffects within a short time, all Hunter abilities will be disabled for an extended period.

How to use

Tap on the skill button to leap forward and throw a Bomb. Hold the skill button to charge and choose a landing area. However, encountering objects will leaping will cause the Acrobat to fall immediately.

External Trait Acrobat Impromptu.png
Impromptu The Acrobat's behavior inspired him to create different types of Bombs.


Rescuing 1 Teammate from the Rocket Chair allows the Acrobat to create an additional Sticky Bomb.


When the Decoding Progress reaches 100%, it will allow the Acrobat to create an additional Nitro Bomb.


Being pursued by Hunters for 60 will allow the Acrobat to create an additional Fire Bomb.


The Acrobat lacks ingredients and can only create one additional Bomb per game.

External Trait Acrobat Half-Hearted.png
Half-Hearted The Acrobat is always coming up with new ideas and this makes it difficult for him to concentrate. Door Opening Speed is decreased by 30%.

First Officer[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait First Officer Poseidon Watch.png
Poseidon Watch The First Officer uses a Pocket Watch to hypnotize Hunters on the entire Map. Hunters affected by Hypnosis will experience hallucinations and can only see the image of First Officer 1 second ago within 20 seconds and gain some Movement Speed bonus when hypnotized. The hypnotic effects will be removed when the First Officer touches a Rocket Chair or is hit by the Hunter, and can only be used 2 times in a single game.
External Trait First Officer Vanish.png
Vanish Whenever the First Officer rescues Teammates from the Rocket Chair, he will cast a hypnotic effect on his surroundings.

Hypnotic effects will allow rescued Survivors to be "Disguised" as the First Officer. Once the Survivor uses a skill or is knocked down, the "Disguise" effect will be removed.

External Trait First Officer Self-Hint.png
Self-Hint Confusion and deception will finally devour First Officer.

Rocket Chair's initial Flight Speed is decreased by 20%, and Decoding Speed is decreased by 20%.

External Trait First Officer Hypnosis Dispel.png
Hypnosis Dispel Pain may be the only cure. First Officer's hypnotic effects will be immediately removed when receiving damage.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Barmaid Dovlin.png
Dovlin Carries a wine barrel around to mix Strong Dovlin

Strong Dovlin

Strong Dovlin can be drank when the Barmaid or Teammates are injured, but they will become Tipsy and their Fear will be reduced.


The Barmaid carries 1 bottle of Dovlin Base around. After drinking it, the stimulation of Dovlin Base increases the drinker's Fear by a quarter and increases Movement Speed by 50% for 2 seconds. Dovlin Base also makes the drinker Tipsy, which reduces Fear.


D.U.P.H.R.I.N.'s stimulation is strong. So it can't be drank when the Barmaid is injured. Plus, D.U.P.H.R.I.N. cannot be shared with Teammates.
Increased Fear due to Mixing and drinking D.U.P.H.R.I.N. is not considered an injury and therefore does not trigger Panic, Deteriorate, Hunter's Instincts, and Cowardly effects.


Warning: Demi Bourbon's Mixes can't be served to underage customers.
(The Mind's Eye and Coordinator will not be able to consume Strong Dovlin)

External Trait Barmaid Mixing.png
Mixing Mixing drinks consumes energy and increases the Barmaid's Fear by a quarter. At the same time, the Barmaid will gain 1 bottle of Strong Dovlin and become Tipsy, thus decreasing Fear.

When the Barmaid is injured, the time required for mixing drinks is increased to 10 seconds due to insufficient energy.
Up to 2 bottles of Strong Dovlin can be mixed in a single game, but only 1 bottle can be carried at any time.
Dovlin Base cannot be mixed in the Manor.

External Trait Barmaid Tipsy.png
Tipsy After the Tipsy state ends, the Survivor's Fear will be decreased. Mixing will cause Survivors to be Tipsy for 8 seconds, after which their Fear will be decreased by a quarter.

Drinking Dovlin Base will cause Survivors to become Tipsy for 8 seconds., after which their Fear will be decreased by a quarter.
Consuming Strong Dovlin will cause the Barmaid to become Tipsy for 21 seconds, after which her Fear will be decreased by half.
If Survivors are hit during the Tipsy state, the effects will be removed immediately.

