,,No one knows how many people have taken part in this game; we know that he played the game."


Lucky Guy, or Deduction Substitute, is one of 20 Survivors  currently featured in Identity V.


Lucky Guy specializes in versatility, able to manually select certain items from a chest (increasing his odds of receiving it) and always having the right tool for the job. Additionally, he lacks a debuff, making him a relatively low-risk character.


His world is like a slot machine that he always wins at. But who knows what will happen when he stops playing.

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Lucky guy 2
Lucky Guy It is perfectly natural for someone with nothing to rely on luck. Wishing for an item before you open a chest will significantly increase your chances of receiving it.
Old friends
Veterans Veterans are more vigilant than novices and gain an additional 2s boost when hit.

Deduction Target

This character has no deduction system


  • He is right-handed.
  • Lucky Guy is the only character in the game who doesn't spawn with their own item.
  • He's also the only one without a confirmed name, backstory, occupation, or Deduction System.
  • It's very likely that Lucky Guy was going to be among the original cast of survivors when the game was in its infancy and had not taken the route of more eccentric things like Cowboys and Dancers. This would explain why he is just an everyday person, and why he (currently) plays no role in the lore.
    • In the initial trailer, a human Lucky Guy is shown, only with a lack of doll-like features and black colored hair. Although, at the very end, the in-game Lucky Guy is shown. This is most likely due to the developers being in the process of converting the game to a less mature atmosphere, although this is not confirmed.
  • In the tutorial/prologue, Lucky Guy is shown with Stranger A. It's possible that this Survivor is another leftover from the previously more generic cast.
    • It's possible Stranger A is related to Lucky Guy given their physical similarities.
  • Whenever the game refers to a Survivor, it often uses Lucky Guy's likeness, in a similar manner to how Hell Ember is chosen to represent Hunters.
  • Previously, Lucky Guy lacked an ability, although he was later given one upon request of the community.
  • Lucky Guy was originally intended to be played as a sort of tutorial character. His current ability, however, enables the player to experience several playstyles through the usage of items, while still making him useful when compared to the rest of the cast.
  • The Lucky Guy's Moon Face skin depicts him as having pale skin, while the in-game render does not reflect this.
  • The Lucky Guy is likely to be "buffed" in future updates should more items be added to the chest's drop pool.
  • The "Moon Face" skin seems to depict a skin for the Hell Ember exclusive to the Chinese version of the game.
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