"The White and Black Guards had their souls imbued into an umbrella where they are bound together, forever."

— Rumor

Wu Chang is one of 12 Hunters  currently featured in Identity V . "Wu Chang" is their collective name, individually their names are Xie Bi'an (White Guard) and Fan Wu'jiu (Black Guard).


Xie Bi'an and Fan Wujiu (the White and Black Guards) have always been like brothers. As they traveled to Nantai Bridge one day, they noticed it was going to rain. Xie told Fan to wait under the bridge while he returned home to get an umbrella. After Xie left, the rain began to pour and the river rose, but Fan, reluctant to break his promise, stayed under the bridge. Shortly after, Xie returned with the umbrella only to find that the bridge was now submerged and Fan nowhere to be seen...[1] He had drowned.

Xie was so grieved that he had no choice but to live without Fan. No matter whether it was rain or shine, he carried the black umbrella of the day and wore white mourning clothes. He eventually committed suicide by hanging himself under the Nantai Bridge and left the black umbrella where Fan had stayed.

The umbrella was found by a merchant and placed in center of a hallway. Since then, his family has had strange things happen to them. The black umbrella in the room was often unsupervised. In the middle of the night, the sounds of men sighing fill the hall. Everyone said that White Guard's soul was in the umbrella. Merchants invited the Taoist to get rid of the umbrella to raise the spell on the town. Since then, the house has been calm and quiet. Soon after, the merchants went out, but on the way, they found that the country was in chaos, and that the umbrella was missing.

In Chinese folk legend, the king of the nether world admired their loyalty after both died, and made them generals. Their main job was to punish immoral souls and aid kind souls.

External Traits

Icon Name Description
Dual soul-0
Dual Soul The White and Black Guards had their souls imbued into an umbrella and their souls can be switched by using Summon. The White Guard excels at patrol and pursuit and moves swiftly but has slow stun recovery and attack speed; the Black Guard excels at melee combat and has fast stun recovery and attack speed, but moves slowly.


Icon Name Description
Summon Use the skill to switch into Dual Soul mode, or hold down the skill button to charge up and toss the soul umbrella forward and then switch to Dual Soul mode and teleport to where the umbrella lands. The longer you charge the skill the further you can toss the umbrella.
Siphon Soul & Wavering When the White Guard enters the spiritaul realm, it won't be able to interact with anything for 5 seconds. But its moving speed will greatly increase and it will sip[hon the souls of nearby survivors. IF it fully siphons a survivor's soul, the survivor will be unable to interact with the environment. When the Black Guard rings the bell, all survivors affected must calibrate. Should they fail the calibration, they will be horrified for 60 seconds; if they fail another calibration during that time, their soul will waver and their moving directions will reverse.
Summon enhanced
Summon - Enhanced Reduces the time it takes to switch souls in Dual Soul mode and you will immediately perform a powerful Siphon Soul or Wavering Soul upon switching.


  • from Chinese mythology
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