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"Life's journey always ends in a similar way, and, in most people's dreams Aesop Carl is the person who helps them with their final journey. He strictly adheres to procedure and gives the greatest respect for those travelers who have come to their final stop."
— Rumor

Aesop Carl
Character Full Portrait Embalmer.png
Difficulty Difficulty Full.png Difficulty Half.png Difficulty Empty.png
Gender Male
Birthday May 11
Age 21
Career Embalmer
Item Makeup box
Clues 3568
Echoes 688
Voice Actor 黑石棯 (Kuroishi Minoru/MinoruK)

Aesop Carl, or the Embalmer, is one of 31 Survivors IconHelpLoading survivor.png currently featured in Identity V Identity v.png.


The Embalmer is a support character who can embalm teammates in his coffin, under the condition that he has seen them at some point during the match. The coffin can be used once each to "rebirth" and rescue the chaired survivor who has been embalmed on the coffin as long as two survivors are still in match. If the coffined Survivor is the only one left, or if all survivors are chaired, the coffin will not activate and the Survivor will be sent back to the Manor.

Tide Turner is immediately activated when a Survivor emerges from a coffin, regardless of the Embalmer's Persona Tree. The Tide Turner does not use up the Embalmer's own (if the Embalmer has equipped Tide Turner).

The Embalmer decodes slower together with other characters. He does not have any natural kiting debuffs.


The end of the journey of life is always the same, and Aesop Carl is the ultimate destination for most people's dreams. He strictly follows each step of the procedure and gives the greatest respect to those who arrive at the terminal. So when he found the letter in a beautiful traveler, Aesop decided to complete his last wish for the unfortunate mother.

"On August 7, 1888, I ushered in a female body, she was stabbed 39 times in the face with a knife. She was unrecognizable. I opened my suitcase. This is the tool I rely on to survive. I can make the dead return to life. I worked hard to fix her face. She might have been a beautiful and wealthy woman during her lifetime. I groped for her pocket and found an invitation and another letter. The letter seemed to be for her daughter, and contained a photo. Probably, following this invitation, she could find her daughter. I don't know why, but I decided to accept the invitation as my own. I should return this letter to her daughter at the manor." (As Aesop Carl was a "fan-designed" character before it got chosen by NetEase, this paragraph of description was from the original designer instead of the official record from Identity V. It seemed to be partially contradicting Aesop's deduction for some details about the reason he went to the manor do not match up. Please be noted.)

External Traits[]

External Traits
Icon Name Description
External Trait Embalmer Embalm.png
Embalm Rebirth is cast on self by default, so players are able to save themselves when they're knocked down or placed in a Rocket Chair.

The Embalmer carries his Makeup Box everywhere. Opening it will summon a Coffin with a surrogate in it and immediately provides the Rebirth ability.
When a player with the Rebirth ability is knocked down or placed on a Rocket Chair, the Embalmer will have 3 seconds to make a choice. Selecting "Rebirth Now" will immediately cause the player to enter the Rebirth process, while retaining the effects and the current Coffin. When no selection is made, the Rebirth process will start by default. The Embalmer can summon a Coffin where he stands.


When a player is knocked down or placed on a Rocket Chair, they can be resurrected in that Coffin using a surrogate and also receive the Tide Turner effect for 15 seconds. When the Exit Gate is opened, a player using Rebirth will no longer receive the Tide Turner effect. Every time a teammate rescues a teammate from a Rocket Chair, the number of Coffins that the Embalmer can summon will increase, but an Embalmer can only summon and use one Coffin at a time.

External Trait Embalmer Artist.png
Artist The Embalmer can record and copy the appearance of other Survivors onto surrogates. The Survivors whose appearance was copied will receive the Rebirth ability. Once the Embalmer finishes copying their appearance, he will lose his own Rebirth.
External Trait Embalmer Unconcerned.png
Unconcerned The time that the Embalmer can persist for when wrapped up in a Cocoon or placed on a Rocket Chair is increased by 10%. The Embalmer cannot embalm Survivors who have lost mobility, who have been placed in a Rocket Chair several times or who have been placed in a Rocket Chair for a long time.
External Trait Embalmer Anxious.png
Anxious Extremely sensitive to the presence of others. He is able to detect the presence of all Survivors at the beginning of the game for 15 seconds. While deciphering with other Survivors, his own Deciphering Speed is decreased by 15%.