External Trait Barmaid Hangover.png
Hangover Whenever the Barmaid or other Survivors become Tipsy, their maximum Decoding Speed is decreased by 8% and the effects can be stacked up to 2 times.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Postman Mail.png
Mail The Postman carries Letters around with him and sends them to their designated Recipients with the Post Dog. After receiving the Letter, the Recipient will obtain the attached buff. When a Letter is sent, it enters into cooldown.

Letter Type

Urgent Letter: Increases Recipient's Movement Speed by 10% for 15 seconds.
Farewell Letter: If the Recipient vaults over a Window or Pallet within 90 seconds, the Recipient's Movement Speed will increase by 40% for 3 seconds. This effect can only be triggered 1 time, and has a lower triggering priority than Knee Jerk Reflex and Broken Windows.
Tranquility Letter: Increases Recipient's Decoding Speed by 20% for 30 seconds.
Bravery Letter: Increases Recipient's Rescue Speed by 30%. Also increases Recipient's Movement Speed by 10% for 180 seconds when nearing Rocket Chairs with Survivors with Survivors on it.
Inspiring Letter: Permanently increases Recipient's Vaulting Speed by 10%.
Hope Letter: Permanently increases Recipient's Exit Gate Opening Speed by 30% and gains continuous vision on the Dungeon's location.

How to use

Tap on the ability button to enter the Letter Delivery interface and select the Recipient and Letter type.
The Letter Delivery cooldown is 60 seconds. There are 6 Letter Letter types available for each Letter Delivery.
Survivors can only have one Letter buff at any time.

External Trait Postman Post Dog.png
Post Dog The Post Dog will take on the task of Letter Delivery. After the Postman confirms the target Recipient, the Post Dog automatically delivers the Letters and will appear within a certain range of the Recipient in 4 seconds.

When the Post Dog isn't delivering a Letter, it follows the Postman's command to dash toward a Hunter Pounce on them.
The Post Dog won't be hit by Hunters when it's delivering a Letter or Pouncing on a Hunter.
If the Recipient is immobilized when the Post Dog arrives with the Letter, the Letter Delivery fails.
If the delivery is taking too long, the Post Dog will cease the delivery because of exhaustion.
The Post Man usually hides at the corner of the scene and is only around when the Postman has a Letter to deliver.


The Post Dog loves pouncing on new friends.
Tap to send the Post Dog dashing and Pouncing towards the direction of the screen.
The Movement Speed of the Hunter is reduced by 35% for 6 seconds while they're being pounced on by the Post Dog.
If the Post Dog fails to Pounce on a Hunter during the dash, it will return to the Postman once the dashing limit is reached or it hits an obstacle. The Post Dog can still Pounce on a Hunter on its way back to the Postman.
Whenever the Post Dog Pounces on a Hunter, the Pounce ability will enter into a 45 second cooldown. If it fails to Pounce on a Hunter, the ability will enter into a 10 second cooldown.

External Trait Postman Empathy.png
Empathy The Recipient's joy when receiving a Letter is the greatest encouragement to the Postman. When the Recipient successfully receives the Letter, the Postman will also obtain the same buff.
External Trait Postman Expectation.png
Expectation The Postman always has hopes that someone will deliver a letter to him. Such an expectation makes him restless, reducing his Decoding Speed by 5%.

Hmm... if his expectation remains unfulfilled, why doesn't he peek into one himself? However, opening other's Letters will increase the Postman's next delivery cooldown by 50%.

Grave Keeper[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Grave Keeper Dig to Escape.png
Dig to Escape Carries a Shovel, enabling him to enter Underground Sneak mode and clear all harmful statuses.

Underground Sneak

In Underground Sneak mode, Grave Keeper can dig and move underground;
He can go through Pallets that are knocked down, but he can't ground through other obstacles for fear of them collapsing;
Given the limited oxygen underground, there is a time limit for Underground Sneak mode, but Grave Keeper can stop digging and resurface to the ground at anytime.
If he is attacked in Underground Sneak mode, he can shield damage once and resurface to the ground;
In Underground Sneak mode, if there is sufficient space underground, he can go down a level by digging downwards, leaving a pothole behind in the same spot. The pothole will disappear after a duration.

