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Abilities are powers unique to each Hunter meant to fulfill their objective.

List of Abilities[]

Hell Ember[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Awaken.png
Awaken Tap the skill button to Awaken Phantoms for 25 seconds; hold the skill button to transmit Rage to your Puppet and order it to pursue nearby Survivors;

When the Puppet hits a Survivor or if you change places with the Puppet, it will stop moving.


Phantoms will automatically pursue nearby Survivors.
Tap the skill button again to during this period to recall the Phantoms.
After recalling the Phantoms, a percentage of Rage will be recovered according to the remaining time.

Ability Puppet Control.png
Puppet Control For an unknown reason, Leo is connected with his Puppet.

After tapping Deploy or Cast, the Puppets can detect surrounding Survivors and alert Leo.
Leo can switch positions with the Puppet, gaining an acceleration boost for a short period.
The Puppet can be dismantled by Survivors, during which time Leo is unable to switch positions.

Cooldown: 20/46 seconds

Ability Multiple Puppet Control.png
Multiple Puppet Control Leo acquires a second Puppet.

Cooldown: 20/46 seconds


  • Puppets have a cooldown of 20 seconds when Hell Ember switches positions
    • They have a cooldown of 46 seconds when dismantled by Survivors.
  • The Red Puppet (2nd one) is the only Puppet that allows Hell Ember to attack while switching positions, this allows him to attack Survivors through walls when switching, but the timing has to be perfect.

Smiley Face[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Rocket Dash.png
Rocket Dash Brandishing a rocket, Joker dashes forward quickly and destroys all targets in his way.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ability Crazed Dash.png
Crazed Dash After multiple intimate collaborations, Joker can dash farther and faster with his rocket.

Cooldown: 12 seconds


  • Rocket Dash Ability Rocket Dash.png and Crazed Dash Ability Crazed Dash.png will both deal a normal amount of damage to a Survivor and can destroy pallets that have been thrown down.


Icon Name Description
Ability Chain Hook.png
Chain Hook Bane hooks Survivors and pulls them to him or hooks a wall and pulls himself towards the wall.

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Ability Thorny Chain Hook.png
Thorny Chain Hook Survivors' Manifestation of Horror are the thorns on the Chain Hook. Now, when Bane's Chain Hook hits a Survivor, it will deal 50% of a normal attack damage.

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Ability Fury Hook.png
Fury Hook Furious Bane won't let an intruder escape his Chain Hook. If the Chain Hook hits an object, Bane can cast the Chain Hook again within 7 seconds up to 2 times, until the Chain Hook hits a Survivor or misses.

Cooldown: 14 seconds


  • The ability cooldown is refreshed once it enters the next presence tier, this will guarantee and instant knock down at the appropriate level of presence.

The Ripper[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Freezing Fog.png
Freezing Fog Every once in a while The Ripper's attack will trigger a flying Fog Blade. Fog Blade will also leave Fog on its path. Survivors hit by Fog Blade will also leave a trail fog behind them as they move around.


While in the Fog, The Ripper has increased movement speed and greatly reduced Hidden Mist Cooldown.

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Ability Hidden in Mist.png
Hidden in Mist When not striking or vaulting, The Ripper can gradually enter Hidden in Mist mode but his movement speed is reduced in the process. Once he has entered Hidden in Mist mode, his movement speed will increase.

Cooldown: 17 seconds

Ability Hidden in Shadows.png
Hidden in Shadows The Ripper can enter Hidden in Mist mode more swiftly, and his movement speed is increased in the process.

Cooldown: 14 seconds


  • If The Ripper has reached maximum presence and is walking inside of Freezing Fog Ability Freezing Fog.png, then the invisibility transformation will only take 3 seconds to complete.

Soul Weaver[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Webbing.png
Webbing Spinning webs is Violetta's natural instinct. Hold down the skill button and select a suitable place to release Entangled.


