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The following is a Beginner's Guide to getting started with Identity V Identity v.png. Watching various YouTube tutorials is also recommended to get a better grasp of the game and characters.



In normal mode, as a Survivor your goal is to evade the hunter and escape the map. To do so, you must complete decoding 5 cipher machines and open at least one of the 2 exit gates. This will require cooperation with your teammates and strategic use of their special talents. If several teammates are down, make sure at least 2 cipher machines are decoded to reveal the exit dungeon, which appears somewhere on the map and opens automatically when there is only one survivor left in the area.


In normal mode, as a Hunter your goal is to prevent the Survivors' escape. To win, you must send more than 2 Survivors back to the manor before they escape. This can be done by incapacitating the Survivor, using your special talents and placing them on a rocket chair.

The game ends when the Final Survivor is strapped onto chair, or the Final Survivor escapes.



For the Survivors, 3 or more survivors have to leave the map.

For the Hunter, send off 3 or more survivors.


For both sides, when any 2 Survivors have left the map and the other 2 have been sent off.


For the Survivors, 1 or no survivors escape the area.

For the Hunter, send off 1 or no survivors.



[Crushed]: When Hunter loses the match.

[Gone Missing]: When Hunter ties the match. (Reference to the plot of the story, where the participants are trapped in the game. Apparently, in the final game when deciding who leaves the mansion, if the Hunter ties the game they go missing.)

[Flawless]: When the Hunter wins the match.


[Escaped]: When a Survivor escaped the map.

[Lost]: When a Survivor is sent off on a Rocket Chair.


Movement speed is changed by tapping icons on the right-hand side of your screen. The first icon is to sprint, which is the fastest speed, but leaves a trail the hunter can see. The second icon is to walk, which doesn't leave a trail. The last icon is to crouch, which doesn't leave a trail either, makes it easier to hide behind objects, but has the slowest movement speed.

Survivor Gameplay[]

Cipher Machines[]

Survivors have to decode all Cipher Machines, which can be located by looking upwards for the yellow glowing antennas. The extension of the cipher starts to wiggle when the cipher reaches 30% decoding progress and the hunter can see the antennae of the cipher wiggling.

While decoding Cipher Machines, Calibrations are occasionally triggered. When this happens an icon will pop up that has to be tapped at the right time to continue decoding. Tapping the screen while the needle is at the grey area will earn the player 30 tranquility points for a completed calibration. Tapping the screen while the needle is in the yellow area will earn the player 60 tranquility points for a perfect calibration and speed the decoding up by 0.7 seconds. Fail the Calibration and the Cipher Machine will backfire, alerting the Hunter of your location and reducing the decoding progress by a bit.

Decoding two cipher machine will reveal the dungeon's location, which is invisible at the start of the game. Decoding all required Cipher Machines will activate both Electrical Switches for the Exit Gates, which will be highlighted for a short period of time. Entering the Password into either Switch allows the Exit Gate to be opened so Survivors can escape. The Final Survivor will attract crows easier, which gives away their location to the Hunter.

The last Survivor can escape from the dungeon as well, as long as there is only one Survivor left in the game.


Survivors have fear levels that can be noted by purple Heartbeats or intense soundtrack. The visible and obvious Heartbeat indicates that the Hunter is nearby. The intensity of the heartbeat increases when the Hunter is closer. Players can pick the Cold Person Trait, which alerts the player when the Hunter is looking in their direction from at least 36 meters away.

Incapacitated survivors are denoted with a red outline and can be healed by tapping the wrapped hand icon above them. Incapacitated survivors can also self heal (to the max if they have Exit Path). A strategy is to heal to 99% while a teammate is coming over to heal you, which saves time and the Exit Path trait.

Survivors can untie other survivors from Rocket Chairs.

Survivors can remove the Dream Witch's curse mark from other Survivors.

Survivors can remove the Feaster's tentacles from the ground.

Survivors can break the Axe Boy's Peaceful Pines.

Survivors can use Mad Eyes' control monitor and form walls after decoding them.

Survivors can break Rocket Chairs with the Toolkit.

Survivors can dismantle Hell Ember's puppets.

Survivors can remove Hunter's peepers.

Windowsills can be vaulted over by any characters, though Hunters have slower movements. Vaulting without crouching or walking will alert the Hunter.

Survivors can throw down Pallets to stun Hunters (if the Hunter is below the pallet while the survivor throws it down) and block the Hunter (the Hunter cannot pass through thrown pallets and must break them to pass through which wastes time), and can be vaulted over similar to Windowsills. Pallets that are thrown down will alert the Hunter.