Deduction Target[]

All completed Objectives reward the player with +335 Logic Points Logic Points.png for the Logic Path Logic path.png

  1. Apprentice
    The day my mother embraced Death, I decided to be his apprentice.
    • Basic Objective: Record the appearance of other Survivors 1 time
    • Advanced Objective 1: Record the appearance of other Survivors 2 times
    • Advanced Objective 2: Record the appearance of other Survivors 3 times
    A photo: An elderly embalmer led Carl out of the cemetery by the hand while Carl looked back at the gravestone behind him.
  2. Maybe, I...
    I think what he really needs a doctor...
    • Basic Objective: Successfully heal 1 teammates
    • Advance Objective 1: Successfully heal 2 teammates
    • Advance Objective 2: Successfully heal 2 teammates
    A school withdrawal letter: Aesop may have autism, or some other problems. Either way, I'm very sorry, Sir. We regret to inform you that he is unable to study here.
  3. Steps
    Calm, accurate, decisive.
    • Basic Objective: Complete 3 perfect calibrations
    • Advance Objective 1: Complete 4 perfect calibrations
    • Advance Objective 2: Complete 5 perfect calibrations
    A step-by-step guide: Try to convince them, and if that still doesn't work, go ahead and inject them with some bromide hydrate...
  4. Bouquet of Death
    Bright colors also occasionally appear at the gray cemetery. Sometimes it's from the flowers, other times it's from blood.
    • Basic Objective: Escape from the Hunter 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: Escape from the Hunter 2 times
    • Advance Objective 2: Escape from the Hunter 2 times
    A letter: Dear Aesop, it has been a while since we last talked. In the afternoon, I will wait for you in the yellow rose garden in the eastern corner of the cemetery. I look forward to seeing you.
  5. Be Brave
    Those wanderers... are too timid.
    • Basic Objective: Solo decode 1 cipher machine
    • Advance Objective 1: Solo decode 2 cipher machines
    • Advance Objective 2: Solo decode 2 cipher machines
    A report of death: Time and cause of death is unknown. The only what we can be clear about is the administrator's signature. So, be brave and say goodbye to the world.
  6. After the bloom
    The stairway of Death is not suitable for growing plant.
    • Basic Objective: Open the exit gate 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: Open the exit gate 1 time
    • Advance Objective 2: Open the exit gate 1 time
    "My child, she was meant to die, and as for me, I was just there to help. Look, yellow rose bushes. It's a fitting place for her long sleep."
  7. Suspension Period
    He is ready to leave...
    • Basic Objective: Summon a Coffin 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: Summon a Coffin 1 time
    • Advance Objective 2: Summon a Coffin 1 time
    A diary entry: He got an invitation. I didn't read it, but the fern's wax made me think he wasn't coming back.
  8. The Last Lesson
    The topic is more complicated than I thought.
    • Basic Objective: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 2 times
    • Advance Objective 2: Stun a Hunter with a pallet 3 times
    A report: Jerry Carl has suffered multiple injuries, including a comminuted fracture from a fall, massive bleeding from a sharp object, and extensive tissue contusions.
  9. Messenger
    I believe it's for me, and she's just the messenger.
    • Basic Objective: You are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: You are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
    • Advance Objective 2: You are resurrected from the Coffin 1 time
    A list of items: A few items and an invitation letter. Fern wax from Oletus Manor.
  10. Graduation
    His face was solemn and serene in the coffin. I believe he will be satisfied with my answer.
    • Basic Objective: Embalm teammate 1 time
    • Advance Objective 1: Embalm teammates 2 times
    • Advance Objective 2: Embalm teammates 2 times
    A diary: I can feel waves of bromide flowing through his veins. I know I will become him, and he will become what he himself would despise.
  11. Keep an Appointment
    I can't refuse the invitation. There are too many lost people out there.
    • Basic Objective: Complete 3 perfect calibrations
    • Advance Objective 1: Complete 4 perfect calibrations
    • Advance Objective 2: Complete 5 perfect calibrations
    A diary entry: I can finally understand the joy he experiences every time he guides lost people from darkness. I also understand why he was eager to keep his appointment.