External Trait Grave Keeper Claustrophobia.png
Claustrophobia As a result of his claustrophobia, Grave Keeper's Movement Speed is increased by 10% in Underground Sneak mode.
External Trait Grave Keeper At Ease.png
At Ease When Grave Keeper chooses to resurface to the ground without receiving any damage, he becomes at ease, increasing his Rescue Speed by 50% for 5 seconds.
External Trait Grave Keeper All Thumbs.png
All Thumbs Having lived by himself throughout the years in the cemetery, he hasn't communicated with or learned from the living. His eyesight is also poor as a result of illness. Therefore he's clumsy and terrible with machines, which decreases his Decoding Speed by 15%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait "Prisoner" Circuit Control.png
Circuit Control The "Prisoner" is extremely familiar with the electric circuits under the Manor. He can change the Connection status of the wires to alter the Connection of the Cipher Machines. Once connected, the transmission of Decoding Progress between Cipher Machines is enabled.

How to use

Tap item to use. The "Prisoner" envisions the distributions of Cipher Machines in his head and change the wiring to adjust the Connection status between Cipher Machines.


The "Prisoner" can connect to inactive Cipher Machines and form a Connection, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Each "Prisoner" can only create 1 Connection, and there can only be 2 Cipher Machines on each Connection. All Survivors will be able to see the Connection.
When Survivors decode a Cipher Machine on a Connection, they can transmit a certain percentage of their Decoding Progress to another Cipher Machine. During the transmission, their own Decoding Progress will be decreased by the same transmission percentage.
Survivors can adjust the transmission percentage within the range of 0% to 48%. At the same time, due to deterioration of the circuit, some of the transmitted Decoding Progress will be lost (without affecting one's own Decoding Speed). The farther away the connected Cipher Machines are, the bigger the loss will be, ranging from 10% to 20%.
Connections can be destroyed by Hunters. A destroyed Cipher Machine can't be reconnected to a Connection for 45 seconds. If a Cipher Machine is activated in a Connection, the Connection will become invalid automatically.

External Trait "Prisoner" "Conductor".png
"Conductor" Charge

An incident changed the "Prisoner's" body composition and made him a "Conductor" capable of accumulating electric charges.
When the "Prisoner" decodes a Cipher Machine in a Connection, an electrical area will be formed as a result of electric charges focusing around the Cipher Machine. When Hunters enter such an area for a long time, they will be electrocuted and stunned.
With each electrocution, the Hunter's resistance to electric charges is permanently increased so that the stun duration of the Hunter will decrease until it drops to 0. When a Connection becomes invalid or destroyed, the electrical area will disappear with it.

Enhanced Charges

Due to his unique body composition, the "Prisoner" will recharge when he enters an electrical area. Once the recharge is completed, he can release severe electric currents 1 time. The severe electric currents will send an Electric Shock towards Hunters nearby and stun them for 1 second.
As the effect of Electric Shock is strong, it won't be affected by Hunter's resistance to electric charges.

External Trait "Prisoner" Super Circuit.png
Super Circuit To play it safe, the "Prisoner" will set up a Connection between the two Exit Gates in advance. While the Exit Gates are opened, coded lock will connect automatically, allowing transmission of the Decoding Progress between coded locks.

As the Connection between the Exit Gates is quite complicated, the transmission ratio of the Connection Passage can only be adjusted by the "Prisoner" within the range of 0% to 48%. At the same time, due to deterioration of the circuit, the transmitted Decoding Progress is lost at a consistent 15%.
Hunters can destroy the Connection between the Exit Gates.
Once it's destroyed, the "Prisoner" will no longer be able to connect them again.

External Trait "Prisoner" Obsession.png
Obsession The Decoding Speed of the "Prisoner" is increased by 10% when decoding a Cipher Machine on a Connection. Once a Calibration fails, his rigid time is decreased by 30%.

However, such obsession also weakens the Prisoner's perception of his surroundings, such that the distance of his detection of the Hunters is decreased by 20%.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Entomologist Entomology.png
Entomology The entomologist carries a net that can assemble a swarm of insects in front of her.