Violetta will gain a brief acceleration that gradually slows when passing cobweb traps. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times by using new webs.
Violetta will be alerted to the location of Survivors that step on a trap and Survivors will become entangled with one layer of webbing; Survivors entangled with up to 2 layers of webbing.

Ability Spinning.png
Spinning Spits out a ball of web that Entangles its target. Each successful hit deals half the damage of a normal attack and the target is Entangled with 1 layer of webbing, up to a maximum of 3 layers.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Ability Web Attack.png
Web Attack As time passes, the Soul Weaver's spinning ability becomes stronger, speeding up the spinning action and reducing its cost.

Cooldown: 10 seconds


Icon Name Description
Ability Dash Hit.png
Dash Hit Michiko enters genesis mode and assumes the Prajna form. She ignores the terrain and rushes towards the Survivor closest to the middle of where she is looking. But, should Michiko's face be gazed upon by a Survivor, Panic form will be activated and special abilities negated.

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Ability Dancing in Misery.png
Dancing in Misery Michiko send out a Swallowtail Butterfly with a lifespan of 40 seconds to the target location. It will take some time for it to get there.


Michiko's resentment transforms into a butterfly spirit which can be used as a target for Dash Hit.
When a Survivor comes into contact with a Swallowtail Butterfly, it will attach itself to the Survivor for 30 seconds, making the Survivor a target for Dash Hit.
Survivors with an attached Swallowtail Butterfly can interrupt a Dash Hit by staring at Michiko.

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Ability Soul Departure.png
Soul Departure Michiko enters genesis mode and changes into Prajna form and jumps into the air to overlook the surrounding environment. Her Dash Hit also gains casting distance. But, should Michiko's face be seen by a Survivor, Panic Form will be activated and the skill will lose its effect.
Ability Dash Hit - Enhanced.png
Dash Hit - Enhanced Survivor's fear increases Michiko's powers. Michiko can now dash towards Survivors at a higher speed.

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Wu Chang[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Summon.png
Summon Use the skill to switch into Dual Soul mode, or hold down the skill button to charge up and toss the Soul Umbrella forward and then switch to Dual Soul mode and teleport to where the Umbrella lands. The longer you charge the skill the further you can toss the Umbrella.

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Ability Infinite Nirvana.png
Infinite Nirvana Throws the Umbrella at the target location, where it will stay for 5 seconds. Outlines of Survivors in the area covered by the Umbrella will be shown, with their movement speed and vaulting speed slightly decreased, and other interaction speeds significantly decreased. Outlines of these Survivors will still be shown for 5 seconds after they move outside of the area. For the duration where the Umbrella is active, Wu Chang can choose to teleport to where the Umbrella is and switch to Dual Soul mode, or retrieve the Umbrella to recover skill cooldown. Without the Umbrella, Wu Chang's movement speed and vaulting speed is increase. The Umbrella will return to Wu Chang when the 5 seconds are up.

Cooldown: 30/5 seconds

Ability Siphon Soul & Wavering Soul.png
Siphon Soul & Wavering Soul The White Guard's body moves with ease, and when it fully enters the spiritual realm it won't be able to interact with anything for 5 seconds. However, its movement speed is greatly increased and it will siphon the souls of nearby Survivors. If it manages to fully siphon a Survivor's soul, their soul will be lost.

Lost Soul

Bedazzled and unable to interact with the environment.

When the Black Guard rings the bell and casts Wavering Soul, all survivors that hear the ringing will have to steer their resolve and calibrate with precision. Should they fail the calibration, they will become horrified for 60 seconds; if they fail another calibration during that time, their soul will waver.


Movement directions will be reversed

Cooldown: 20/14 seconds

Ability Summon - Enhanced.png
Summon - Enhanced Reduces the time it takes to switch in Dual Soul mode, and you will immediately perform a powerful Siphon Soul or Wavering Soul upon switching.