Full Conclusion[]

'Aesop Carl' is not his real name. He adopted his last name from Jerry Carl, the embalmer from his mother's funeral. His first name is unconfirmed to actually be ‘Aesop’ though it is likely due to the letter from his mother. Aesop is implied to have originally came from a family of the upper class (the ownership of his Silver Comb accessory and his expertise in dancing and music is indicative of wealthy status in the Victorian Era), but due to not fully explained circumstances his mother decided to entrust him to Jerry Carl after her death. It has been theorized Aesop was potentially an illegitimate child among nobles, and his mother thought he would be safer this way being taken care of by a third party. Aesop was described by his mother as a kind and gentle person in childhood. Jerry helped Aesop become interested in the art of embalming, because it is an activity that "helps" people, allowing him to take on an apprenticeship with him at the morgue. Aesop received a letter saying he was deemed unsuitable for school education, as the school states in his expulsion letter he may have some sort of mental disorder such as autism, so he became Jerry's full time apprentice.

As Aesop entered his new middle class with Jerry Carl, it turned out Jerry was actually a serial killer who used the guise of embalming to give his victims 'mercy kills'. He taught Aesop into learning how to use manipulation and persuasion to guide people to their deaths, convincing them that death is far better for them than life and Aesop was simply "helping" them. If these tactics didn't work, he was told to use bromide hydrate (a highly toxic body preserver). Around the period after Aesop dropped out of school, he received a letter from a woman who was asking to see him again after a very long time. It has been debated it was either his own mother faking her original death, or his mother's friend. When Aesop came to meet her, she was found dead in the rose garden and appeared to have been killed by Jerry. With Jerry present, he told a very distressed Aesop that she was meant to die one day and that all he did was help her. Regardless of how much he subscribed to Jerry's philosophical teachings, it is possible Aesop regrets her death (referring to the description of his Remains of Yellow Roses accessory).

Later, Jerry Carl received an invitation to the manor. He returned from it alive, although with severe injuries (implying he escaped or won the game at the cost of his own health). Aesop guided Jerry into death using the tactics that he taught him. Aesop became his mentor, and his mentor became what he hated; someone who died without accepting it. Aesop found a similar invitation letter to the manor on a girl he was embalming and took it for himself, as he believed the letter was really for him and the girl was the messenger. Jerry's mission being to guide lost people - those who are heavily injured or unable to find satisfaction in life - to their deaths as he claims, Aesop believed he finally understood why Jerry found so much joy in his work finally after killing Jerry.

Birthday Letter[]

Birthday Letter
A letter from the past

Dear Aesop,

You must be confused when you receive this letter.

I'm really grateful to my most loyal friend, Elisa, for delivering it.

I wonder what you are like nowadays.

In my memory, you're a kind and gentle child.

In my dire days, I used to dream of watching you grow up into a popular and elegant gentleman like your father.

Such a dream is so beautiful that I thought I could endure any suffering.


Fortunately, Mr.Carl was there to raise you. Perhaps this can alleviate my sins.

While he is a man of few words and may have an odd temper, please trust that he is a good person.

After all, when I was suffering, he was there to help me, so that my collapsing soul could find comfort and relief.

I know this is a weak argument.

But please don't doubt my love for you.

Please believe that I've tried my best. I wish I will have the chance to tell you in person.

"Happy birthday, my dear child."

And...please forgive me.

I wish you all the best.