The swarm will form a barrier so that the Hunters passing through it will be disrupted and their Movement Speed will be reduced by 70%. Survivors won't be affected. At the same time, the barrier can block certain abilities.
Once the insects are assembled, the Entomologist can switch her camera and manipulate the swarm of insects to turn left or right, or move forward.
When the swarm of insects moves at high speed, it will propel forward Survivors (including the Entomologist herself) who have no other operations engaged. It can also disrupt Hunters' movement.
Hunters can disperse the swarm of insects by attacking twice (without triggering attack recovery).

External Trait Entomologist Mixed Reagent.png
Mixed Reagent A special reagent created from a mixture of extracts from various insects. It can lubricate Pallets and Windows when vaulting to increase Survivor's Vaulting Speed by 10%.
External Trait Entomologist Fragrance.png
Fragrance Her location is shown for an additional 2 seconds upon leaving a Hunter's line of sight as her body's fragrance lingers.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Painter Artistic Sensitivity.png
Artistic Sensitivity He carries a Paintbrush and a Drawing Board with him. Once he has memorized a Hunter's face, the Painter can paint the Hunter's face on the Drawing Board.

When the painting is done, he can place the Drawing Board in the scene.
When the Hunter sees the placed Drawing Board, they will be attracted by it, walk over involinarity and stop to admire their face in front of it.
If a Hunter takes too much time walking over to the Drawing Board, they will lose interest in the Painting and which renders the Drawing Board useless.


Within a certain range of a Hunter, the Painter need to look at the Hunter's face from the front to memorize it.


Once he has memorized the Hunter's face, tap the ability button to begin painting. The Painter can move while painting but cannot interact. Tap the ability button again to stop painting.

Placing the drawing

When the Painting is done, tap the ability button to place the Drawing Board.
The Hunter will be forcibly attracted when they get close to the Drawing Board. No additional Drawings can be placed within the effective range of the placed Drawing Board.

External Trait Painter Aesthetic Resonance.png
Aesthetic Resonance During the creation of the Painting, the Painter will be effected by his own work. Every time he places a Painting, his Movement Speed will increase permanently by 2%. This effect be stacked up to 2 times.
External Trait Painter Intuition.png
Intuition The Painter is perceptive and observant to real-life objects and so he will not be affected by a Rocket Chair with 50% progress.

When he is put on a Rocket Chair for the second time, the progress will return to what it was the last time he was saved.

External Trait Painter Self Fulfillment.png
Self Fulfillment When the Painting's effect wears off, the Hunter will be extremely interested in its painter. The Painter will expose his location to the Hunter for 5 seconds.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Batter Cricket Bat.png
Cricket Bat The Batter carries a Cricket Bat with him. Tap and hold to hit a Cricket Ball in a specific direction. The longer you hold, the greater the charge, and the more velocity the Cricket Ball has.

Cricket Hit

The Batter carries a Cricket Bat with him. Tap and hold to hit a Cricket Ball in a specific direction. The longer you hold, the greater the charge, and the more velocity the Cricket Ball has. The Cricket Ball will gradually lose velocity as it travels farther. A Hunter hit by the Cricket Ball will be knocked back. The more velocity the Cricket Ball has, the farther the Hunter will be knocked back.
The Batter can pick up Cricket Balls on the ground to increase the usage of Cricket Bat.


The Batter focueses his energy to unleash Ramage for 20 seconds. He must wait 40 seconds after each Rampage before activating another.
If a Cricket Ball hits a Hunter when the Batter is on a Rampage, the Hunter will be stunned should they then hit an obstacle. The farther the knockback distance, the longer the stun duration.
If a Cricket Ball hits an obstacle when the Batter is on a Rampage, the Cricket Ball will shatter and becomes irretrievable.

External Trait Batter Athletic.png
Athletic Athletically gifted. Obstacle Vaulting Speed is increased by 20%, and Pallet Pulling Speed is increased by 20%.
External Trait Batter Altruism.png
Altruism The Batter refuses to stand back when others are in danger.

When a Survivor is attacked within 18 meters from him, as long as the Batter is not being pursued, his Movement Speed will increase by 50% for 10 seconds. He must wait 60 seconds before the speed boost can be triggered again.