Survivors can use items from chests that can be located around the map (highlighted in blue if Obsessive is active).

Survivors can hide in Lockers to fool the Hunter. The animation for entering lockers is approximately 2 seconds long. There will be a sound prompt when the locker opens, and the Trail of the Survivor can lead to the locker. The graffiti at the foot of the locker will be coloured blue however, compared to an empty locker's orange graffiti.

Survivors can create windows from breakable walls. These walls glow blue when Survivors approach them.

Hunter Gameplay[]

Hunters have the objective of capturing Survivors by striking them twice and placing them on a rocket chair. However, it takes a few seconds for Hunters to recover from hitting the Survivors. Hunters, however can track Trails that Survivors leave behind when sprinting. Incapacitated Survivors can be ballooned and strapped to Rocket Chairs when found.

Survivors that are caught have to be rescued by their team members. Otherwise, they'll be eliminated and sent back to the manor. But when a Survivor has been strapped more than 2 times, he/she will be eliminated automatically.


Hunters can open lockers. This carries out an animation. If a Survivor is in the locker, this will result in immediate incapacitation and picking up the Survivor immediately. If not, the Hunter will carry out an animation to shut the locker. Tinnitus will still be active when near a Survivor in a locker. Crows can still gather above a locker.

Hunters can attack breakable walls to shatter them, which pushes the wall in the direction of the attack. A Survivor behind the wall will sustain 0.5 damage and the Hunter will not carry out attack animation.

Hunters can vault windows, but at a slower speed compared to Survivors.

Hunters cannot vault pallets, and will have to break them.

Hunters can place down peepers.

Hunters can attack the Entomologist's bee swarm to disperse it.

Hunters can fix broken rocket chairs.



Survivors have to be prepared before and after starting a game.

Before starting the game:

  1. Know the skills and weaknesses of the survivors, especially your chosen character;
  2. Know the talent tree of survivors and hunters, and choose the right talents for you;
  3. Know the map, you should know where the hatches, exit doors, encryption machines are among others;
  4. Balanced team, each survivor is specialised in something. There are four categories: decoders, rescuer, containers and supports. It is important to have a balance or a well-rounded team to win.

After starting the game:

  1. Inform. You must inform your colleagues about important things like "The hunter is close, hide!","The hunter is near me","The dungeon is here","Cipher machine primed!" among others.
  2. Decode. You should not waste time on other things, your main objective is to decode. Use the prompt "Cipher Machine Primed!" or "Decoding Speed __%." to inform teammates of the decoding progress of your cipher. Decoding with teammates should be avoided (unless there is only one cipher left) as it gives a decoding speed debuff.
  3. Escape. It is important to contain the hunter as long as possible, without knocking you down so that others decode as soon as possible, you can help yourself with windows and pallets, also try to stay away from other companions who are decoding so as not to interrupt.
  4. Help. This includes rescuing from the hunter's arms, rescuing from the rocket chair, healing and helping your partner not fall down. Be careful with the country hunters, because you will only get them to take you down too or kill your partner faster than you planned to rescue, also be careful when using a weapon, the power of the enchantress or the forward, because the hunter can release his Victim before being hit and you will not be able to rescue him, also try to heal your partner away from the sight of the hunter.
  5. Open the door. This is the final and most difficult step because 90% of the Hunters have the talent called "Detention" that knocks you down with a single blow added to that will be taking care of both doors and using "teleport" so it is recommended to hide until there is used teleport, so you will know which door is safe or wait until you have to check and go to the other.


Hunters have to be prepared before and after starting a game.

Before starting the game:

  1. Examine the Survivor team and the map. Choose your Hunter accordingly (if you have a variety to choose from) to counter the Survivor's and map's strengths.
  2. Select an appropriate Persona Tree. Before the game, you should prepare different trees for different situations. When in matching, you can pick and choose accordingly.
  3. Choose an external trait. The higher your Hunter Persona points, the more options and better options you have. Once again, see fit to the conditions.

After starting the game:

  1. Hunt. Find your first Survivor (with a combination of checking Tinnitus and looking at the floor for Survivor Trails), and chase them.
  2. Chair. Place the incapacitated Survivor on a chair. Upon chairing, a meter fills up. If the Survivor is rescued before the half mark (marked by a thin red line), they can go another round before being sent off. If the Survivor is rescued after the half mark, the Survivor will be sent off upon next chair.
  3. Tunnel. If a Survivor is rescued, you can choose to tunnel them, which is to focus on them to get them out of the game, to ensure that a Survivor is sent off. You can also choose to select another target, but this option is slightly riskier.
  4. Continue hunting. Try to chair every Survivor for a win.

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