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"I only wish that this playground will offer me unprecedented inspiration"

"Edgar has long been weary of the gossips and hypocrisy. The only thing in this world that is worthy of his pursuit is the true essence of art and creative inspiration."
— Rumor

Edgar Valden
Character Full Portrait Painter.png
Difficulty Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Empty.png
Gender Male
Career Painter
Item Paintbrush & Canvas
Echoes 688

Edgar Valden, or the Painter, is one of 33 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Identity V.

Edgar is from a family with an aristocratic status, The Valden family, and at a young age believed that everyone in this world are just mere peasants. He's always believed that no one is fit to discuss art with him, and he is very arrogant and stubborn.


The only son in the Valden family of aristocrats, Edgar showed an interest and high talent in painting from childhood. Praise from his family and the public has led to his eccentric character. He only sees art from his own perspective and has a high self-esteem. His perception of the world around him led to his belief that nobody else is worthy to speak to him about art.

He did not participate in the game for the prize. As the heir to the Valden family, money did not tempt him. So what made him participate in this game?

External Traits[]

External Traits
Icon Name Description
External Trait Painter Artistic Sensitivity.png
Artistic Sensitivity He carries a Paintbrush and a Drawing Board with him. Once he has memorized a Hunter's face, the Painter can paint the Hunter's face on the Drawing Board.

When the painting is done, he can place the Drawing Board in the scene.
When the Hunter sees the placed Drawing Board, they will be attracted by it, walk over involinarity and stop to admire their face in front of it.
If a Hunter takes too much time walking over to the Drawing Board, they will lose interest in the Painting and which renders the Drawing Board useless.


Within a certain range of a Hunter, the Painter need to look at the Hunter's face from the front to memorize it.


Once he has memorized the Hunter's face, tap the ability button to begin painting. The Painter can move while painting but cannot interact. Tap the ability button again to stop painting.

Placing the drawing

When the Painting is done, tap the ability button to place the Drawing Board.
The Hunter will be forcibly attracted when they get close to the Drawing Board. No additional Drawings can be placed within the effective range of the placed Drawing Board.

External Trait Painter Aesthetic Resonance.png
Aesthetic Resonance During the creation of the Painting, the Painter will be effected by his own work. Every time he places a Painting, his Movement Speed will increase permanently by 2%. This effect be stacked up to 2 times.
External Trait Painter Intuition.png
Intuition The Painter is perceptive and observant to real-life objects and so he will not be affected by a Rocket Chair with 50% progress.

When he is put on a Rocket Chair for the second time, the progress will return to what it was the last time he was saved.

External Trait Painter Self Fulfillment.png
Self Fulfillment When the Painting's effect wears off, the Hunter will be extremely interested in its painter. The Painter will expose his location to the Hunter for 5 seconds.

Deduction Target[]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic Points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Destiny
    I once believed that my destiny had chosen the best start for me.
    • Basic Objective: Encounter 1 Teammate(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Encounter 2 Teammate(s)
    • Advanced Objective 2: Encounter 3 Teammate(s)
    An invitation: Decorated with gold foil stamping and an intricate wax seal, while its contents is simple--the first birthday party for the only son of the Valden family.
  2. Love
    The book says praise is one of the ways to express love.
    • Basic Objective: Memorize the Hunter's face
    • Advanced Objective 1: Memorize the Hunter's face
    • Advanced Objective 2: Memorize the Hunter's face
    Some presents: The enclosed letter is filled with flattery and praise and signed by Count Barriere.
  3. My Passion
    Life is full of beauty, and people say the paintbrush can preserve such beauty.
    • Basic Objective: Complete a painting 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Complete a painting 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 2: Complete a painting 2 time(s)
    A few paintings: Distorted portrait, the scenery of a garden, delicate snacks, and a beautiful white puppy...
  4. Convinced
    "Master Valden is the student with the most artistic talent I've ever seen!"
    • Basic Objective: Place a Drawing Board 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Place a Drawing Board 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 2: Place a Drawing Board 1 time(s)
    A letter of recommendation: "My old friend, with Mr. Sarai's talent in painting, perhaps he can..."
  5. Coloring
    Sometimes the first stroke will determine the colors of the entire painting.
    • Basic Objective: Attract the Hunter with a painting 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Attract the Hunter with a painting 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 2: Attract the Hunter with a painting 2 time(s)
    Diary 1: I had a weird dream. Master was holding my hand to paint on a canvas...
  6. Birthday Present
    On his tenth birthday, "he" spoke.
    • Basic Objective: Open the exit gate
    • Advanced Objective 1: Open the exit gate
    • Advanced Objective 2: Open the exit gate
    A letter inside a book: Edgar, do you want to know about real art?
  7. Growth
    Eventually, I understand how many lies people can tell only for a little benefit.
    • Basic Objective: Stop the Hunter with a painting 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 1: Stop the Hunter with a painting 1 time(s)
    • Advanced Objective 2: Stop the Hunter with a painting 2 time(s)
    Diary 2: Those people simply covet the Valden family's power and wealth, just as Mr. Sarai does. He doesn't even love art, let alone these paintings.
  8. Clamor
    I don't care about anything but art.
    • Basic Objective: Escape from the dungeon
    • Advanced Objective 1: Escape from the dungeon
    • Advanced Objective 2: Escape from the dungeon
    A messy note: "They are making screeching noises. I suppose I should burn those terrible paintings. They're screaming and crying on the walls, just as noisy as those people..."
  9. New Color
    Red is gentle.
    • Basic Objective: Pursued by Hunter for 30 seconds
    • Advanced Objective 1: Pursued by Hunter for 60 seconds
    • Advanced Objective 2: Pursued by Hunter for 90 seconds
    A smudged missing person report: "...male, 39 years old, used to... be the family teacher..."
  10. New Inspiration
    The beauty of life is the only thing that's always odd yet pleasant.
    • Basic Objective: Rescue a teammate successfully after attracting the Hunter with a painting
    • Advanced Objective 1: Rescue a teammate successfully after attracting the Hunter with a painting
    • Advanced Objective 2: Rescue a teammate successfully after attracting the Hunter with a painting
    The last painting: The letter opener is tainted with a bit of red.
After deducing Node 10: New Inspiration, Painter's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Full Conclusion[]