Your cowardly mother,


Appearance Decoration[]

Icon Name Series Description Cost
Costume Aesop Carl Original.png
Original Already Equipped The original costume. Everything looks so natural. N/A
Costume Aesop Carl Worn Clothes.png
Worn Clothes Complete Character Deduction quest 11 Escape to get. All the clothes are super tattered. Was it only a game they have been through? N/A
Costume Aesop Carl Exorcist.png
Exorcist S3 Essence 3 Doubt can destroy yesterday's faith, but also clear the road for tomorrow's belief. ([limited] Costume, can only be obtained in thhe S3 Essence 3.) N/A
Yusuke Kitagawa Persona 5 Crossover 1 Kosei High School Sophmore - Ryuuji Sakamoto's Uniform. N/A
FOX Persona 5 Crossover 1 A gift from FOX.

The flower of evil will flourish, but the ugly and the vulgar will perish.

Costume Aesop Carl Trickster.png
Trickster Call of the Abyss III The Trickster tried his best to protect the Surveyors mind from being eroded, just so they could continue with their journey on the road of darkness with the Abyss' creation in their hands. Yet, his playful miscommunication finally took its toll on the Puppeteer. N/A
Hamlet Deduction Star 2021 To be or not to be, that is the question. 1388 Currency Echoes Icon.png / 4888 Currency Fragments Icon.png
Tooru Amuro (安室秀) Detective Conan Crossover Amuro's outfit. N/A
Norman The Promised Neverland Crossover Norman's costume. N/A
Costume Aesop Carl Banker.png
Banker Call of the Abyss II Currency in Steam City is not coin, but the geothermal heat extracted by the furnace tower. Soon after the tower core was extinguished, the key to the tower he kept was lost. N/A
Costume Aesop Carl Rorschach Physician.png
Rorschach Physician Memory Sphere Season 6 Symptom: Role-play Paranoia

Note: He never admitted that he was a patient. Instead, he claimed to be a psychiatrist and encouraged other patients to escape together. Finally, something serious happened this time.

Costume Aesop Carl Man in Dream.png
Man in Dream Memory Sphere Season 7 Close your eyes and make a guess. Will this be a nap or an eternal sleep. N/A
Costume Aesop Carl Music Master.png
Music Master Memory Sphere Season 7 When the moon is at its highest, he will play that song. N/A
Costume Aesop Carl Call Bell.png
Call Bell Memory Sphere 9 What can I do for you, my dear customer? N/A
Banquet Butler Reminiscence Event All guests, please be calm. Put the cake down and listen to me... ahh... my suit! 100 Spyglasses or obtain free from Reminiscence Event
Solemn White Logic Path reached 502 (S4) Life is as splendid as summer flowers, and death as tranquil and beautiful as autumn leaves. Death can also be interpreted in such a natural and beautiful way. N/A
Costume Aesop Carl Bloody Garment.png
Bloody Garment Call of the Abyss I The red garment will turn you into the belle of the ball, but it won't reduce the respect that should be afforded life and death. N/A
Casual Yellow S13 Essence 1 One shouldn't lower their standards, even when they're off duty. N/A
Icon Name Series Description Cost
Accessory Remains of Yellow Roses.png
Remains of Yellow Roses Memory Sphere Season 7 What lies here is more than just an apology.
Special Effects
Replaced Embalmer's motion and special effects, Replaced Rebirth special effects, Added special effects for Coffins
1888 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 8388 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Accessory Holy Sword.png
Holy Sword N/A The other side to sanctity generally depends on how you define it
Special Effects
Replaces special effects for Rebirth. Increases the Coffin's special effects.
1068 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 3888 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Accessory Silver Comb.png
Silver Comb Memory Sphere Season 5 The carefully preserved Silver Comb was flawless. 258 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 968 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
Mandala Origami Memory Sphere Season 10 Whenever Carl dispatches the deceased, he folds a mandala in the hope that it will guide their soul to a distant shore. 258 Echoes Currency Echoes Icon.png or 968 Fragments Currency Fragments Icon.png
P7M8 Detective Conan Crossover Amuro's P7M8. N/A
FOX's Katana Persona 5 Crossover Event Sharp Katana. N/A
Paper Cup Phone The Promised Neverland Crossover A paper cup phone in Norman's collection. N/A
Star Stone S15 Rank Essence Carl once heard that this Star Stone was part of a dead star. Although this may not be true, he still enjoys the implied symbolism. N/A
Icon Type Name Series Description
Graffiti Makeup Box - Cartoon Scattered around the corners of the manor. Explore now. Embalmer's Exclusive Graffiti, Makeup Box Cartoon
Graffiti Casanova - FOX Persona 5 Crossover Essence P5 Embalmer's Exclusive Graffiti
Graffiti Childhood Adventure Children's Day Event Children's Day Event Graffiti, Seer, Embalmer and Prospector exclusive
Graffiti Trickster Call of the Abyss III Embalmer Exclusive Graffiti - Trickster
Emote Dance S9 - Rank Treasure Dance Motion, exclusive to Embalmer
Emote Lay Down Call of the Abyss III Lie Down Motion, exclusive to Embalmer
Emote Advance.png
Emote Advance N/A A motion that means advance.
Emote Hurry Back.png
Emote Hurry Back S1 Memory Sphere B A motion that asks teammates to hurry back.
Emote Rolls 4-Sided Dice 4-sided Dice Enthusiast