External Trait Batter All Thumbs.png
All Thumbs Clumsy and terrible with machines. Decoding Speed is decreased by 20%.

Lucky Guy[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Lucky Guy Lucky Guy.png
Lucky Guy It is perfectly normal for someone with nothing to rely on luck.

Wishing for an Item before opening a Chest will significantly increase your chances of receiving it. Meanwhile, Chest Opening Speed will also increase by 60%.

External Trait Lucky Guy Veterans.png
Veterans Veterans are much more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2 second boost when hit.

Hunter External Traits[]

Hell Ember[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Infernal Soul.png
Infernal Soul When Leo pursues a Survivor, is stunned or when the Survivors decode a Cipher Machine with none of the Survivors incapacitated, he will become furious, When he has accumulated enough Fury, it will turn into Rage, and he can use it to activate is Awaken skill.

Smiley Face[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Rocket Modification.png
Rocket Modification Joker can collect Parts scattered around the Map to modify his weapon. Modification is lost after an attack or a Rocket Dash.

Wind Wings

Increases Attack Speed and Rocket Dash Speed.


Survivors take longer time to heal when hit by normal attacks or skills.


Increases the effect of Rocket Dash once, but the weight is also slightly increased, thus decreasing its speed.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Suffocation.png
Suffocation Hitting different targets with Bane's Chain Hook will trigger different effects.

When Bane is dragged forwards by his Chain Hook and lands, it will generate shockwaves that decrease Movement Speed of Survivors within a range by 20% for 5 seconds. Getting hit by the shockwaves again during that period will further slow down Survivors.

When hit by the Chain Hook, Survivors will be marked by the scent of rotting leaves and their location will be periodically exposed 2 times within 60 seconds, and Bane's attack recovery rate will be increased when he hits the exposed Survivors.

The Ripper[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Freezing Fog.png
Freezing Fog The fog's chill can be felt in one's bones. Fog Blades are created as fog collects onto The Ripper's bladed hand. When a certain amount of fog has been amassed, The Ripper's attacks will trigger flying Fog Blades.


  • Freezing Fog External Trait Freezing Fog Icon.png was previously called "Foggy Night".

Soul Weaver[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Cocoon Death.png
Cocoon Death Violetta can wrap up a Survivor in a Cocoon with 60 Threads, and eliminate them on the spot without Rocket Chairs.


Any talent or trait affecting the elimination time will work on this ability too.

External Trait Entangled.png
Entangled When survivors are ensnared by Violetta's trap they will become Entangled, which can stack up to 3 layers.


1 Layer: Reveals Survivor's location and decreases their Interaction Speed.

2 Layers: Additionally decreases Survivor's Movement Speed.

3 Layers: Greatly decreases Survivor's Movement and Interaction Speed.


  • Cocoon Death External Trait Cocoon Death Icon.png was previously called "Cocoon Execution".


Icon Name Description
External Trait Triple Phases.png
Triple Phases Michiko has three different moods and forms:

She assumes the Beauty form when calm: In this form her Fear Radius is smaller, and has high Movement Speed;

When angry she assumes the Prajna form: In this form her Fear Radius is larger, and has lower Movement Speed;

She enters Panic form when her face is seen by a Survivor: Her Fear Radius remains unchanged, but she is unable to use Dash Hit.

Wu Chang[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Dual Soul.png
Dual Soul The White and Black Guards had their souls imbued into an Umbrella and their souls can be switched by using Summon. The White Guard excels at patrol and pursuit and moves swiftly but has a slow Stun Recovery and Attack Speed; the Black Guard excels at melee combat and has fast Stun Recovery Speed, but moves slowly.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Camera World.png
Camera World After Joseph takes a photo with his Camera, he can replicate the Survivors and environment from that moment and create a static Camera World. Joseph can enter the Camera World at will to find a Survivor from that moment and place them upon a Rocket Chair.

While in the static Camera World, Survivor cannot escape to the Manor or be sent back there from Rocket Chairs; similarly, Survivors in the real world can enter the Camera World through recorded images.

Survivors who do this can decode Cipher Machines for progress but cannot decode them completely.

