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Bane Perez
Character Full Portrait Gamekeeper.png
Difficulty Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Empty.png
Alias Gamekeeper
Gender Male
Character Day May 21
Career Forest Watcher
Clues 3988
Echoes 768

Bane Perez, or the Gamekeeper, is one of 21 Hunters IconHelpLoading hunter.png currently featured in Identity V Identity v.png.


Bane Perez was in charge of the forest farm and patrol cabin at Oletus Manor. He raised a black-nosed moose like a child. However, accidents always happen, and a new hunting season was coming. Bane wondered how he could hide the black-nose to ensure its safety, but he was too late. A team of fully armed poachers had already arrived.[1]

The gunshots rang through the forest. When Bane arrived, he saw that the black-nose had fallen to the ground. He recognized a familiar face from the poacher's team. It was the boy that he had rescued a few years prior. However, when Bane pleaded with him, they cruelly wanted to turn him into a Minotaur. They cut off his tongue and put the head of the black-nose moose on him. They locked him up with a steel-jaw bear trap and began a massacre in the forest.[1]

After the poachers had left, the dogs dragged Bane back to the manor, where he somehow recovered. No one thought that his humiliation would turn Bane into a demon. He was transformed into a Minotaur, and the mountain forest was his maze. Since that day, Bane shows no mercy to anyone who sets foot on his land.[1]

External Traits[]

External Traits
Icon Name Description
External Trait Suffocation.png
Suffocation Hitting different targets with Bane's Chain Hook will trigger different effects.

When Bane is dragged forwards by his Chain Hook and lands, it will generate shockwaves that decrease Movement Speed of Survivors within a range by 20% for 5 seconds. Getting hit by the shockwaves again during that period will further slow down Survivors.

When hit by the Chain Hook, Survivors will be marked by the scent of rotting leaves and their location will be periodically exposed 2 times within 60 seconds, and Bane's attack recovery rate will be increased when he hits the exposed Survivors.


Icon Name Description
Ability Chain Hook.png
Chain Hook Bane hooks Survivors and pulls them to him or hooks a wall and pulls himself towards the wall.

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Ability Thorny Chain Hook.png
Thorny Chain Hook Survivors' Manifestation of Horror are the thorns on the Chain Hook. Now, when Bane's Chain Hook hits a Survivor, it will deal 50% of a normal attack damage.

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Ability Fury Hook.png
Fury Hook Furious Bane won't let an intruder escape his Chain Hook. If the Chain Hook hits an object, Bane can cast the Chain Hook again within 7 seconds up to 2 times, until the Chain Hook hits a Survivor or misses.

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Deduction Targets[]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic Points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Guard Duty
    Entry into this forest is forbidden
    • Basic Objective: Pursue survivors 3 times
    • Advanced Objective 1: Pursue survivors 4 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Pursue survivors 6 times
    Only the landowner can hunt on the land. That's why you need a gamekeeper
  2. Remove obstacles
    Someone has blocked the road with pallets. What are they trying to do?
    • Basic Objective: Destroy 1 pallet
    • Advanced Objective 1: Destroy 3 pallets
    • Advanced Objective 2: Destroy 5 pallets
    This is still a peaceful forest, despite these unsightly pallets. They'll get caught in the antlers.
  3. Inversion
    The forest ranger's duty is to drive out intruders
    • Basic Objective: Terror Shock Survivors 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Terror Shock Survivors 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 2: Terror Shock Survivors 2 times
    These tourists were acting like they couldn't read the signs, perhaps we should make them more noticeable.
  4. Capture
    Somebody has to be responsible for this repeated, reckless behavior.
    • Basic Objective: Hit a Survivor with the chain hook 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit a Survivor with the chain hook 3 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit a Survivor with the chain hook 5 times
    A photo: A strong forest ranger is holding a boy by the collar.
  5. Mercy
    It would be better to escort those who stray into the forest off the grounds than to send them to jail.
    • Basic Objective: Place Survivors on the Rocket Chair 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 1: Place Survivors on the Rocket Chair 3 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Place Survivors on the Rocket Chair 4 times
    Mother once said, kindness grants the soul peace. She was wrong.
  6. Minotaur's Forest
    You shouldn't let them come and go as they please. This isn't a park.
    • Basic Objective: Eliminate 1 Survivor with a Rocket Chair
    • Advanced Objective 1: Eliminate 2 Survivors with a Rocket Chair
    • Advanced Objective 2: Eliminate 3 Survivors with a Rocket Chair
    A photo: A few poachers are pushing the gamekeeper's face towards a bear trap while a young man holds the elk head.
  7. Hunt
    Hunters and prey, guards and intruders. What's the difference.
    • Basic Objective: Wound Survivors 3 times
    • Advanced Objective 1: Wound Survivors 5 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Wound Survivors 7 times
    A good gamekeeper should know how to catch intruders. In this regard, we're similar to hunters.
  8. Assault
    You need to figure out how to deal with crafty people.
    • Basic Objective: Hit a Survivor after you use Blink 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Hit a Survivor after you use Blink 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Hit a Survivor after you use Blink 3 times
    Obviously, it is best to hit them where they least expect it.
  9. Repair
    Those thugs have done enough damage.
    • Basic Objective: Survivors are hooked by the Chain Hook and hit 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Survivors are hooked by the Chain Hook and hit 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Survivors are hooked by the Chain Hook and hit 3 times
    A journal entry: the human mind is one of the most difficult things to repair.
  10. Fair Shake
    They should be sent away, all of them!
    • Basic Objective: Eliminate all survivors
    • Advanced Objective 1: Eliminate all survivors
    • Advanced Objective 2: Eliminate all survivors
    A photo: a forest ranger wearing an elk head. He's watching poachers fleeing the forest
After deducing Node 10: Fair Shake, Gamekeeper's Worn Clothes costume will be unlocked.

