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In Identity V Identity v.png, there are two distinct roles to play and multiple characters in each role to choose from.

Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png and Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png have their own strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities. Every Character has their own play style and customization options. Most characters have their own deduction tasks, with the exception of Lucky Guy and new survivors that have not gotten deductions yet.

Two to three new Characters are added every season and can be obtained by purchase from the Illusion Hall or getting their Limited S-Tier Costume from the respective season's essence.

List of Playable Characters[]

Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png[]

There are currently 38 playable Survivors.

Character Full Portrait Doctor.png
Character Full Portrait Lawyer.png
Character Full Portrait Thief.png
Character Full Portrait Gardener.png
Character Full Portrait Magician.png
Character Full Portrait Explorer.png
Character Full Portrait Mercenary.png
Character Full Portrait Coordinator.png
Character Full Portrait Priestess.png
Character Full Portrait Mechanic.png
Character Full Portrait Forward.png
Character Full Portrait The Mind's Eye.png
Character Full Portrait Perfumer.png
Character Full Portrait Cowboy.png
Character Full Portrait Female Dancer.png
Character Full Portrait Seer.png
Character Full Portrait Embalmer.png
Character Full Portrait Prospector.png
Character Full Portrait Enchantress.png
Character Full Portrait Wildling.png
Character Full Portrait Acrobat.png
Character Full Portrait First Officer.png
Character Full Portrait Barmaid.png
Character Full Portrait Postman.png
Character Full Portrait Grave Keeper.png
Character Full Portrait "Prisoner".png
Character Full Portrait Entomologist.png
Character Full Portrait Painter.png
Character Full Portrait Batter.png
Character Full Portrait Toy Merchant.png
Character Full Portrait Lucky Guy.png
Lucky Guy

Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png[]

There are currently 22(24 now) playable Hunters.

Character Full Portrait Hell Ember.png
Character Full Portrait Smiley Face.png
Character Full Portrait Gamekeeper.png
Character Full Portrait The Ripper.png
Character Full Portrait Soul Weaver.png
Character Full Portrait Geisha.png
Character Full Portrait Wu Chang.png
Wu Chang
Character Full Portrait Photographer.png
Character Full Portrait Mad Eyes.png
Character Full Portrait The Feaster.png
Character Full Portrait Dream Witch.png
Character Full Portrait Axe Boy.png
Character Full Portrait Evil Reptilian.png
Character Full Portrait Bloody Queen.png
Character Full Portrait Guard 26.png
Character Full Portrait "Disciple".png
Character Full Portrait Violinist.png
Character Full Portrait Sculptor.png
Character Full Portrait "Undead".png
Character Full Portrait The Breaking Wheel.png
Will Brothers

Essence Rewards[]

Character Essence Rewards
Icon Name Series Description
Character Soul Weaver.png
Soul Weaver Season 1 Essence 2 Soul Weaver. Has mechanical prostheses. Can spit threads with her gadgets and restrict survivors' movement.
Character The Mind's Eye.png
The Mind's Eye Season 1 Essence 3 The Mind's Eye. Visually impaired but has an extraordinary sense of hearing. Can hear teammates and hunters within a certain range.
Character Priestess.png
Priestess Season 1 Essence 4 The Priestess carries the Holy Key, which can create portals between uncontaminated areas.
Character The Feaster.png
The Feaster Season 1 Essence 5 The Feaster is the personification of chaos and suffering. He can absorb the fear of survivors and summon the Touch of the Abyss.
Character Perfumer.png
Perfumer Season 1 Essence 6 The Perfumer always carries perfume on her person, and when she sprays it, that very moment becomes etched in her memory. While the skill is active she can choose to return to the moment when she sprayed her perfume.
Character Cowboy.png
Cowboy Season 2 Essence 1 The cowboy, an adventurous cowboy from the American continent, whips his lasso with which he can save his teammates.
Character Wu Chang.png
Wu Chang Season 2 Essence 2 The White and Black Guards had their souls imbued into an umbrella where they are bound together, forever.
Character Female Dancer.png
Female Dancer Season 2 Essence 3 Dancer always has her music box with her, which plays two different tunes affecting the speed of those that hear it.
Character Seer.png
Seer Season 3 Essence 1 Seer, his trusted owl possesses both foresight and the ability to protect.
Character Mad Eyes.png
Mad Eyes Season 3 Essence 2 Mad Eyes has the complete control of control consoles and can raise walls to change the terrain of maps.
Character Embalmer.png
Embalmer Season 3 Essence 3 Embalmer carries a Makeup box with him. Using it he can summon a coffin and use the Rebirth ability.
Dream Witch Season 4 Essence The Dream Witch can leach onto Survivors to summon followers who attack for her.
Prospector Season 5 Essence 1 The Prospector has magnets that he can use to stun others.
Enchantress Season 5 Essence 2 The Enchantress can curse Hunters and stun them temporarily with her ape curses.
Axe Boy Season 5 Essence 3 The Axe Boy places trees around the map and uses the spirits surrounding the trees to attack Survivors.
Wildling Season 6 Essence 1 The Wildling can stun the Hunter by slamming into them with his hog.
Evil Reptilian Season 6 Essence 2 The Evil Reptilian can jump to extraordinary heights and slam down to create a shock wave that deals damage to Survivors.
Acrobat Season 6 Essence 3 The Acrobat has circus balls which cause different effects to Hunters when the Hunters are hit by them.
First Officer Season 7 Essence 1 The First Officer can misguide Hunters with his pocket watch and create an illusion.
Bloody Queen Season 7 Essence 2 Bloody Queen can summon a mirror image that can pass through anything and hit Survivors.
Character Barmaid.png Barmaid Season 8 Essence 1 Dovlin made by Barmaid can be used to soothe Survivor's wounds.
Character Guard26.png Guard 26 Season 8 Essence 2 Guard 26 can deal damage on Survivors with the timed and remote-controlled bombs that can be detonated.
Postman Season 9 Essence 1 Letters from the Postman bring joy to their receivers.
"Disciple" Season 9 Essence 2 The Disciple stuns Survivors with her cat and trusty sacred cross.
Grave Keeper Season 10 Essence 1 With his shovel in his hand, the Grave Keeper digs his way into the ground, out of harm.
"Prisoner" Season 10 Essence 2 Electricity tingles at his fingertips as the Prisoner decodes.
Violinist Season 11 Essence 1 The Devil's Sonata rings throughout the manor to announce the arrival of the Violinist.
Entomologist Season 11 Essence 3 Entomologist can control her bees to make the hunter stop from moving.
Sculptor Season 12 Essence 2 Sculptor can use her statues in order for her to attack survivors much more faster.
Painter Season 13 Essence 1 Painter can use his drawings as a distraction to the hunter.
"Undead" Season 13 Illusion Hall "Undead" can rush to the survivors in order for him to down the survivors. But, he cannot chair them.
Batter Season 14 Essence 2 Batter can use his bat and ball to attack the hunter in order for them to be stunned.
The Breaking Wheel Season 15 Essence 2
Toy Merchant Season 16 Essence 1
Lucky Guy Season 1 Essence 6 Lucky Guy can wish for items when opening chests, which increases the chances of receiving the item.