Those in the Camera World will not apply team buffs or debuffs to Survivors.


After the Camera World collapses, half of the changes made within it will be projected onto the real world, and there will be a cooldown during which the Camera cannot be used.

External Trait Spacetime.png
Spacetime Grants the power of two space-times. Regular attacks deal 1.5x the damage.

Mad Eyes[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Console.png
Console Burke has full authority over Consoles. He can used Consoles on the Map to operate any Control Monitor.

Survivors can decode Consoles and gain limited access to them when decoded. They expend an increased amount of Energy to use the Control Monitor in the Console's area of influence.

When a Survivor is logged into a Console, Burke is unable to access that Console's Control Monitor and the Console is unable to restore Energy for a period of time.

External Trait Control Monitor.png
Control Monitor There is a Control Monitor in each Console's area of influence. Drag the thumbstick to move across the Monitor's field of vision and press the screen to raise a Fence in that location. The amount of Energy expended each time this action is performed increases with every Fence raised
External Trait Fence.png
Fence Raising Fences inflicts half the damage of a normal attack upon Survivors in the area. Survivors can vault the Fence using the action button, which will also lower the Fence, inflicting the same amount of damage as a normal attack.


Nearby Fences will become disabled if there are undecoded Cipher Machines, or activated Exit Gates, Consoles, Basements and Rocket Chairs.

The Feaster[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Shape of Terror.png
Shape of Terror Terror is generated and Tentacles will appear when a Survivor is injured or when a Teammate is knocked down. Hastur is also able to use the Tentacles to attack nearby Survivors.


Tentacles will decreases nearby Survivors' Decoding, Gate Opening, Vaulting, and Healing Speed.

Tentacles will also disappear faster when there are Survivors tied to Rocket Chairs.

External Trait Terrified.png
Terrified Survivors will continuously charge Hastur's Tentacles when they are within the Terror Radius. The more Survivors within range, the faster they charge. Every time it's charged, Hastur will gain a Tentacle summon usage up to 5 times.

Dream Witch[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Hidden Dream.png
Hidden Dream Yidhra conceals herself in dreams. Her Movement Speed is extremely fast, but she isn't able to interact directly. Survivors will not see her true face;

And she cones with a Follower that cannot be removed. This Follower follows Yidhra's footsteps and is never far from her.

External Trait Follower.png
Follower Yidhra creates a Follower near a chosen Survivor.


The summoned Follower's existence is dependent on its host and is unable to leave its host.

Attacking Yidhra will cause the Follower to disappear and the Survivors can remove Followers using the Witch Mark.

Followers are affected by Talents and have their own cooldown period for secondary skills.

Follower's movement and directions are controlled by Yidhra and only when Yidhra possesses will it show a Fear Radius.

External Trait Witch Mark.png
Witch Mark Yidhra leaves a Witch Mark when she creates a Follower. Survivors can pick up the Witch Mark and use it to remove Followers leeching onto self and Teammates. However, removing followers from self consumes more time. For each additional 1/2/3/4 Survivors that Yidhra leeches onto, the time required for a Survivor to remove the Follower leeching onto them will be reduced by 0/5/10/15 seconds. When 0/1/2/3 Survivors have been eliminated (Excluding those who escape), the time required for a Survivor to remove the Follower leeching onto them will be adjusted to 35/30/20/15 seconds.

Axe Boy[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Corrupt Area.png
Corrupt Area As time goes by, the Peaceful Pine seedlings will grow and expand their roots to form a Corrupt Area. As the seedlings grow, two Resentful Souls will converge unconsciously in the area. When there are multiple Corrupt Areas formed by Peaceful Pines overlapping, a Restful Road will be formed between every 2 Peaceful Pines.

Resentful Soul

Revolves around Peaceful Pines, but when a Survivor who is still mobile leaves the Corrupt Area, Resentful Souls in the Corrupt Area will fly toward the Survivor and revolve around them for 30 seconds. Each Survivor may have a maximum of 2 Resentful Souls revolving around them.

Restful Road

A road area formed by the intertwining roots of Peaceful Pines. Robbie receives a large increase in Movement Speed and all Interaction Speed when he is on the Restful Road. When any of the Peaceful Pines at either end of the Restful Road is destroyed, the Restful Road will disappear.