Cooldown: 30 seconds


  • When a Survivor has both debuffs of Lost Soul and Spiritless, the debuff Lost Wavering Soul will be applied to the Survivor.
    • Lost Wavering Soul will greatly reduce the Survivor's Movement Speed, Interaction Speed, and reverse their controls. It lasts for a total of 14 seconds.


Icon Name Description
Ability Recorded Moment.png
Recorded Moment A Recorded Moment which can be used while Camera World is active. Joseph may use it to enter and exit the Camera World freely.

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Ability Time Jump.png
Time Jump Joseph records the last 15 seconds in time as he moves. Return to your desired point in time by holding down the skill button for the corresponding number of seconds.

Cooldown: 10 seconds


  • When Time Jump is used, the Photographer will turn towards the nearest Survivor, whether they are healthy, injured, incapacitated, or chaired.

Mad Eyes[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Portable Console.png
Portable Console Burke can use the Portable Console to patch into a Control Monitor directly, but using the Portable Console consumes more energy.
Ability Overclock.png
Overclock Can be used on the Control Monitor interface after this ability has been unlocked. The cooldown time and amount of energy consumed will be greatly decreased. This Control Monitor will be unable to restore energy for a period of time after Overclock has been used.

Cooldown: 30 seconds

The Feaster[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Tentacles.png
Tentacles Hastur can absorb the Survivors' Terror to charge and summon the Tentacles. Hastur can also release the Tentacles at a specific location by long holding it.

Cooldown: 14/3 seconds

Ability Nightmare Attack.png
Nightmare Attack Hastur can control nearby Tentacles. Tap and hold the skill button to hit the nearest Survivor with the Tentacles.

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Ability Condensation of Terror.png
Condensation of Terror On top of absorbing Survivors' Terror, Hastur's Tentacles will also gain additional charge over time, up to 5 times.

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Ability Nightmare Gaze.png
Nightmare Gaze Hastur can choose to gaze at a Survivor. After being gazed at by Hastur over 20 seconds, Hastur can tap the skill button repeatedly to attack Survivors with the Tentacle Smash.

Cooldown: 5 seconds


  • Tentacles only charge while in a certain distance of a Survivor at base presence; it takes 14 seconds to charge one.
    • Placing Tentacles on the Map has a cooldown of 3 seconds between uses.
  • At the first tier of presence, The Feaster gains a passive Tentacle charge allowing him to generate a Tentacle every 40 seconds on his own.
    • The Feaster is able to gain a Tentacle every 10 seconds while in range of a Survivor at first tier; his passive generation makes this happen.
  • The Tentacle will attack in the direction of the nearest Survivor, which can be used to find Survivors.

Dream Witch[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Leech.png
Leech Hold the button to select a Survivor without a Leeching Follower, and spawn a Witch Mark and a Follower at the location. The skill cooldown will be decreased when the Follower hits a Survivor.

Cooldown: 75 seconds

Ability Preach.png
Preach Tap on the wheel to control Followers. There is a short cooldown between each control. Followers cannot change targets while casting a skill or attacking.

Cooldown: 2 seconds

Ability Assimilation.png
Assimilation Significantly decreases the cooldown of Leech skills.

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Ability Martyr.png
Martyr Increases control of Followers to significantly increase the Followers' movement radius.

Cooldown: 2 seconds

Axe Boy[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Resurge.png
Resurge When Robbie has a Peaceful Pine Branch, he can use it to grow more Peaceful Pines.


Once the number of Peaceful Pines in the area reaches the maximum number of 6, the newly planted Peaceful Pines will replace the earliest planted Peaceful Pines.

Cooldown: 2 seconds

Ability Dispel Souls.png
Dispel Souls When Robbie is in the Corrupt Area or close to a Survivor who has been possessed by a Resentful Soul, he can order the Resentful Soul to fly toward him after a short delay.

During this process, if a Resentful Soul comes in contact with any Survivor, it deals damage equal to a normal attack to the Survivor and disappears right after. If it is absorbed by Robbie, Robbie will gain a temporary speed boost. The disappeared Resentful Soul will reappear in the vicinity of the Peaceful Pine after 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Ability Restful Road.png
Restful Road Robbie summons the roots of a Peaceful Pine to quickly generate a Restful Road from his feet.