Appearance Decoration[]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Costume Bane Perez Original..png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Costume Bane Perez Worn Clothes.png
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 10 Fair Shake to get. All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
Costume Bane Perez Goldsmith.png
Goldsmith S1 Essence 1 Goldsmiths are the creators of the finest work——They make only the best! ([Limited] Costume, only available in S1 Essence 1.) N/A
Molten Hound Call of the Abyss IV It should have been the best vessel, yet it devoured the "prize" from its first victory. Driven by instinct, it swept away the racers who were fighting for themselves on each racecourse. N/A
Costume Bane Perez Punk.png
Punk S1 Memory Sphere A This look is so scary that people cannot even begin to imagine the face under the mask. N/A
Forest Hunter Memory Sphere Season 3 Never set foot in the forest that he protects. He has zero tolerance towards thieves. N/A
Anubis Memory Sphere Season 4 You not only awakened the dead, but death itself. N/A
Cerynitis Bane Logic Path reached 1528 (S6) Thank you for your Present. I hope you'll like mine too. N/A
Costume Bane Perez Crimson.png
Crimson Memory Sphere The scarlet paint is a warning to every poacher who dares step foot on the hunting grounds: Leave, or your blood shall be mixed in with the paint. 288 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png
Costume Bane Perez Phantom.png
Phantom S1 Memory Sphere A The hunting grounds at night aren't quiet. A dark purple phantom wanders there, striking fear into everyone in its presence. N/A
Suffering Deer N/A The bloodless white deer antlers tell a tale of suffering and misery. He disguised himself wishing to stir up trouble during the march, and wasn't expecting someone else to beat him to it. 318 Echoes or 1188 Fragments
Cherry Pattern Memory Sphere Season 2 What was really used as dye for the sakura-red pattern? N/A
"Hunt" Memory Sphere Season 5 Your bones and my cloak buckle are a great match. N/A
Village Guard S15 Essence 2 The principle of loyalty is to never abscond, even in face of an incorrect command. The world beyond the village is of no significance. N/A
Costume Bane Perez Ice Blue.png
Ice Blue S1 Memory Sphere B The ice blue paint perfectly matches the Gamekeeper's cold heart. 108 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png Or 438 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Costume Bane Perez White Wax.png
White Wax N/A The despair of losing desire, the paleness of losing love. N/A
Bauhinia N/A Memories of the past bring pain but they also bring strength. N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Jingling Bell Memory Sphere 8 Legend has it that it was a bell that herald the celebrations of festivals. After the incident occurred, it became something everyone wanted to avoid. If you even hear the bell ring, you better hide quickly.
Special Effects
Replaces Carry Motion
788 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 2988 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Jammed Gear Call of the Abyss IV The Pharmaceutical Corporation and the Bureau of Investigation created an almost-flawless container that combines Pickman and the Puppeteer's recovered techniques - with only a tiny flaw in its design.
Special Effects
Accessory Golden Horn.png
Golden Horn N/A Out of the only thing that his dear friend left behind, he crafted this golden horn.
Special effect: Chain
258 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 968 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Forester's Bow Memory Sphere Season 3 The symbol of the defender of the Forest of No Return. 258 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 968 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Icon Type Name Series Description
Graffiti Muse Mark.png
Graffiti Muse Mark Already Equipped The Graffiti content for all survivors and hunters, Muse Mark
Graffiti Gamekeeper Cartoon.png
Graffiti Gamekeeper - Cartoon Memory Sphere Season 7 Gamekeeper's exclusive Graffiti, Cartoon
Graffiti Gamekeeper - Gray Shadow Gamekeeper's exclusive Graffiti, Gray Shadow.
Graffiti Golden Horn Grayed.png
Graffiti Golden Horn - Grayed Season 1 Essence 5 Golden Horn Graffiti - Grayed
Graffiti Gamekeeper Silhouette.png
Graffiti Gamekeeper - Silhouette Season 1 Essence 4 Gamekeeper's exclusive Graffiti, Silhouette
Graffiti Chain Hook Grayed.png
Graffiti Chain Hook - Grayed Season 1 Essence 6 Chain Hook Graffiti, Grayed
Graffiti Chain Hook Colored.png
Graffiti Chain Hook - Colored Season 1 Essence 5 Chain Hook Graffiti, Colored
Graffiti Golden Horn Colored.png
Graffiti Golden Horn - Colored Season 1 Essence 6 Golden Horn Graffiti, Colored
Graffiti Goldsmith - Cartoon Gamekeeper's exclusive Graffiti, Goldsmith - Cartoon
Graffiti Goldsmith - Cute Gamekeeper's exclusive Graffiti, Goldsmith - Cute
Graffiti Gamekeeper - Cute Gamekeeper's exclusive Graffiti, Cute
Graffiti Molten Hound Gamekeeper's Exclusive Graffiti, Molten Hound
Emote Troubled Troubled Motion, exclusive to Gamekeeper
Emote Salute Memory Sphere Season 5 Salute Motion, exclusive to Gamekeeper
Emote Threaten Memory Sphere Season 3 Threaten Motion, exclusive to Gamekeeper
Emote Rolls 4-Sided Dice 4-sided Dice Enthusiast