Appearance Decoration[]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Costume Edgar Valden Original.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Costume Edgar Valden Golden Ratio.png
Golden Ratio S13 Essence 1 With the red stone as the medium and himself as the sacrifice, he blends the organic and inorganic materials in a golden ratio and adds a finishing touch for aesthetics-- a miracle was thus born. ([Limited] Costume, only available in S13 Essence 1) N/A
Narcissus S15 Essence 3 At the other end of the river of deception lies a reflection forever out of reach. (Limited-Edition, obtainable from S15 Essence 3 only) N/A
Palette card.png
Palette Illusion Hall The Color Palette spilled on a shirt and created a unique painting, out of which he gained infinite inspiration—blending and reconstruction shouldn't be bound by any rules. 318 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 1188 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Antique Appraiser Chinese New Years 2021 He looks over each item with the most scrutinizing eyes... After all, not everything is worth what it seems. N/A
Wanderer S15 Essence 2 He has always ignored the pain of the punished, as staying alive is difficult enough. N/A
Blue Paint Call of the Abyss IV Paint with blue to give a special sense of layering to patterns. N/A
Green Paint Call of the Abyss IV Paint freely with green! It's a natural and harmonious choice. N/A
Brown Paint S15 Logic Path Paint with brown to add depth and cohesion to a painting. N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
"Starry Sky" S15 Rank Treasure Sometimes art is just the expression of the mundane through a different pair of eyes. N/A
Icon Type Name Series Description
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description


  • A good way to make use of your Painting is to place it in front of a pallet, and when the effect of the painting ends, stun the hunter immediately. This is best used with the talent Great Power to achieve its best potential.
  • Keep in mind upon another survivor stunning the hunter in any way will cause the painting will immediately lose effect and fade, but the other stun will not.
  • A painting is good for transitioning kiting. When in a chase and you want to transition safely, place a painting, and run away.
  • The best final talent for the Painter is Broken Windows, it helps when transitioning into a different kiting area.
  • Since the paintings have a large radius of attraction, Place a Painting on the opposite of a window, and the Hunter will be forced vault the window. This will save you a lot of time. Similarly, the Hunter will break any used pallets on their way to the painting.
  • Since he doesn't have the 50% chair time mark due to his trait, it's recommended to bring painter with max snooze.
  • It's important to be able to estimate if you're at a safe enough distance from the Hunter to put a painting down, as you can get hit in the process (which cancels the action) or get hit immediately after doing it (which does make the painting go into effect).
  • When the Hunter falls into the painting's effect, their camera angle is locked in the direction of the painting for most of the stun's duration. By placing the painting at a certain angle, it's possible to create a blind spot and make it easier for your teammates to lose the Hunter.
  • Be aware that a painting will only take effect if the Hunter steps into its radius AND their camera is facing the Drawing Board (regardless of the angle that they look at it from). If you place a painting behind the Hunter, the stun will not take effect until the Hunter pans their camera in the direction of the Drawing Board.


  • Edgar was created during Netease's 2018 fan-made character competition, along with Postman and Embalmer.
  • His release on the test server was September 21, 2020.
  • Occasionally translated by fans as "Artist", the official English Identity V Twitter announced him with the title of "Painter".
  • His birthday is April 23rd.
  • He is 21 years old.
  • His personality was to be, As described by very snobbish, arrogant, and rude.
  • He likes people or things with artistic beauty and dislikes useless and noisy people or things.
  • His voice was envisioned by the creator as being an arrogant, crisp, clear young male voice, with a moderate speaking speed.
  • In his original Backstory which was created by the Painters creator, he had apparently started drawing with blood, and was "discontent" with his own blood, and went to the manor to find more people to suck dry. The developers scrapped the idea, as it was deemed very gruesome.



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