Robbie can also use a branch (long-tap and drag the branch) to enable the Restful Road to extend forward with the branch.
When the Restful Road reaches the end, a Peaceful Pine will grow.

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Ability Corrupting Breath.png
Corrupting Breath When a Survivor who is still mobile leaves the Corrupt Area, they will be shrouded by the Corrupting Breath which significantly reduced their movement speed for 3 seconds.

Evil Reptilian[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Preying Leap.png
Preying Leap After leaping from the ground, Luchino can make a second leap in the air. If Luchino hits an obstacle while leaping, it will fall from the sky.

Cooldown: 9 seconds

Ability Crash.png
Crash Luchino can crash vertically from the air at will.
Ability Lethal Crash.png
Lethal Crash After leaping to a certain height, tapping on the Skill button again will cause Luchino to drop vertically at high speed, causing damage to the nearest Survivor within crash range and destroying all dropped Pallets withing a range.
Ability Basilisk.png
Basilisk Luchino's explosive force will greatly increases the dropping speed.
Ability Mania.png
Mania Luchino mutates further and is able to leap three times in the air.

Bloody Queen[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Mirror Image.png
Mirror Image Summon the Aqua Mirror to generate a Mirror Image of the body. When the image is formed, tap the skill button again to switch positions with the Mirror Image.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Ability Mirror Rotation.png
Mirror Rotation Mary can rotate the Aqua Mirror when a Survivor is within 25m of Mary's Mirror Image to make the Aqua Mirror turn to the nearest Survivor.

Cooldown: 13 seconds

Ability Into the Mirror.png
Into the Mirror When summoning the Aqua Mirror within a 5m radius of a Survivor, a Mirror Image of the nearest Survivor will be generated; the Survivor's Mirror Image will disappear after the Survivor is hit by Mary.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Guard 26[]

Icon Name Description
Ability Time Bomb.png
Time Bomb Time Bombs can be placed or thrown. The bomb will explode at the end of the timer, and the timer can be adjusted before the bomb is thrown.

Cooldown: 6 seconds

Ability Remote-Controlled Bomb.png
Remote-Controlled Bomb Placing or throwing the special Remote-Controlled Bomb, and tapping the skill button again will detonate the bomb. The Remote-Controlled Bomb will detonate automatically once it reaches the time limit.

Cooldown: 35 seconds

Ability EX Bomb.png
EX Bomb Decreased the charging time of Time Bombs and increased the explosion range of all bombs.

Cooldown: 4 seconds


Icon Name Description
Ability Swoop.png
Swoop Ann sends her Cat sprinting in the target direction.

Tap the skill button again and the Cat will split into two and run in the opposite directions.
The Cat will split automatically after 5 seconds. After the split, the Cat will exist for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Ability Catwalk.png
Catwalk Ann shares some of her Cat's power through their bond.

Ann can now sense where the Cat is and dash towards it with alarming speed.

Cooldown: 16/2 seconds

Ability Guide.png
Guide Ann creates a Command Mark at the target location.

The Cat will refresh its existence time and come toward the Mark.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ability Psychic.png
Psychic Ann assimilates more with her Cat.

Ann can now dash more quickly and frequently.

Cooldown: 16/2 seconds


Icon Name Description
Ability Sonata.png
Sonata Antonio plays the first Music Note at the target location. He can use his ability to play a second Music Note in 5s.

The two Music Notes will resonate to generate Terrifying String Music.

Terrifying String

Stays on the field for 13s, but only deals damage right when it's generated. Survivors who are hit will suffer damage equal to a normal attack plus 1 stack of Demon Notes.
When these Survivors touch the same String Music Later, another stack of Demon Notes will be added with no damage suffered. There is a 5s buffer for the String Music to add a stack of Demon Notes to the same Survivor.
When 2 music notes are more than 24m (horizontally) apart, they will not generate Terrifying String Music.

