"The arms factory that was abandoned after a huge fire. Strange footsteps can be heard coming inside it at night." -- Rumor

The Arms Factory is one of 7 map avaliable in Identity V. It is a replica of Hell Ember's former factory after a huge fire.


Arms Factory

The Minerva military factory is covered with discarded tires on the ground. The logo and house number of the factory can also be found in the factory. The main entrance is the abandoned land of weeds. The settings of warning lights, street lights and electric lights can give people an idea of ​​the game's asymmetry against the gameplay. Of course, it also has rocket chairs, antennae, and cipher machines.


The Manor's owner created a replica of Leo Beck's burned factory, which was recognized by Gardener and the Lawyer.


The dungeon can spawn in three locations in this map:

Arms factory 2
  • In the center of the map, next to the central cipher machine.
  • Next to the left side of the factory.
  • In front of the Main House, in the area with walls and windows.
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