60 Echoes

Rolls 4-sided Dice Motion, exclusive to Doctor
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Standby Motion Default.png
Default Already Equipped Hunter's default motion in matching room
Standby Motion Demonstrate.png
Demonstrate S1 Memory Sphere A Gamekeeper's exclusive standby motion in matching room, Demonstrate
Standby Motion Laugh.png
Laugh Memory Sphere Gamekeeper's exclusive standby motion in matching room, Laugh
Standby Motion Visit.png
Visit N/A Gamekeeper's exclusive standby motion in matching room, Visit. Visible to survivors.
Standby Motion Hunter Snooze.png
Snooze S1 Memory Sphere B Gamekeeper's motion in matching room, Snooze


Playing As[]

  • Your hook can go over windows and pallets, and will drag survivors over them to you. If you are close to a survivor, you can easily hook them when they drop a pallet or vault over a pallet or a window.
  • Charge up your hook (hold the skill button) to accurately aim your hook. A dotted line (similar to the Cowboy's) will show the current trajectory.
  • Don't need to cast your hook accurately. A false hook still make near survivor reduce movement speed, make it easier for you to catch. (But still better to hook successfully.)
  • When at full presence, if you can't hook a survivor when cast the hook the first time, cast it to the wall that is not-so-far so you can still catch up with the survivor and not enter the 14-second cool down stage.

Playing Against[]

  • Try not to kite in areas without terrain. Casting a hook will make a range that you can still be hooked even if not the hook doesn't hit you. Use terrains as advantages.
  • If Bane is close when you perform a vault of drop a pallet, it is easy for him to hook you, because the hook goes over such things. Instead of doing so, immediately run to the side.
  • Everyone should be aware, because Bane can hook you from a distance while you are working on a cipher. Either try to decode on cipher in areas with lots of walls, or run as soon as you get the heartbeat.


  • Bane is based on the Greek myth of the Minotaur
  • His character day is on the 21st of May, it's the birthday of the "Black Nose" the elk he took in
  • He is interested in petting moose.
  • He is skilled at throwing.
  • He hates guns and animal traps.
  • He likes moose and hounds.
  • His 2020 birthday letter is as follows: Letter to Burke

    Dear Burke,

    You have been in the laboratory for nearly a month. The young mister and miss have started to venture into the dangerous forest. The poachers have always run rampant in those woods, and I even found a beast trap around. These terrifying traps would've shattered their tiny ankles if they weren't careful.

    I hope you could craft some anti-poacher devices. Any goes, but please take it easy on the destructive power of your devices. I could never forget that "ignition device" of yours, it nearly burned down the forest.

    Anyway, allow me to change to a lighter subject. I stumbled upon an abandoned moose calf in the forest, and it's so weak that it couldn't even stand on its own. Its shivering body an weak legs must be the reason why it was abandoned. It's breeding season for goats around this time of year, and I suppose I could find a mother goat to nurture this poor thing.

    I think I am going to name it "Black Nose," perhaps you could come up with a better one.

    Your friend,

    Bane Perez



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