External Trait Endless Growth.png
Endless Growth At the beginning of each match, several Peaceful Pine seedlings will grow in the area, and a maximum of 6 Peaceful Pines can be present in one match.

Survivors can destroy mature Peaceful Pines to banish the corresponding Corrupt Area and Resentful Souls and either obtain a 30 second window where Resentful Souls won't be able to approach them, or dispel all Resentful Souls on them.

However, destroying a Peaceful Pine will provide with an indication of the Survivor's location. Destroyed Peaceful Pines will leave a branch for Robbie. Robbie can also obtain a branch from a matured Peaceful Pine in order to plant a new Peaceful Pine.

Evil Reptilian[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Cursed Body.png
Cursed Body Luchino's body has gained great explosive power after mutating, but it consumes Energy every time he leaps. Multiple leaps in the air will consume less Energy, which can be recovered gradually with time.

Bloody Queen[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Aqua Mirror.png
Aqua Mirror Mary creates a Mirror Image by using an Aqua Mirror. The Mirror Image ignores collisions and reflects the location, state and motion of the actual body in real-time. It can inflict damage on Survivors, but Survivors can only receive one damage at a time.

Guard 26[]

Icon Name Description
External Trait Bomb Chain.png
Bomb Chain Bonbon can store a large number of bombs. It explodes in a cross shape and detonates all bombs within a range.


Each bomb only inflicts damage equal to 50% of a normal attack, a Survivor hit by multiple bombs at the same time will only receive damage once.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Shadow Step.png
Shadow Step Cat was born in a dark shadow and ignores certain laws of physics. Its body generates an expanding Alert Radius (small) and a Paralysis Area (big) after it splits.

Alert Radius

When a Survivor enters its range, the alerted Cat will refresh its existence time, bite on Survivor's shadow and move with it.

Paralysis Area

When Ann enters its range, Cat's strength surges and it confines the movement of all Survivors in the area.


Getting confined by Cat multiple times continuously will significantly reduce the confined duration.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Terrifying Melody.png
Terrifying Melody Antonio plays out terrifying music with all the melody in the world.

Survivors will be infected with multiple stacks of Demon Notes

Demon Notes

Survivor's movements are affected by the music resounding in their ears. They need to find a quiet place to calm down. 1/2/3 stack(s) of Demon Notes will decrease Movement Speed by 4%/8%/12%, and decrease Decoding, Healing, and Gate-Opening Speed by 15%/30%/50%.

Where there are no other Survivors within 12 meters, the infected Survivor can calm down through Meditation and remove the effect of Demon Notes.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Sculpture of Strength.png
Sculpture of Strength Galatea's Sculpture can push Survivors by force. Pushing Survivors against obstacles will deal damage equal to half of a normal attack on them.

Sculptures are generated in pairs and will move towards each other at high speed once they have risen. If they hit an obstacle, they will return in the opposite direction. They will be destroyed if they hit an obstacle 3 times.


The generation of Sculptures is restricted by the terrain so that only one Sculpture will be generated when using the ability in certain special terrains.

Survivors will not suffer repeated damage from the Sculpture Crush within 1 second.


Icon Name Description
External Trait Energy Charge.png
Energy Charge Percy can use his ability to increase his Energy Load. When the Energy reaches 50, Percy will enter an Energy Surge state, during which his ability is enhanced. During Energy Surge state, his normal attack cannot be interrupted by Survivors and can shatter Pallets that have been pulled down. When the Energy Load reaches 100, Percy will enter an Overload state, during which his movement speed is decreased by 8% and he is unable to use any ability for 14 seconds.
External Trait Surrogate.png
Surrogate Percy is unable to place Survivors on Rocket Chairs. However, the elimination progress of Survivors knocked down by Percy will be increased by 25%, their self-heal limit is raised to 95%, their crawling speed is increased by 200%, and their location is revealed to Percy for 6 seconds when they get back on their feet.


When all of the Survivors are knocked down, the elimination speed is increased by 300%. After the gate's electrical switch it activated, the elimination speed against knocked down Survivors is increased by 300%.