Bane Perez, or the Gamekeeper, is one of 12 Hunters  currently featured in Identity V .


Bane Perez was in charge of the forest farm and patrol cabin at Oletus Manor. He raised a black-nosed moose like a child. However, accidents always happen, and a new hunting season was coming. Bane was wondering how he could hide the black-nose to ensure its safety, but he was too late. A team of fully armed poachers had already arrived.

The gunshots rang through the forest. When Bane arrived, he saw that the black-nose had fallen to the ground. He recognized a familiar face from the poacher's team. It was the boy that he had rescued a few years prior. However, when Bane pleaded with him, they cruelly wanted to turn him into a Minotaur. They cut off his tongue and put the head of the black-nose moose on him. They locked him up with a steel-jaw leghold trap and began a massacre in the forest.

After the poachers had left, the dogs dragged Bane back to the manor, where he somehow recovered. No one thought that his humiliation would turn Bane into a demon. He was transformed into a Minotaur, and the mountain forest was his maze. Since that day, Bane shows no mercy to anyone who sets foot on his land.


Icon Name Description
Chain hook
Chain Hook Bane hooks survivors and pulls them to him or hooks a wall and pulls himself towards the wall. Long press to aim more precisely——"You're going nowhere!"
Fury hook
Furry Hook Fury makes Bane even more powerful. Now his chain hook deals damage when hitting survivors——"You're going nowhere!
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