60 Echoes

Rolls 4-sided Dice Motion, exclusive to Embalmer
Standby Motion
Icon Name Series Description
Ready Memory Sphere Season 7 Embalmer Matching Room Motion, Ready
Standby Motion Stand.png
Stand Persona 5 Crossover Essence Embalmer Matching Room Motion, Stand
Look Memory Sphere Season 6 Embalmer Matching Room Motion, Look
Snooze Memory Sphere Season 7 Embalmer Matching Room Motion, Snooze


  • Aesop's skill is pretty useless if not used correctly. His coffin allows you to be reborn after 8 seconds. During this time, your coffin’s location is revealed to the hunter and it can run to the coffin to hit you. You will receive 10 seconds Tide Turner after the rebirth. If the hunter catches up on you, you will be tied again, lose 1 stage on the rocket chair and lose your coffin.
  • If the hunter loses you, and you escape, it will let your teammates have more time to decode.
  • When the hunter sees that you are using your coffin, there is a large chance that it will go away and around to let you die by bleeding or force you to lose your Exit Path trait.
  • Remember, always place your coffin as far as possible from rocket chairs, cipher machines (avoid Teleport) and place it in some area that has pallets or windows to let you escape easier right after the rebirth.
  • Coffins can also have collision.
  • Remember, you cannot be healed for 10 seconds after being reborn from the coffin as Tide Turner is automatically induced. This is the same for teammates.
  •, there is a trick to help your teammate escape at 10:13



  • He is described as unsociable, persistent, professional, and curious.
  • Aesop is listed to be middle class.
  • He enjoys being alone and is skilled in holding funerals.
  • Aesop is uncomfortable around living people, but feels more comfortable with the deceased, as he is around them often.
  • He speaks slowly, softly, and sounds young with low magneticity.
  • He is the only survivor who doesn't shake while opening the exit gate.
  • He was born on May 11 and is younger than Emma (The Gardener) as he is 21.
  • Aesop is a fan-designed character who won a design contest and got implemented into the game.
  • On the official Japanese twitter, when someone asked to be embalmed by Aesop, he replies "Even if death is beautiful... let's celebrate life...As long as you're still alive, do not let me be present in your life."[1] This has brought up debate over whether or not Aesop actually ever enjoyed embalming murder in itself and only enjoyed it finally ending Jerry's life.
  • On the official English twitter, Aesop is featured in an art piece for a tweet dedicated to World Autism Awareness Day.[2] This further supports the confirmation of Aesop being autistic, an addition to the implications previously made in his deductions.


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