Cooldown: 13/7 seconds

Ability Rhapsody.png
Rhapsody Antonio performs for 9s;

During the crazed performance, he can move during the back swing of normal attacks and charged attacks. His attacks won't collide with scene features. At the same time, he will also send out an additional Terrifying Music Note along with each attack.

Terrifying Music

Music Notes that ignore the terrain and keep on flying, adding 1 stack of Demon Notes to the Survivors hit.

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Ability Infinite Movement.png
Infinite Movement Within 20m of the Terrifying String Music's center, Antonio can throw out his bow and pull on the String Music to make it vibrate, creating 10 scattered and fleeting pieces of String Music.

Survivors hit by the String Music will suffer damage equal to a normal attack. Survivors in the areas between the pieces won't be affected, and Survivors in the areas won't suffer repeated damage from the String Music within 2 seconds.


  • His Sonata has many different cooldowns attached to it.
    • After placing the first Music Note, you have 7 seconds to place the second Music Note or a cooldown of 7 seconds will occur.
    • If the second Music Note is too far from the first Music Note, a cooldown of 7 seconds will occur.
    • If the second Music Note is placed successfully, both Music Notes will exist on the Map for 13 seconds; this also serves as a cooldown.


Icon Name Description
Ability Sculpture of Wisdom.png
Sculpture of Wisdom Galatea summons a pair of sculptures side-by-side at the target location.

Cooldown: 16/2 seconds

Ability Sculpture of Agility.png
Sculpture of Agility Galatea summons a pair of sculptures one in front of another at the target location.

Cooldown: 16/2 seconds

Ability Hieroglyphic Graveyard.png
Hieroglyphic Graveyard Galatea throws out a weapon toward the target location. Once the weapon lands, a Hieroglyphic Graveyard with a wide range will be generated.

For the next 16 seconds, Galatea will look down on the Hieroglyphic Graveyard from the creator's perspective and make sculptures inside, during which she can move but not perform most actions such as normal attacks.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ability Sculpture of Nobility.png
Sculpture of Nobility When two different sculptures collide, they will merge into the Sculpture of Nobility and immediately charge towards the nearest Survivor within 36 meters. It will shatter when it hits the target or an obstacle, dealing damage equal to half of a regular attack to all Survivors within a small range.

If there isn't any targets nearby, the Sculpture of Nobility will shatter immediately upon formation.


  • It takes a total of 16 seconds to generate a Sculpture of either Wisdom or Agility.
    • There is a 2 second cooldown between uses of the same Sculpture ability.
  • The Sculpture of Nobility Ability Sculpture of Nobility.png will charge towards the nearest Survivor within 36 meters, which can be used to find Survivors.


Icon Name Description
Ability Kinetic Dash Hit.png
Kinetic Dash Hit Dash forward a short distance and deal damage by launching up a Survivor. The ability ends when he hits an obstacle or reaches the maximum distance. Using this skill increases Energy Load by 10.

Energy Surge

This ability cannot be interrupted by Survivors. Tapping the ability button again during the brief launch up period will trigger another hit that deals damage upon hitting a Survivor.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Ability Charged Strike.png
Charged Strike A Charged Strike on the ground sending all Survivors within the Range flying. The range expands as the charged duration increases. When the charged duration exceeds a certain threshold, the hit comes with the effect of a normal attack, Using this skill increases Energy Load by 20.

Energy Surge

This ability cannot be interrupted by Survivors. Before the Charged Strike ability ends, holding the ability button again will trigger another Charged Strike.

Cooldown: 14 seconds

Ability Energy Conversion.png
Energy Conversion When this ability is used while Percy's Energy Load is below 50, his Energy Load will increase by 50 and he'll enter Energy Surge. When this ability is used when Percy is in Energy Surge mode, his Energy Load will decrease by 50 and he will exit Energy Surge mode.

Cooldown: 45 seconds